2010 Releases

Ageha 100% volume 3 chapter 12. A new character appears, who is Asuka and what does he want from Rin? Just what kind of drama awaits Ageha and her beloved Kisaragi now? And can Ageha persuade Azusa that she needs to look for beauty inside herself and not in popular make-up techniques? Things are beginning to heat up!

Akatsuki no Aria volume 2 chapter 10. Can Aria oppose her father or will she agree with his marriage plans for her? She impresses Daidouji with her talent and it seems like he has changed his mind concerning marriage and is interested in her now. But since Aria doesn’t want to get married yet, how could he make her change her mind? Will Shirayuki finally notice Aria’s hand problems?

Akatsuki no Aria volume 3 chapter 11. How will Aria react when she learns that Shirayuki spent the last precious moments of his wife’s life with her? Will Shirayuki be okay? Why is he suddenly leaving, is it because of his illness or because of Aria? Can she catch his train and talk to him before he disappears out of her life?

Akuma to Love Song volume 4 chapter 24. Maria’s angry and confused because of Meguro! She doesn’t understand why he suddenly kissed her and what his intentions are. She’s afraid of facing him, but they get the chance to talk things out, and now she can focus on the contest and her singing. She still needs to talk to Hana…

Akuma to Love Song volume 4 chapter 25. It’s the day of the choral competition! Hana seems to be more supportive than everyone else thought, she even made good luck charms out of cough drops with everyone’s name on them. They don’t believe her though and she runs away. Can they find her before the competition starts?

Akuma to Love Song volume 4 chapter 26. Can Maria make everyone stand together, even when not everyone is getting along? Hana asks Maria to take over the leader role again, but is she really ready to do that? Just before the competition the whole class is tricked and starts arguing, but Maria finds a solution for that…

Akuma to Love Song volume 5 chapter 27. Although Maria sang alone, she isn’t bothered by that at all. Everyone saw that she believed in them and they sang together later in the classroom which made her really happy. But now another problem came up, the finals. Will Maria help her classmates to study?

Akuma to Love Song volume 5 chapter 28. Meguro runs into Anna during his music lessons at Katria and she slaps him. He is confused because of her weird reaction and her uniform makes him wonder if all Katria girls are like Maria. When Maria hears about this “incident” she suddenly gets jealous. She loves Meguro and she wants him all to herself, but how does she do that?

Akuma to Love Song volume 5 chapter 29. Meguro finds out that Anna can’t speak while Maria’s trying to find him. She feels like she has to tell him how she feels and she is hoping that he feels the same for her. But in the end she isn’t able to say it anyway and her bad mood continues…

Akuma to Love Song volume 5 chapter 30. Meguro makes Maria cry again and just then Anna suddenly shows up. While having lunch together everyone wonders who Anna is, while Maria is wondering why Meguro has such an impact on her. Can she figure it out?

Beauty!! volume 3 oneshot: A Liar’s Love. Yuuka is a bookworm, but she actually wants to experience nightlife! She gets hit on by 2 guys, but doesn’t really know how to react when a stranger suddenly grabs her hand and runs away with her. His name is Sachi and he seems really cute! They start dating, but can Yuuka keep up with her 2 different identities for a longer time?

Beauty!! volume 4 chapter 16. Makoto and Mucchan could be really happy, if there wasn’t Makoto’s big brother Naomi showing up and disapproving of their relationship. Just why is he so against Makoto and Mucchan’s love? Doesn’t he want them to be happy or is there another reason hidden in their past why they shoudn’t be together…

Beauty!! volume 4 chapter 17. Naomi isn’t letting Makoto see or talk to Mucchan which is making her really miserable. She just can’t figure out the reason behind it and just can’t believe that Mucchan and even You could be her brothers! Did her mother really have an afair with the father of those 2? Will Naomi tell her the truth? What will happen when she finds out the truth…

Biyaku Cafe volume 2 chapter 4. Kaoru goes to the Aphrodisiac Cafe to work like usually just to find Kagetsu asleep when he should be actually getting ready for the customers. Will she wake him up? Although he’s weird and can be rather rude, she just can’t resist him yet again. (Warning: Smut)

Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu volume 6 chapter 32. Takuma has just become the dorm leader and yet is in trouble already because of the troublemaker Yuuki. He turns to Kou for advice, but will he really help him? Can Takuma really be more honest with everyone and open his heart?

Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu volume 6 chapter 33. Mayu has heard Takuma’s confession! When they meet in the library Mayu wants to tell him how she feels but Takuma runs away yet again although Mayu says she loves him. What will Takuma do when Kou starts taking things in his hands and reminds Mayu about a promise they made?

Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu volume 7 chapter 34. So Mayu is meeting up with Kou and this seems to really bother Takuma. Kou and Mayu are in the car when Takuma’s texting Mayu and trying to make her come back to the dorm, but suddenly she stops answering…

Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu volume 7 chapter 35. Takuma has been called to the hospital to identify the dead girl, but he doesn’t want to do it. He just can’t believe that Mayu’s dead. Kou shows up suddenly and apologizes for not being able to save her…

Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu volume 7 chapter 36. Just when Takuma thought Mayu was dead they run into each other at the hospital! It was all a misunderstanding and Takuma finally decides to let Mayu know how he really feels. Will Mayu accept his feelings?

Brand Peace volume 2 chapter 7. Yamato is finally aware of his feelings and really wants to be Mii’s boyfriend, but how can this happen when she’s already Yashiro’s girlfriend! Yamato’s thinking of a way of approaching her, but that isn’t really easy as he hasn’t confessed to a girl before and he’s also too afraid of being rejected. What can he do to make Mii see him more like a man?

Brand Peace volume 2 chapter 8. Mii’s really jealous of Kazusa and insecure when it comes to her relationship with Yashiro. She feels that Kazusa’s playing a bigger role in Yashiro’s life than she does. Aren’t those two just meant to be together? Can she overcome this jealousy or will Yamato steal her away in the end?

Chitose etc. volume 1 chapter 1. Chitose, a cute Okinawan girl, is enjoying her peaceful life when she meets Yuki, a handsome guy from Tokyo. She falls in love with him and when he kisses her she’s sure he feels the same. Unable to meet him the next day, she decides to move to Tokyo and find Yuki!

Fly High! volume 2 chapter 10. Ichihari-sensei is in serious trouble! Several of the students he punished in the past have surrounded him behind school, just who can help him now? Meru is powerless again (thanks to Ayuzawa), who else could be strong enough to fight all those aggressive students? Can Meru and the others escape in time? And who’s this new girl, Hotaru…

Fly High! volume 2 extra: Aoi High! Meru’s mom Aoi used to love mangas and romantic stories, and she was hoping to find her prince. But since she was more powerful than the others, guys quickly got scared of her and ran away. Luckily she found someone who thought her super strength made her really cool!

Fly High! volume 3 chapter 11. Hotaru can’t go to school anymore because of the Student Council?! It turns out that the previous Student Council President Wakui was bullying Hotaru so badly that she couldn’t go to school anymore. Is that the reason why Ayuzawa’s group is rebelling against the Council? Hotaru’s determined now to face Wakui…

Fly High! volume 3 chapter 12. While arguing Wakui pushed Meru in front of a car!! Will she be all right? Ayuzawa’s group feels guilty about what happened and they finally reveal why things turned out the way they are now. Hotaru used to be the center of their little group, supporting everyone, and when she was bullied and hurt they decided to fight back…

Fly High! volume 3 chapter 13. Meru will be all right! But what’s going on between Ruka and Ayuzawa now, are they both fighting for Meru’s love? Hotaru is facing Wakui again, but can she overcome her fears this time? Everyone’s impressed by her courage, even more a few months later when she’s able to return to school, with Meru as the Student Council President!

Fushigi na Chikara de story 1: My Mysterious Power. Yuuka is only 15 years old, but she is convinced that every of her prayers and wishes reach God. Her biggest wish at the moment is to fall in love. When her childhood friend Ken is teasing her one morning, Tamiya helps her out. Is he the one she was wishing for?

Fushigi na Chikara de story 2: Drop Kiss. Shizuku is one of the girls who like to watch this group of cool, adult-like senpais. Unlike the others, she likes Fukata who seems a bit plain compared to the other guys. He helped her out once though, that’s why she likes him. Can she get close enough to him to make him feel that?

Fushigi na Chikara de story 3: Secret Paradise. Rina is desperate, she really wants to meet new people. She even goes so far as to break the school rules and gets a part-time job. When suddenly Sakurai, one of the school’s top students, gets interested in her she starts worrying that he might remember seeing her at the part-time job, but in the end his reasons for noticing her are different?

Fushigi na Chikara de story 4: Memory of a Kiss. Tomoe really likes her friend Hagiwara but it seems like he only sees her as a friend. That’s why she’s dating Fukaya now. But then Hagiwara suddenly kisses her one day and she’s torn between the two guys. Who will she decide for in the end?

Hakoniwa Angel volume 1 chapter 4. Momo and Uri kissed?! It was just accidentally though. Uri meets the other members of the Council and they all seem really nice. They even invite her to join, but Momo is against it as he doesn’t want his fans to join. Why is Asuka all jealous suddenly, does he like Uri more than he’s showing it? And now there’s a condition under which Uri might be able to join the Council…

Hakoniwa Angel volume 1 chapter 5. Uri has to win in every event of the Athletic Festival?! Will she be able to do that while fighting with a really bad hangover? If she loses even once she won’t be able to get near Momo again. Now Uri’s injured too and is about to give up, but unexpectedly Momo helps her to win the last event! Will they keep their promise now and let Uri join the Council?

Hakoniwa Angel volume 1 extra: Chocolate Shuffle. Before actually meeting Momo Uri had sent him Valentine’s chocolate, but it turns out he wasn’t allowed to eat it. Now she’s convinced to recreate Valentine’s day and brings Momo some chocolate the next day, not knowing that the Council members decided to join this little event too! Can Uri find the chocolate she made and give it to Momo?

Hakushaku to Yousei volume 2 chapter 5. Lydia saw Edgar and Ermine hugging and is shocked! She’s disappointed as it seems that Edgar pleases every woman with sweet words… she might have been hoping that when he flattered her he was sincere. Nico’s warning Lydia yet again that her current company are bad guys, but somehow she ends up being alone with Edgar again and they are found by Huskley…

Hanayomesama wa 16sai volume 1 chapter 2. Tamaki’s trying to make the best out of it, but she’s wondering where Shinga had been the last few nights. Was he with his secretary?! When he shows up again, he just grabs the surprised Tamaki and takes her on honeymoon. They arrive on a private island! Just what is Shinga planning to do with Tamaki during this time…

Hanayomesama wa 16sai volume 1 chapter 3. Tamaki and Shinga are back from the 3 day long honeymoon and it’s time Tamaki goes to school. There are already rumours being spread about her and when Shinga picks her up everyone’s wondering about their relationship. Shinga takes Tamaki to meet his family, but will they welcome and accept her?

Heart no Diamond volume 1 chapter 1. Inside the pure-hearted Himeno’s heart lies a diamond that can grant any person’s wish. However there’s a catch: If Himeno’s is touched or touches the skin of the opposite sex, it hurts her greatly! Everyone, that is, except two hotties who have the role of being her knights.

Honnou Chocolat story 1: Chocolat of Instinct. Kasumi and Keigo are neighbours who have been close ever since they were kids. But is the cute and gentle Keigo really happy with being like a sibling to Kasumi or does he want more? And what about Kasumi’s feelings? (Warning: Smut)

Honnou Chocolat story 2: Little Devil Gelato. Yuzuki and Sei are in the same middle school class. Yuzuki secretly likes Sei but she’s afraid because of his devilish reputation. He always quickly dumps his girlfriends and she doesn’t know why. Will she find out his reasons? (Warning: Smut)

Honnou Chocolat story 3: Flower Trap. Shuusuke and Mitsu go to different schools, but they pass each other every morning. When one morning Mitsu trips and they both fall, Shuusuke demands compensation. Mitsu agrees to help him carry things and he turns out to be a completely different guy than she thought. Can she still like him? (Warning: Smut)

Honnou Chocolat story 4: Substitute Camellia. Ui starts dating Kou to forget someone else. But is Kou serious about dating her? He’s known for breaking girls’ hearts, but it seems that this time he has fallen in love. Can Ui really trust him and does she love him too? (Warning: Smut)

Honnou Chocolat story 5: It Slowly Turns Sweet. At first glance Aoi and Chisato don’t seem to be getting along. Chisato is Aoi’s younger brother’s friend who’s often hanging around at their house and keeps teasing and annoying Aoi, but he’s only doing that because he really likes her. Will Aoi see it this way too in the end? (Warning: Smut)

Ichigo Jikan volume 1 chapter 2. How are Ichiko and Ran getting along? Ran doesn’t seem to be as nice and cool as he seemed first, will Ichiko still stay? And who’s the sudden visitor, Ran’s girlfriend? If Ichiko doesn’t like Ran, why is his presence making her nervous then…

Kokoro volume 1 chapter 3. Megumi has been shoplifting for a while now with Azu and her friends, but it seems like she’s not satisfied yet. She wants more, now she’s trading stolen items for money but she’s happy to belong to Azu’s group and she even went on a date with a handsome boy. However, she gets into trouble with her classmates again…

Love Berrish! volume 3 chapter 11. A suspicious person has been lurking around the Strawberry Dorm and all the girls are really scared. Yuuya’s too scared to fall asleep at night, so Emika was supposed to sleep in her room but she just fell asleep in her own room. Can Azusa and Nagisa help Yuuya?

Love Berrish! volume 3 chapter 12. Yuuya is so close to confessing to Azusa! Will she be brave enough to do it? Azusa tells her that Nagisa actually likes her (all this time she’s been thinking he hates her) and once again Nagisa comes to help her out. He even encourages her to confess to Azusa and see what he will reply. But can Nagisa be trusted?

Love Berrish! volume 3 chapter 13. Yuuya and the others finally catch the culprit lurking around at night. But it’s actually Ako, the nice girl Yuuya met the day before. It looks like it’s the girl who was always with Azusa and Nagisa during middle school! Are they really just friends or are there more feelings involved between the three of them?

Love Berrish! volume 3 chapter 14. Azusa asked Yuuya out on a date?! Does that mean that he likes her? Nagisa is convinced that it isn’t like that and the reason could be Ako. Yuuya demands an answer from Azusa and it looks like he’s going to answer with a kiss. But does he really like her or is he just trying to forget someone else…?

Love Berrish! volume 4 chapter 15. What did Nagisa do to get suspended? Is he really such a troublemaker? Who was he protecting and is he in serious troubles now? And Azusa only went out with Yuuya to erase his feelings for Ako?! But why are Azusa and Yuuya kissing then… or are they not?!

Love Berrish! volume 4 chapter 16. Yuuya can’t go back home during the summer break and ends up spending it with Nagisa and his family. Everyone wonders if she’s his girlfriend and Nagisa seems to like her too. But isn’t Yuuya still in love with Azusa? Can she get over him and open her heart for someone else?

Max Lovely! volume 5 chapter 3. So, Kumika is also a member of the “F” cult, but it looks like she’s realized her mistakes and has had enough of it too. Taki’s healthy again and back at school, Airi is wondering if they are a couple now or not. Meanwhile Iseya reveals to Airi and Taki who the head of “F” is and they’re shocked that it’s actually a teacher.

Max Lovely! volume 5 chapter 4. Airi and Taki are a officially dating now, moving from best friends to lovers! But they’re unaware that Iseya is in huge troubles now for betraying “F”. Just who told Gojou what Iseya had been planning to do, was it Kumika? The true teachings of “F” is “crush others before being crushed” after all. Can Airi and Taki save Iseya?

Max Lovely! volume 5 chapter 5. Now that he’s been abandoned by the students, will Gojou tell the real motives behind his actions? Was he only manipulating the students all this time? Since
the bullying and the confessions have been caught on tape by Kumika, Gojou doesn’t have many options left. He was bullied back in middle school and now wanted to be the person with the most power…?

Max Lovely! volume 5 chapter 6. What’s this all suddenly, Airi is #2 after the final exams and Iseya is only #3? All thanks to Airi’s private tutor, just who could that be? Airi and Taki are a really happy couple now, just like Nako and Hikaru. Will Michiru finally win Iseya’s heart too? And what’s the present Taki hid under Airi’s pillow, what will it mean for their future?

Mayonaka no Ariadne volume 2 chapter 5. Now Chiharu has disappeared too after discovering a secret room in the underground club. Chiyoko goes to his home but she can’t find him anywhere and starts worrying that he might be dead. She asks Nogami for help and he promises to help her as he’s also looking for Chiharu’s sister Chiyo. How close is he to her and can Chiyoko really trust him?

Mitsuiro Devil volume 1 chapter 1: Honey Colored Devil. One day, while praying to the gods at a shrine, a devil appears before Hashiba Rin, calling himself Char. He claims to be seeking the “blood of a virgin” and decides to stay because he likes Rin? How can Rin handle a life between school and the devil at her home?! (Warning: Smut)

Mitsuiro Devil volume 1 chapter 2: Honey Colored Devil. So, what is the way to restore Char’s magical powers? Is Rin willing to help him or does she just want to get rid of him as soon as possible? Does she like Char or is she still in love with her childhood friend who rejected her…? (Warning: Smut)

Momo volume 4 chapter 16. The repair work at Yume’s apartment is done and she’s moving back now. Momo is sad because of this when Ponkichi asks Yume to do him a favour. She should find his original owner, but he can’t remember much about the past. Momo wants to help him too! Will they find the girl and does Momo even want to do that, she’s afraid of losing Ponkichi after all…

Momo volume 4 chapter 17. Has Momo completely changed after being told that she’s kind? The Devil isn’t interested in destroying planets anymore? She seems sad too that Yume’s back in her apartment, is Momo feeling lonely without her? Yume got her a few presents and tells her to come over and stay with her whenever she wants, and that makes point #4!

Momo volume 4 chapter 18. Another evil version of Momo has shown up and has convinced the kind Momo that she can’t keep on living if she breaks the rules and doesn’t destroy the Earth. The evil Momo has taken over, fights with Piko and injures him. Yume somehow saves him while Momo is on the way to destroy another planet. Can Yume figure out what happened with Momo?

Momo volume 4 chapter 19. The Devils need to destroy planets to survive? Also, what will Yume do in the face of the now super-evil Momo? They meet Yume’s landlady and accompany her home where her weak heart doesn’t let her live much longer. The funeral saddens Yume as she liked the nice landlady, but Momo seems really cold… just what is happening inside her?

Nagatachou Strawberry volume 4 chapter 17. Hime is really worried about Yukihiro since she wasn’t able to contact him again. She wants to visit him but Natsuno gets really jealous again, so he offers to go with her. Unlike Hime who’s just worried, Natsuno tells Yukihiro what he needs to do. He should stop hiding and report his father’s wrong actions… will he be brave enough to stand up against his own father?

Ojousama wa Oyomesama volume 2 chapter 8. Towako is about to drown when Yuuga arrives just in time to rescue her! They keep arguing now and Towako’s afraid that it may lead to a divorce. She’s determined to find a monkey and touch its tail together with Yuuga because the local legends says that their relationship would be better then. But then she runs into a
handsome guy…

Ojousama wa Oyomesama volume 2 chapter 9. Towako injured her feet while chasing the monkey outside, on top of that the handsome stranger mocks them for being young and stupid. But they love each other and talk things out. Just who’s the stranger who seems to be plotting more… will they meet him again back at home?

Otokonoko Zukan story 1: Everything About a Beast. Boys are beasts and girls are they prey? Michiaki hits on Lisa, not recognizing that she’s his classmate. She’s obviously annoyed by his behaviour, but can they get along anyway? What will they do when they get jealous, will they break up or fight for their love…

Otokonoko Zukan story 2: The Story of a Novice. Tsutomu has a crush on his classmate Rena and no idea how to win her heart. His last girlfriend dumped him, so he’s afraid of it happening again. But if he waits too long someone else, like Mishima, might ask Rena out first…

Saint Dragon Girl Miracle volume 3 chapter 9. The Panda of Justice has appeared at Seiryuu, just who could that be? It’s An’s mom Dragon Momoka! Just what is she doing here, is she secretly watching over her daughter? An isn’t really comfortable with her strong mom being around all the time as everyone’s comparing them and she just doesn’t feel strong enough. Can Ryuuji help An with some encouraging words?

Saint Dragon Girl Miracle volume 3 chapter 10. Ryuuji has to go visit his parents and meanwhile Ren’s father shows up at the Academy. He seems really strict and serious, just what kind of relationship does he have with his son, it doesn’t seem to be a close one. When patrolling around at night, An and Ren get attacked, can they protect the pendants when Ryuuji’s not around to help them?

Shouri no Akuma volume 1 chapter 5. It seems that Asami won’t have to marry yet since Arisugawa’s dad is also bankrupt and the plans of both dads just won’t work out anymore. Arisugawa and his dad will be taking care of cleaning the school from now on to earn their living. Asami returns home because she’s worried about her father, but just before that Akira kisses her?!

Shouri no Akuma volume 1 extra. The extra includes Volume 1’s character rankings of Akira, Arisugawa, Kuraki, the Board Chairman, old Arisugawa, Midori, Rina and Asami, with info about the characters. There’s also a spread with additional info about Tanakamori and Akira.

Shouri no Akuma volume 2 chapter 6. Tanakamori is determined not to give up! She and her dad will make it to the top again somehow and leave this life behind. Just at that time the chairman announces a school wide performance with a very generous award, will Tanakamori do her best to win it?

Stardust Wink volume 2 chapter 6. Anna really doesn’t want a tutor at all! But on the way home she meets Mashiro and is overwhelmed. And when finding out that he’s her tutor, studying doesn’t seem all that hard anymore… if there weren’t Sou and Hinata who decided to study with them!

Stardust Wink volume 2 chapter 7. Hinata told Anna she was cute which totally shocked her. Sou’s worried meanwhile what kind of game Mashiro’s playing and is watching him closely. It gets even weirder when Mashiro claims that he’s not Anna’s first love. Will things clear up after a relaxing day at the amusement park?

Stardust Wink volume 2 chapter 8. So the one Anna has always liked is Hinata! Since the midterm exams are over now, everyone is getting excited about the upcoming athletic meet, especially since Sou and Hinata, the 2 school idols, will be the team leaders. Anna ends up by Hinata’s side, but who’s this new girl who’s more or less worshiping him?

Stardust Wink volume 2 chapter 9. Hinata’s in the art club, together with Mochizuki, and they’re the only members? Is there more connecting these 2 than just their love for art? Anna and Mochizuki are becoming closer friends, but all of a sudden Anna finds out that Mochizuki has a crush on Hinata and will confess. On top of that, who’s Mari?

Stardust Wink volume 2 chapter 10. Just before the athletic meet Hinata gets sick, so Anna and Mochizuki finish the panel without him. Just then Anna finds out that Mari is the art teacher and looks like she’s the one who’s been encouraging Mochizuki to confess. But will she really do it?

Strobe Edge volume 4 chapter 14. Ninako’s still going back and forth regarding her feelings, and Daiki reveals the truth of his father’s words to Sayuri! Will he really have to move away and leave her behind? How will they handle this hurdle in their relationship? And likewise, what about the reactions of Ren and Mayuka? What’s going on between Ren and Andou, just where is that hostility from Andou’s side coming from?

Strobe Edge volume 4 chapter 15. Ren promises Mayuka to stay by her side and always to support her. Daiki meanwhile decides to properly talk to his father, can they sort all of the problems out or will have to move away and leave Sayuri behind? And what’s Ren’s decision, will he continue working with Gacchan, Andou and Ninako, or will he quit the part time job?

Strobe Edge volume 5 chapter 16. Exams are almost over and Ninako’s wondering why Ren quit his job. She’s sad that she won’t be able to see him as much anymore. During the winter break she’s invited to go to a Christmas party with some part time work friends, including Andou. Will anything interesting happen while she’s shopping, or when she’s at the party?

Strobe Edge volume 5 chapter 17. Last time Andou and Ninako met Andou’s ex-girlfriend, which seemed to upset him so much that he skipped the Christmas Party. And it looks like Ninako hasn’t forgotten her feelings for Ren at all. How will Mayuka handle her father wanting to get remarried, can Ren properly support her now when she really needs him?

Strobe Edge volume 5 chapter 18. Will Ninako accept or reject Andou’s advances? Can she finally get over Ren or are her feelings for him just too strong? An exciting winter trimester begins and meanwhile Ren’s desperately trying to avoid Ninako, but is that even possible when they’re in the same class and take the same train home?

Strobe Edge volume 5 chapter 19. Mayuka’s getting more and more popular and is super busy with her job while Ren’s torn between his relationship with Mayuka and his secret feelings for Ninako. Mayuka seems to be seeing it clearer than Ren, is that the reason why she suddenly decides to break up with him after all this time?

Strobe Edge volume 5 oneshot: ~Unfinished Map~. So, what is the history between Ren and Andou, and what does Mao has to do with it? What exactly did Ren do to Andou to make him hate him so much? Well, now you can finally find out. Let’s take a step back and unwind to the years of middle school…

Strobe Edge volume 6 chapter 20. Thanks to Daiki everyone knows now that Ren and Mayuka broke up, they don’t know why though. Will Ninako make her move to secure a more permanent position in Ren’s heart on Valentine’s Day? Can she even compete with all the other girls who are taking the chance to confess to Ren?

Strobe Edge volume 6 chapter 21. It’s Sports Day at Ninako’s school. Will Andou be able to capture Ninako’s heart with his mad skills or will he fail yet again? And what’s Gacchan scheming meanwhile, is he trying to convince Ren to make a move and finally tell Ninako that he wants to be more than friends with her?

Strobe Edge volume 6 chapter 22. Andou is continuing his mission, he definitely wants to be with Ninako! But that won’t be easy. Ninako just can’t ignore her feelings for Ren and the 3 of them being in the same class from now on won’t make it any easier. Also, who’s the new girl who came to this school chasing after Andou?

Strobe Edge volume 6 extra: Colorless Dreamer. This oneshot is the story of Rena and Haruka, a couple living together and barely making ends meet. Rena’s struggling and keeps getting fired from all kinds of jobs, which makes her feel like she’s a burden for Haruka and not good enough for him. But in the end she realizes that Haruka needs her more than she thought!


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