2003 Releases

13-nichi wa Kinyoubi? volume 1 chapter 1. Kusanagi Ema is 13 and she loves scary things, especially ghosts. She’s even the President of the Occult Club, with her two childhood friends supporting her. One of them is the handsome Shiro. Since the other girls are after him they soon get jealous of Ema who’s spending a lot of time with him. Are the girls behind the strange incidents at school…?

13-nichi wa Kinyoubi? volume 1 chapter 2. Is there really a scary ghost at Ema’s school?! Ema’s Occult Club has been asked to take care or the ghost. They’re investigating in the gym at night when suddenly the door closes behind them and they’re trapped. It seems like the ghost escaped, but then Shiro starts acting weird all of a sudden… can they help the ghost with his unfinished business?

Alice 19th volume 3 chapter 12. Alice has bodyguards now because of domestic problems? Kyou and Furei seem to really care about her. While Kyou and Alice are talking, Furei’s trying to slip into Mayura’s room?! The three of them have a really nice dinner, but will the night be so peaceful too? What’s going on in Mayura’s room, are the three in danger?

Alice 19th volume 3 chapter 13. Alice’s sister is suddenly calling in the middle of the night, is she all right, is Alice’s father with her too? What’s going on, is Mayura trying to pull everyone into the darkness, why is she doing that? Can they get to her through her room… even if the door is protected. Maybe they can find another opening…

Alice 19th volume 3 chapter 14. Alice managed to find her dad in the darkness… but she also found herself and her sister as kids. Why doesn’t her dad recognize her, can he even see her? Kyou’s feeling guilty meanwhile and is determined to help Alice, although he’s more or less powerless, but he just doesn’t want to give up.

Code Name wa Sailor V volume 1 chapter 1. Aino Minako is a really normal 7th grader, right? On a very important day for her, when she’s going to give a love letter to Higashi-senpai, she “meets” a white cat, Artemis. He says that within her there’s a great power and he gives her a compact. What will happen when she opens it?

Code Name wa Sailor V volume 1 chapter 2. Minako has transformed into SailorV and has the power now to defeat enemies. But does she really want to be a Soldier of Justice? She’d rather sleep, slack off or spend time at the game center. Can Artemis convince her that she’s the chosen one and that she really doesn’t have a choice but fight the evil?

Full Moon o Sagashite volume 1 chapter 1. Mitsuki is 12 years old and she really loves to sing, she is sick though. Having a tumor in her throat her life is in danger, but she’s afraid of a surgery as she’d lose her vocal chords then. One day a Shinigami team appears and they tell her that she has one year left to live, can Takuto and Meroko help her become a singer?

Full Moon o Sagashite volume 1 chapter 2. Mitsuki won the audition?! She really did her best and succeded, but now one of the girls who weren’t picked is trying to convince her that she only won because of her cute face. Can Mitsuki hold the promise she gave Eichi, the next time they met they would both be closer to their dreams? It looks like Takuto is willing to help her!

Full Moon o Sagashite volume 1 chapter 3. Mitsuki’s stage name is “Full Moon” now and she’s even debuting with her first single already? It looks like it’ll be a huge success, but what will her grandma say when she finds out about her plans. So far she’s been against her dreams. And Mitsuki’s got a competitor already, who is it?

Full Moon o Sagashite volume 1 chapter 4. Mitsuki passed out all of a sudden! Can Takuto help her? He saved her but also stole her first kiss?! Since her grandma locked her in, Mitsuki’s determined to run away and live her dream now. Takuto helps her and while on the beach she meets her competitor Wakamatsu Madoka…

Full Moon o Sagashite volume 1 chapter 5. Is Madoka nice? Is she a better singer than Mitsuki? How well will those two get along when competing for a commercial? Each needs to write a song and think of an image, will Mitsuki be able to find the right inspiration for that?

Full Moon o Sagashite volume 2 chapter 6. Did Madoka really steal Mitsuki’s lyrics?! Mitsuki thinks it’s all a coincidence and isn’t thinking bad of her, can she think of new lyrics in such a short time? Taku wants to cheer her up, but doesn’t know how to do it. In the end Mitsuki uses mermaid language to express her feelings and soon both commercials are out and it’s the fans’ turn to vote.

Full Moon o Sagashite volume 2 chapter 7. Mitsuki lost to Madoka?! At least her debut single “Angel” has made it to the 18th place in the charts! But what are Madoka’s reasons for suddenly quitting, is she afraid of Mitsuki? And it turns out Meroko was the one that gave Mitsuki’s lyrics to Madoka, did she do it out of jealousy?

Full Moon o Sagashite volume 2 chapter 8. Who are Izumi and Jonathan, the Yaminabe, what have they come for? Is everything over now for Mitsuki as those have come to take her soul? Luckily Takuto and Meroko show up just in time and save her! But why is Mitsuki suddenly so strange, is she afraid of something?

Full Moon o Sagashite volume 2 chapter 9. Mitsuki has a new boss now, the handsome Mitsuru. Can she please him with her second song? And why is Izumi back, what’s he plotting this time? Is he back because he loves Meroko, can he tell her that? Is being a Shinigami, a human who commited suicide, a second chance or is it a punishment?

Full Moon o Sagashite volume 3 chapter 10. Mitsuki’s new producer is Wakaouji-sensei, her doctor? Has he given up on being a doctor? Mitsuki is confused, but she also can’t reveal him her identity, but it looks like he knows already who she is anyway. Is he here to take her home? Mitsuki pretends not to know him, she just let anyone interfere when it comes to her dream of seeing Eichi again…

Full Moon o Sagashite volume 3 chapter 11. Does Wakaouji know Takuto from before, how could he recognize him?! Mitsuki’s dad, Wakaounji and Takuto used to be in the same band?! But there’s even more, Takuto became famous at the same age as Mitsuki and he also had a throat tumor. After surgery he lost his voice and didn’t want to live anymore…

Full Moon o Sagashite volume 3 chapter 12. Mitsuki offers Takuto her soul in order to save him from becoming a ghost and becoming a proper Shinigami. Will he accept her offer? Meroko confesses her lobe to Takuto and she wants to save him, but on the other hand she also doesn’t want Mitsuki to disappear. Can Izumi help her with this difficult decision?

Full Moon o Sagashite volume 3 chapter 13. Eichi is dead?! Mitsuki was so happy with him back then, he even confessed his love to her, just how could she accept this cruel truth now? Can Takuto ever tell her that Eichi died in a place crash and ended up being an angel? The reason why Mitsuki isn’t afraid of death is because she knew everything all along…

Full Moon o Sagashite volume 3: Meroko Special. Meroko and Izumi used to be Shinigami partners. Izumi despised feelings, he was convinced he couldn’t trust anyone. Meroko really cared about him though and wanted to find a way to help him, but then he only hurt her by splitting up their team?

Full Moon o Sagashite volume 3 side story: A Tale of the Moon and the Cherry Blossoms. Eichi and Mitsuki met as children and they were getting along really well. They made each other happy and thanks to Mitsuki Eichi realized that he wasn’t that alone in the end.

Full Moon o Sagashite volume 4 chapter 14. Meroko and Takuto are trying to figure out what to do. Since Eichi is already dead, he can’t be the guy from the prophecy who would stop Mitsuki’s death. She’s meanwhile in the mountains for recording sessions… but in the end decides to say goodbye to everyone…

Full Moon o Sagashite volume 4 chapter 15. Everyone’s looking for Mitsuki, but can they really stop her if she’s planning to kill herself? Just what is she really trying to do? She’s depressed because she feels like she lost everything… but just then Takuto finds her and tells her that he can’t let her die because he loves her?!

Full Moon o Sagashite volume 4 chapter 16. Takuto loves Mitsuki because she never gives up. She loves Eichi though and now she’s finally able to say it. Feeling so much pain inside her and being confused right now, can Mitsuki still concentrate on her music career? Everyone’s started noticing that something’s wrong with her…

Full Moon o Sagashite volume 4 chapter 17. Meroko is desperate too meanwhile. She’s losing Takuto and ends up at Mitsuki’s old home. Is her grandma still angry at her for disappearing? Izumi has noticed Meroko’s desperation and wants to take her back to the underground, so she wouldn’t be in so much pain anymore…

Full Moon o Sagashite volume 4 chapter 18. Meroko suddenly remembered her past too! She used to be Moe and was friends with the really kind Fuzuki. After they met the handsome violinist Seijyuurou she’s even happier… but just till she realizes that those two love each other and were secretly meeting. Feeling betrayed she ended her life just to find out now that Seijyuurou was Mitsuki’s grandfather.

Full Moon o Sagashite volume 5 chapter 19. Meroko is desperate and wants to return home with Izumi. Mitsuki finds her just in time though to explain to her that her grandma Fuzuki, Meroko’s best friend back then, didn’t marry Seijyuurou in the end as she knew about her feelings for him. Will Meroko gather enough courage to face her past life and leave it behind or will she run away?

Full Moon o Sagashite volume 5 chapter 20. Are the Shinigami in trouble because they haven’t collected Mitsuki’s soul yet and are protecting her instead? Unlike the others, Izumi could always remember his tragic past life. As a young boy he was blamed for his father’s death by his mother, and even when it was his turn to collect her soul he still felt empty inside…

Full Moon o Sagashite volume 5 chapter 21. Mitsuki is getting really popular as Full Moon, she’s even invited to the company’s summer event! When Nachi, another singer, shows up Takuto gets really jealous! But Mitsuki doesn’t seem to have only good fans, only now she hears about the explosive that was inside a gift…

Full Moon o Sagashite volume 5 chapter 22. Mitsuki is in serious danger now after Nachi was attacked too. Who will protect Mitsuki now, the Shinigami? Are they even allowed to protect her in this situation? Mitsuki’s feeling too guilty now to continue living her dream…?

Gapz Garden volume 1 chapter 1. Julie had climbed a tree to retrieve her sister Lily’s toy airplane, but fell into the yard of a rich family, the Yee family. Standing before her was the mistress and her three sons, Ryan, Lance and Joey. And just as a dog was about to charge at her, Lance, one of the sons, saved her. That was when Julie believed that he was her one and only guardian angel.

Gapz Garden volume 1 chapter 2. Lance is shocked to discover the death of his mother and is sent to the hospital. When Julie is getting money from her father to buy groceries, Ryan, Lance, and Joey’s stepmom walks past and she drops her wallet. Just as Julie’s father picks it up, he is accused of stealing, but Julie takes the blame. Then, Ryan, Lance, and Joey’s stepmom decide to adopt Julie.

Gapz Garden volume 1 chapter 3. Turns out that Ryan, Lance and Joey dislike their new adopted sister, so Ryan and Joey decide to secretly mistreat her. Lance doesn’t feel good to see her because she appeared on the day their mother died. When Ryan and Joey try to trick Julie, none of their plans work, and Ryan is curious to know if she is even human.

Gapz Garden volume 1 chapter 4. Lance plans to study abroad and will be leaving the next day. Ryan is envious because he is the oldest in his family and cannot leave. Meanwhile, everybody is mean to Julie and will not accept her. Plus, her biological family has more money now and has sent Lily to the same school, but Lily won’t allow Julie to tell anyone that they are siblings.

Gapz Garden volume 1 chapter 5. Lance has left to study abroad and wants Julie to tell Lily that he wants to be her one and only. After Ryan and Joey leave for school, their stepmother drops Julie off at school because she cannot help her in front of the boys. Julie is reminded that her role is that of an adopted child. After another plan fails, Ryan and Lily head out to the movies together. Because Lily has many friends, Ryan, Lance and Joey’s stepmom tell Julie to pretend to be Lily and be pen pals with Lance.

Kare Made Love KM volume 1 chapter 1. Nanahara Miyuu has a huge crush on the super cool and friendly Minami, but there is one problem: he isn’t interested in girls at all and keeps rejecting them! Her classmates keep telling her to confess to him, but Miyuu is just too scared. How can she find out if he even likes her?

Kare Made Love KM volume 1 chapter 2. Will Minami’s attitude change now since Miyuu made him see that he is hurting the girls by rejecting them? When he wants to talk to her at school she is just terrified, not knowing what to expect of him, but he actually invites her out! Can Miyuu calm down and actually enjoy the date?

Kare Made Love KM volume 1 chapter 3. The date wasn’t that enjoyable for Miyuu, but in the end she got a cute present from Minami! Why isn’t he at school the next day though, is he sick? Miyuu decides to visit him and ends up doing the shopping for him and his brother. When returning back to his place Minami is asleep and while she is hoping to get more than a glance of the handsome classmate, he suddenly…

Kare Made Love KM volume 1 chapter 4. Was Miyuu trying to kiss the sleeping Minami? She is awfully embarrassed and can’t even face him at school. He seems to feel uncomfortable too, not knowing what he was doing because of the fever, so he suggests that they should just forget about the “incident”. With that resolved, Miyuu is worried that she might not see him at all during the spring break, but then she comes up with a new plan!

Love Witch volume 1 chapter 1. Anju Ai just turned 13 and found a cute little witch doll, thinking it’s a present from her mom who died right after giving birth to Ai and her twin brother Yuu. Her older sisters Hana and Hoshi tell her that the girls in their family are special as they are witches! And if she wants to become a real witch she needs to perform a special rite…

Maria volume 1 chapter 1. The 15 year old Maria and her mother don’t have much money, but in exchange for marrying this mysterious and generous stranger Maria can go to an expensive school and her mother’s hospital bill would be taken care of. But will Maria agree to marry someone she doesn’t even know?

PQ Angels volume 1 chapter 1. The mysterious Kyuuri and Peanut have just arrived on Earth and almost got into trouble already. Ouji happens to be at the airport at that time and finds them suspicious right away. But even more when they make a house show up on the lot next door and move in there. Just why are they trying to get closer to him and what are they, aliens?

PQ Angels volume 1 chapter 2. Can Kyuuri and Peanut find Peanut’s lost ID badge over at Ouji’s house? Without it they couldn’t return home! They remember how the became queen Anko’s guardians and how she disappeared. What exactly is their mission on Earth? And why are they floating in the air and shooting off fireworks early in the morning?

PQ Angels volume 1 chapter 3. Kyuuri and Peanut get into a fight with the enemy again and Ouji witnesses it! Has he figured out by now that those two aren’t human and will he keep their secret even though they seem to annoy him? Their mission is still to find their queen and bring her back safely, but is she in Tokyo or somewhere else?

PQ Angels volume 1 chapter 4. Ouji hasn’t told anyone about Kyuuri and Peanut’s real identities so far. Since they’re in the same class he’s been invited to their Christmas party, but can he attend now that his mother is back from America and spending a few days at home? She actually invites the girls over and seems to like them, but what will she say when they tell her they’re “cockroaches”?

Puramai Junkie volume 1 chapter 1. Nakano Ren has a big dream. At the age of 16 she wants to get married and when she’s 17 she wants to have a baby girl. Will she met her destined guy in time to fit into her plans? She’s interested in the popular Juuya from her class, but does he like her too?

S to M no Sekai volume 1 chapter 1. Once there was a powerful book which was ripped apart and two dolls, S and M, were made from it. While Sekai is confessing to her childhood friend Midou, their train crashes and a mysterious doll saves her. Sekai wakes up in the 17th century and a boy, Sovielle, is claiming that she’s his bride… and he’s not the only one, the Devil Makavario wants Sekai too!

S to M no Sekai volume 1 chapter 2. Sovielle and Sekai got their freedom back, but the Devil Makavario might still be after them since he wants Sekai to be his bride. Can she ever forgive him for killing her beloved Midou and will she find out what Sovielle is to her? The two made a time jump again and woke up in the 15th century this time, can Sekai ever return back to her time like this?

Saboten no Himitsu volume 1 chapter 1. Miku was about to confess to her crush Fujioka when he said something he shouldn’t have and now she hates him! Can she forget her feelings for him and find a new love quickly? Miku and Fujioka keep fighting because of her group dating plans, but will the clueless Fujioka ever realize what Miku feels for him?

Saboten no Himitsu volume 1 chapter 2. Because Miku is too loud and always fighting with Fujioka in class, the seating order is suddently getting changed?! Luckily they draw numbers that allow them to sit next to each other again! Will Miku try another confessing attempt on the upcoming Valentine’s day? And who’s this pushy guy suddenly hitting on her…

Saboten no Himitsu volume 1 chapter 3. Miku’s second try to confess to Fujioka totally failed as well, he just doesn’t seem to get it that she likes him! She’s mad again and also starts wondering how much she actually knows about him. Like, she didn’t even know about Minase, his ex-girlfriend. Are they still friends, what was the reason they broke up so quickly and he dyed his hair?

Saboten no Himitsu volume 1 chapter 4. Just how can Miku make Fujioka notice her? Will she give up for good this time since Fujioka’s clueless personality just pisses her off every time. Lost in her thoughts she gets hit by a ball and it’s Fujioka who takes her to the nurse’s office. Now he’s the one who needs help, will Miku help him study and pass the 10th grade?

Shining Star volume 1 chapter 1. The 17 year old self-confident Annie has just lost her mother who never properly took care of her and is moving in with her uncle and his family now. But will she get along with everyone, especially her cousin Maggie, or will she be jealous of Maggie’s good relationship with her childhood friend Edison?

Shining Star volume 1 chapter 2. Annie’s determined not to lose to Maggie. Is she the one boycotting Maggie during a Swim Meet by taking her bathing suit and cutting it up? Maggie’s trying to figure out who could be so mean to do something like this to her and finds a way to participate in the race anyway. But will she win in the end?

Shining Star volume 1 chapter 3. Maggie’s got a crush on Edison? She got jealous when she saw Edison kiss Annie and now Annie’s also missing at school. Worrying that she might be sick Edison goes to check on her and Maggie seems jealous and insecure again. Annie might make her even more insecure and jealous with her lies…

Shining Star volume 1 chapter 4. Maggie and Annie get into some serious trouble after school when they bump into two guys who want more than just money from them. Will they be able to fool them and escape? Annie get injured but Edison finds her, and even visits her at the hospital later. Does he feel more than friendship for her, although she’s one of his students…?

Shining Star volume 1 chapter 5. Maggie sees Edison visiting Annie at the hospital and gets depressed yet again, not knowing what exactly is going on between these two. Annie’s meanwhile being threatened by her father again, will Edison bring her food and try to cheer her up? Maggie’s walking around lost in her thoughts and has an accident, will anyone help her?

Shining Star volume 1 chapter 6. Maggie has been taken to the hospital after the accident and Edison rushes there as well as soon as he hears the news, she’s not happy to see him however as she thinks he’s only there because of Annie. Just why does she suddenly want to leave and study in America? Can Edison make her change her mind or is it too late already?

Shining Star volume 1 chapter 7. Maggie has everything, so why would she be jealous of Annie? Annie’s suddenly showing her true face and Maggie’s shocked. Now Maggie’s not sure anymore if she should really leave, but Edison wants her to as he’s thinking of her education. But if she leaves Annie could simply snatch him away and she can’t allow that to happen!

Shining Star volume 1 chapter 8. Will Annie and Maggie compete against each other in a singing contest? What will be the prize, Edison?! Annie is super confident as always, can she make Maggie nervous with her behaviour? Unfortunately, Maggie’s not the best singer but she has good friends to support her and she might make it to the finals!

Shining Star volume 1 chapter 9. Both, Annie and Maggie, are working on their contest outfits. While Maggie is getting lots of help and support from her friends, Annie is all alone, is that the reason why Edison is checking on her? Who does he actually want to win? Edison doesn’t believe Maggie when she says that Annie’s tricking him…

Shining Star volume 1 chapter 10. Annie has tricked everyone and made Maggie look bad, but it seems like she couldn’t destroy the trust between Maggie and Edison yet. Will Annie also try to manipulate with Maggie’s family and present herself in a good light? At school Maggie’s in trouble again, does really everyone think that she cut up Annie’s competition dress?

Shining Star volume 1 chapter 11. Maggie has been suspended and isn’t allowed to participate in the contest. She’s sure Annie tricked her again, but she can’t prove it. Just when she’s the most desperate Nick shows up and helps her, but will she appreciate his help? Annie wins the singing contest in the end, does that mean that Maggie will give up on Edison?

Shining Star volume 1 chapter 12. Surprisingly Maggie’s dad isn’t mad at all that she got suspended, he even wants to reward her? Does this have to do with his bad health condition which Maggie has no idea about? While Maggie’s spending time with her father, Annie’s with Edison again and taking advantage of his friendliness.

Shining Star volume 1 chapter 13. Maggie’s dad has cancer, Edison and his mom are really worried. Back at school, everyone still thinks Maggie destroyed Annie’s dress and even her friends are keeping distance now. Can Maggie face Annie and convince her that she didn’t do it? Who was it then though? At least Edison is still supporting Maggie.

Shining Star volume 1 chapter 14. Maggie’s feeling lonely at school and on top of that Annie’s mocking her as well. She even knows about the marriage plans. Annie meets up with Edison and makes sure Maggie hears him talking about her as his sister. Shocked to hear that Edison doesn’t have any deeper feelings for her, Maggie runs away…

Shining Star volume 1 chapter 15. Has Maggie finally given up on Edison and wants to see him only as her brother from now on? She wants her dad to be happy, so she told her dad to marry Edison’s mom before she’s going overseas. While Maggie’s desperate and sitting on the beach she bumps into Nick again, will she accept his help this time?

Shining Star volume 1 chapter 16. Maggie passed out and Edison brought her home, will she be all right? It’s almost time for her flight, but why is Annie at the airport and what’s up with the bottle with stars that she gives to Maggie? It seems that even Edison isn’t sure about his feelings for Maggie, is he willing to sacrifice his happiness for the sake of his mom and Maggie’s dad?

Shining Star volume 2 chapter 17. Maggie is now overseas, separated from her beloved dad and missing him a lot. Annie calls her and tells her that her dad commited suicide because of a fight with Edison’s mom, can Maggie believe her? She passes out while Annie still seems to be playing her games. Will Edison and his mom finally tell Maggie the truth or will they try to keep it away from her?

Shining Star volume 2 chapter 18. Has Maggie secretly returned to Hong Kong without telling anyone? Why is she hiding from her friends and working in a restaurant? She’s obviously feeling betrayed and since her dad told her not to trust anyone in that last letter, she’s staying away from people. Edison is looking for her, but can’t find her. Can Nick make her changer her mind?

Shining Star volume 2 chapter 19. Nick and Maggie end up fighting again. Can Nick ignore her situation or will he decide to help her out somehow? It looks like Maggie has given up on herself while Annie’s career has just started, with Nick by her side. Will Maggie be able to recover and return back to a normal life?

Shining Star volume 2 chapter 20. Nick is visiting Maggie in Japan and it seems like she’s healthy again. Will he try to convince her to return to Hong Kong? Maggie still loves Edison, but somehow she’s too afraid of facing him, believing that he was the one who betrayed her dad. Edison’s mom still hopes that Maggie will return one day and while fighting with Annie, she suddenly feels a sharp pain…

Shining Star volume 2 chapter 21. Has Annie something to do with Edison’s mom’s sudden death?! What will happen when Maggie suddenly shows up at the hospital too? Has Edison finally realized what Annie has been doing all this time? Maggie suddenly shows up at Nick’s place, will he keep her arrival a secret? Annie finally has to face the truth when talking to Edison.

Shining Star volume 2 chapter 22. What happened to Annie after she ran away? Did she get injured? She isn’t regretting what she did to Maggie at all, can Edison ever forgive her? He’s determined to end this triangle now, and just then runs into Maggie. Can Edison and Maggie finally make up after such a long time or will it be just another goodbye?

Shining Star volume 2 chapter 23. Annie’s career doesn’t seem to be going well and on top of that Nick is showing up in public with Maggie now. Will Annie get jealous again and try to separate those two? Is Nick planning a career for Maggie now, even though she’s still insecure because of Annie? Edison’s meanwhile encouraging Annie not to give up for the sake of her talent.

Shining Star volume 2 chapter 24. Annie and Maggie met at the fashion show and Annie acted just like her usual self, trying to make Maggie look bad again. Nick’s totally upset and even slaps Annie, what consequences will this have for him? And why did Annie’s dad show up again, is he on her side? Edison isn’t exactly fond of what Annie did, will he leave her for good this time?

Shining Star volume 2 chapter 25. Annie and Edison were kidnapped? Just who could save them now and were they actually the real target? Nick is worried about Maggie, so he doesn’t let her go with him when handing over the money. At least Anni and Edison are safe now, but Edison doesn’t want any contact with Maggie since it would only hurt Annie and she would misunderstand…

Shining Star volume 2 chapter 26. Annie decided to leave Nick, so she could be on her own and understand what Annie’s been through a bit better. Will she finally become stronger now and not lose to Annie any more? Edison seems to be worried when he hears that Maggie left Nick, but he can’t talk to Annie about it. Annie’s dad is still around and it seems he was the kidnapper!

Shining Star volume 2 chapter 27. Edison suddenly shows up at Maggie’s place! Will she be happy to see him though? Edison finally tells Maggie how her dad really died and that he left her money. Besides those news, the girls are officially rivals now, but which of them is the better singer? Nick is determined to make Maggie win, even if he has to cheat…

Shining Star volume 2 chapter 28. Annie thinks that Edison betrayed her, but how will she react when he wants to celebrate her birthday? And what will her birthday wish be? Maggie’s meanwhile meeting an image consultant to make her look better in comparison with Annie, can he give her some confidence or will he make her feel even more insecure?

Shining Star volume 2 chapter 29. Has Nick’s bribery been found out, will Maggie get into trouble because of this too, even though she didn’t know anything about it? She’s really disappointed because of Nick, will she give up on her career now? Maggie still hasn’t given up on Edison, but what about him, can he leave Annie although he promised to protect her?

Shining Star volume 2 chapter 30. Maggie and Edison kissed! Seeing that, will Nick give up on her now? He’s still helping her with her image and it looks like both, Annie and Maggie, will attend the same charity ball. Maggie is looking forward to seeing Edison, but will he keep his promise? When she’s told to shoot some scenes at the hospital, Maggie looks terrified. Why is she so scared of the hospital?

Shining Star volume 2 chapter 31. What has Annie found out about Edison’s mom’s death? Edison doesn’t want to listen to her and is determined to protect Maggie this time. Maggie’s feeling guilty about something though and lets Edison down and seeing Nick kissing some other girl, she’s convinced that really everybody has let her down this time…

The Cherry Project volume 1 chapter 1. Asuaka Chieri, the daughter of a former skating champion, loves ice skating and has a magic charm, it’s the poster of the ice skater Tsuzuki Masanori. He’s looking for a new skating partner right now, what will happen when these two meet on the ice and later even at school?

The Cherry Project volume 1 chapter 2. Will Chieri skate at the school festival? Is Tsuzuki trying to find out this way how good she really is and if she could become his partner? Chieri’s training program has just begun now, but she’s diappointed that Tsuzuki is so cold towards her and now Princess Canty, a skating champion, caller her a loser too…

The Cherry Project volume 1 chapter 3. Chieri is mad and wants to have a match with the Princess! Will Tsuzuki help her prove that she’s more than just a skater for fun? But what if she has to practice in the same rink as Canty, that can’t go well. Maybe Tsuzuki has an idea how to solve the problem! Will Chieri be all right with his strict practice plan though?

The Cherry Project volume 1 chapter 4. Chieri’s insecure after watching a video of Canty’s skating! Her program for the school festival isn’t that special, will she stick to it anyway because of Tsuzuki or will she perform something more daring? Somehow it ends up with pair skating and Canty is watching them! Can Chieri impress everyone with her skills?

The Cherry Project volume 1 chapter 5. Chieri is even more enthusiastic about skating now and wants to become a figure skater by joining a club. But does she want to be in the same club as Canty who keeps mocking her? Chieri wants to prove that she’s good enough by entering the tournament, but Tsuzuki wants her to give up this plan and become his partner…

The Cherry Project volume 1 chapter 6. Can Chieri train hard enough under her new coach Mori to pass the badge test? Tsuzuki and his friends have distanced themselves from her, since their goal is a partner for Tsuzuki and not supporting Chieri in challenging Canty. The other club members aren’t too happy about Chieri’s skills since it took them years before they were allowed to take the badge test. Will they sabotage her?

The Cherry Project volume 2 chapter 7. Chieri’s foot is hurt, can she continue with the badge test? The other girls sabotaged her because they think she only made it that far due to her father’s influence, but even with an injury Chieri passed level 6 and can now compete. That means Tsuzuki will have to find another partner and Canty seems to be very interested…

The Cherry Project volume 2 chapter 8. Chieri didn’t even know about Tsuzuki’s dream, will she change her mind now? Why is he in such a hurry, does his family have other plans for his life? It seems like Chieri has no chance of becoming his partner after all, but that does mean that Canty has chances? It’s still up to Tsuzuki to decide.

The Cherry Project volume 2 chapter 9. Does Canty have feelings for Tsuzuki? She would do anything to become his partner. Chieri is meanwhile training for the upcoming tournament, but with Tsuzuki on her mind she can’t concentrate at all. And now it also seems like he’s returning to his old school and she wouldn’t be able to see him anymore…

The Cherry Project volume 2 chapter 10. Tsuzuki seems to like Chieri, or why did he encourage her to continue skating when she was about to give up? The tournament has started and Chieri is impressing everyone with her talent and skills, but she can’t win because she has no personality and isn’t suited for single skating… and because Canty’s new coach is Tsuzuki?!

The Cherry Project volume 2 chapter 11. Chieri is shocked to see Tsuzuki by Canty’s side and now she’s even skating to the same music as her? Chieri skates just like Canty but she seems to be only a replica, can she really be successful like this? Wataru is asking her again to be his partner, will she finally agree?

The Cherry Project volume 2 chapter 12. Chieri suddenly can’t skate anymore! Can she overcome the problems or will she quit skating this time, try to forget Tsuzuki and move on? She’s being supported, but it doesn’t seem like anyone can really help her. Is this the end of Chieri’s skating dream or will Tsuzuki help her again after all?

The Secret Garden volume 1 chapter 1. Misono is a member of the Track and Field Club, training hard for the regional meet as she doesn’t want to disappoint her team and her mother. For that reason she also doesn’t tell anyone about her pain, can she really continue like this. During training she meets the mysterious Sakuya and feels like entering a whole new world…

The Secret Garden volume 1 chapter 2. After meeting Sakuya a second time, Misono’s feeling much better about everything. Her legs aren’t hurting anymore either and she’s slowly returning to her old shape. But can she continue doing her best when her strict mother is pushing her and not allowing any other distraction in her life?

The Secret Garden volume 1 chapter 3. It’s time for the National Competition. Misono has been training hard for this, although she was told to rest because of her foot injury. When her mother finds out about this she gets worried, but will she do anything to stop Misono? Misono gives her best and even wins, she might have pushed herself too hard though…


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