2011 Releases

Ageha 100% volume 4 chapter 13. After Asuka’s appearance suddenly all girls want a makeover from him, instead of Ageha. What are his intentions, is he trying to compete with Ageha? Looks like he wants to become Ageha’s new… Will his plan succeed?

Ageha 100% volume 4 chapter 14. Kisaragi’s absence at school is making Rin worry, is he feeling unworthy of staying by her side and running away? Meanwhile Asuka is as confident as ever and by all means trying to become Ageha’s new partner, he even decides to challenge Kisaragi?

Ageha 100% volume 4 chapter 15. While the competition between Kisaragi and Asuka is taking place soon, Rin is supporting Kisaragi as much as she can by putting him through special make-up training. But just before the challenge Asuka changes the rules and Ageha finds her make-up box destroyed, on top of that Kisaragi suddenly…

Ageha 100% volume 4 chapter 16. Rin decides to dress up as Kisaragi and to compete in his place, but is that even possible since her make-up box was destroyed? In the end, just who will have to cut all ties with Ageha and who’s this mysterious woman watching the competition?

Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu volume 7 chapter 37. So Takuma and Mayu’s hearts FINALLY connect, however a new obstacle stands in their way so soon?! Why is Mayu’s mom not allowing them to date, can they be together now or is this really the end of their relationship?

Chitose etc. volume 1 chapter 2. Chitose arrives in Tokyo to find Yuki in the arms of another girl?! And it’s actually his girlfriend who isn’t really bothered that he kissed another girl. Chitose is disappointed and wants to leave Tokyo, but just then Yuki offers to help her…

Chitose etc. volume 1 chapter 3. Chitose discovers that Yuki lives in the same apartment building! She is slowly getting used to the new school and people, but can she forget her feelings for Yuki and be just friends with him? Find out what the mysterious club is all about in this chapter!

Chitose etc. volume 1 chapter 4. Being invited over for a meal, Yuki remembers his promise and takes Chitose sightseeing, they visit the Tokyo Tower! Is Yuki-kun really liking Chitose just as a friend or does he feel more for her now? Enjoy Chitose’s first (really entertaining) trip with a train!

Chitose etc. volume 1 chapter 5. Chitose has gotten used to her new life and has even found some friends. Together they’re preparing for the upcoming festival and it seems like it’ll be a lot of fun, if there wasn’t this girl clinging onto Yuki and asking him to break up with Saaya. Is Yuki and Saaya’s relationship strong enough?

Chitose etc. volume 1 chapter 6. Everyone’s enjoying the Haizawa Festival! The Festival Club is selling Chitose’s Okinawan doughnuts and the classes are doing themed cafes. But just in the middle of all the fun Chitose gets into trouble with two trespassers, will she be saved in time? Shun wants to go out with Chitose, what will her reply be?!

Chitose etc. volume 1 extra: Chitose’s Spirit. This short extra is about the chat between Chitose, her brother Yui, Yuki and his sister Yuka, when they were eating together back in chapter 4. It’s about Okinawan beliefs and losing one’s soul. Has Chitose lost hers?

Chitose etc. volume 2 chapter 7. So, Shun really wants Chitose to be his girlfriend, seeing how Yuki and Saaya care for each other he wants to experience this too. But what does Chitose think of it? Shun still seems scary to her and she’s not sure if he really likes her. Can she really forget Yuki, move on and be happy with someone else?

Hakushaku to Yousei volume 2 chapter 6. Ermine and Raven hurry to Lydia and Edgar’s rescue, but what can they do against Huskley? He warns Lydia about Edgar and suddenly her dad shows up too. Ermine and Lydia get surrounded by Huskley’s men, but it seems like Edgar hasn’t been caught yet. Will he try to free them and will Lydia be able to solve more of the poem?

Hanayomesama wa 16sai volume 1 chapter 4. Takami is confused! She wakes up next to her husband, but can’t tell anyone the truth about their relationship. She keeps wondering anyway why their parents wanted them to marry and just then Shinga’s cousin tells her…

Koiiro Senritsu Double Ouji volume 1 chapter 2. Daichi and Kairi are preparing for their upcoming tour now. They paid for Inori’s tuition fees, so she didn’t have to leave school, and she’s also living in their house now. But what if the two start fighting over the cute girl, what will she do then? Will she have to choose one of them?

Love Berrish! volume 4 chapter 17. Yuuya’s not looking forward to seeing Nagisa at all! With new tension now forming between Yuuya and Nagisa, with the introduction of Emi’s friend Yukino, how many more difficulties with Yuuya meet and can she actually handle them all…?

Love Berrish! volume 4 chapter 18. What’s Yukino’s plan, will she manage to separate Emika and her friends? Does she have anything to do with Emika’s sudden disappearance as well, will the others be able to find and save her? Kon tells the others about Yukino and Emika’s past.

Love Berrish! volume 4 extra: Christmas ni Tenshi. Aoi, a heartbroken girl, hopes she will find a new wonderful love for Christmas. At school she notices the good looking Chris, who’s half Japanese with blonde hair and blue eyes. He even asks her out, but can Aoi trust him and forget her bad experiences with guys?

Love Berrish! volume 5 chapter 19. It’s autumn and almost time for the school festival! While everyone’s looking forward to seeing their parents, it looks like only Yuuya’s parents won’t make it because of work. Everyone’s encouraging Yuuya to invite her parents by writing a letter, but Nagisa finds out that she never planned on inviting them, so he decides to take things in his hands and takes Yuuya to her home. On the way Nagisa learns about Yuuya’s past and Yuuya realizes what Nagisa means to her…

Love Berrish! volume 5 chapter 20. The school festival has started and Yuuya’s class is having a Halloween themed Cafe! Will Yuuya’s dad come to the festival after Yuuya and Nagisa left a letter in the mailbox? What are all these feelings suddenly overwhelming Yuuya and why did her parents want her to go to Natsuka Academy?

Love Berrish! volume 5 chapter 21. Everyone has realized by now that Nagisa and Yuuya belong together! Since they’re still unable to be honest with each other, their friends just decide to help them out a little. Will Nagisa and Yuuya finally end up together or is Nagisa dating someone else already?! Hopefully it won’t be too late for Yuuya…

Max Lovely! Omake. Everyone just graduated from middle school, It’s time for a graduating trip to celebrate! Taki and Airi are now a couple, but are they willing to take the final step? Meanwhile a lot of feelings still need to be sorted out and Gorou is confessed to by Hatori in front of Michiru… The final installment of Max Lovely concludes the love story in a happy note!

Mayonaka no Ariadne volume 2 chapter 6. And so the rescue mission for Chiharu begins~! Nogami is helping Chiyoko, since she’s so short he just smuggles her into the club in his bag, but can they find the key to the underground? Just what might happen if they get discovered…

Mayonaka no Ariadne volume 2 chapter 7. Now that Chiyoko has been spotted on the security cameras, will she be able to find Chiharu in time or get killed trying?! Chiharu seems badly beaten up, but at least he wasn’t killed. Will Nogami’s trick work and can those two escape safely?

Ren’ai Kyoushuujo volume 1 chapter 1. Ran keeps getting rejected by boys, but then she starts liking the school’s most popular guy, Takashina. She has no idea how to win his heart… and when accidentally staying too long at school she discovers the Love Training Institute. Can they help her?

Ren’ai Kyoushuujo volume 1 chapter 2. After enrolling in the Love Training Institute, will Ran finally become more confident and successful in love? Who does she actually like, the really cool Takashina-kun or the popular Kyou-kan? Oh my, suddenly she trips and kisses…

Ren’ai Kyoushuujo volume 1 chapter 3. Ran turned Takashina-kun down?! Does this mean that she’s fallen in love with Kyou-kan in the end? The Love Training Institute suddenly disappears next evening and Ran is really sad, because she can’t see Kyou-kan again, but is that really true?

Ren’ai Kyoushuujo volume 1 chapter 4: Unfinished Love Song. Nao has a crush on the super popular Kiriya, the lead singer of Anubis, and when Kiriya asks her to become his girlfriend, Nao feels like on cloud nine. Will their relationship last? Does Kiriya really mean it or is Nao just another girl on his list?

Ren’ai Kyoushuujo volume 1 chapter 5: Forgotten Things. Azusa wakes up in the hospital with the memories of the last six months missing and a cute guy by her side claiming he’s her boyfriend. Can Hinata make Azusa remember their time together or will her accident be the end of their relationship? But then, why can’t her friends remember seeing them going out either? Is Hinata just a liar or does he really love Azusa…

Shouri no Akuma volume 2 chapter 7. Akira and Tanakamori are in love! Or so it seems, because the bonds between the two will get tested by the appearance of a new character! Wataru looks pretty and shy, and devoted to Tanakamori, to the point of driving Akira away by all means. The class reunion café turns out te be a battle of popularity?!

Shouri no Akuma volume 2 chapter 8. Akira made a promise to go on a date with Tanakamori, but he doesn’t show up after all. Meanwhile Wataru plays with Tanakamori’s mind and class and makes her feel insecure. The class reunion cafe shouldn’t be such a sad event after all!

Shouri no Akuma volume 2 chapter 9. Tanakamori can’t understand why Akira would quit the class reunion cafe and choose to give up his place for Wataru. It’s just not the same anymore! Everyone wanted so much to have fun together! And suddenly the sign everyone worked so hard on is torn down?!

Shouri no Akuma volume 2 chapter 10. It’s the day of the school festival! Tanakamori and Akira fixed the sign, but he’s still not coming back to the class reunion cafe. Instead he plays the prince in Wataru’s class’ snow white play?! Tanakamori confronts Wataru and Akira about everyone’s true feelings.

Shouri no Akuma volume 3 chapter 11. Tanakamori is being bothered by two things now, Akira’s unusual family situation and Wataru’s absence from the study classes. Can she get a hold of Wataru and if not Akira’s mother, just who could the chairman be, and why does “she” have something against Tanakamori and Akira’s relationship?

Shouri no Akuma volume 3 chapter 12. Tanakamori and Akira aren’t allowed to date?! And once the chairman sees Akira’s pictures in the magazine he puts him under house arrest! It looks like Tanakamori and Akira can’t see each other for a while, what will become of their relationship now? Why does Akira suddenly kiss…?

Shouri no Akuma volume 3 chapter 13. Akira simply moved into Tanakamori’s house, for now. But does her dad know that she’s sharing her bed with a boy? Most probably not! Just what might happen when he finds out the truth and why is Akira’s dad suddenly offering lots of money to Tanakamori? Is he trying to separate the two with a bribe?

Stardust Wink volume 3 chapter 11. So, we left off with Mochizuki wanting to confess to Hinata, but did she actually do it? Anna’s not sure how to ask him, but she’s lucky as Sou decides to help her out. And what was Hinata’s answer, does he share the same feelings or does he actually like someone else already?

Stardust Wink volume 3 chapter 12. Anna is finally fully aware of her feelings and decides to confess to Hinata, but why is Sou totally against it? Is he really that jealous of Hinata and doesn’t want those two to be a couple? And just when she’s about to do it she realizes who Hinata really likes…

Stardust Wink volume 3 chapter 13. Having realized that Hinata likes Mari-chan, Anna decides to simply ignore her feelings and return to just being childhood friends. But can she do that so easily? And what does Sou think of it? Will Anna finally confess? Will she listen to Rui and Hime who are telling her to give up on Hinata?

Stardust Wink volume 3 chapter 14. Anna finally confessed, but what was Hinata’s answer? Will they stay friends or will Anna’s feelings make the gap between the three childhood friends bigger? What’s this, Hinata’s suddenly gone and Mashiro’s back? Witness Mari’s way of motivating a depressed Hinata…

Stardust Wink volume 3 chapter 15. After seeing Mari and Hinata kissing, Sou and Anna wait for Mari and demand an explanation. It seems that Mari is just playing, but will Hinata believe this when he hears about it from Anna? Just how much more can a childhood friendship take…

Stardust Wink volume 4 chapter 16. Ever since the fireworks festival Anna and Hinata haven’t spoken to each other! The three of them aren’t even going to school together anymore. And now it’s one day before the graduation ceremony and Hinata’s leaving for Tokyo. Can Sou fix things up between the three of them or is this the end of their friendship?

Stardust Wink volume 4 chapter 17. It’s Anna’s birthday! And she’s also taking her high school entrance exam. Suddenly she gets a birthday text message, just from who could it be? Will there be enough time to make up with Hinata, who’s leaving for Tokyo, or is it too late already? Sou definitely hasn’t given up yet and is trying everything to unite the 3 of them!

Stardust Wink volume 4 chapter 18. It’s first day at high school! Anna quickly makes friends with a new classmate, Nanoka, and it turns out that the Hinata she saw the other day is also in her class. What about Sou? And what’s up with Anna’s pretty necklace? Will the new characters be friends or foes?

Stardust Wink volume 4 chapter 19. Anna and Sou are fighting (like always), but this time there’s no Hinata to help them out. Will they still be able to patch things up? And what’s up with those rumors about Sou’s gorgeous ex-girlfriend, do the girls really mean Anna? Together with Ayane, Nanoka’s childhood friend, the girls join the photography club!

Stardust Wink volume 4 chapter 20. Nanoka tells Anna about her plans to make Sou and Ayane patch things up again and asks her for help! Not knowing that Nanoka’s story is a lie, Anna blindly believes her new friend and tells Sou to go out with Ayane. Anna just wants to see Sou happy, but her attempts go awfully wrong. Could this be the end of Anna and Sou’s friendship?

Strobe Edge volume 7 chapter 23. New school year, new luck for all the girls? Now that Ninako and Ren are in the same class, will Ninako be able to keep her feelings for Ren a secret or will she finally make a move and confess to him again? And what is going on between Sayuri and Yuu? Find out more while joining the whole gang on a field trip to Kamakura!

Strobe Edge volume 7 chapter 24. Part two of the field trip to Kamakura. Thanks to the scheming of their classmates, Ninako and Ren get to spend some time with each other, but why is he suddenly red up to his ears?! And is Daiki really kissing another girl? Can Sayuri handle this situation and what does Yuu have to do with it?

Strobe Edge volume 7 chapter 25. Yuu and Sayuri finally reveal their secret, but what’s really going on between Daiki and this cute girl from his class? Did they really kiss or was it just a misunderstanding? Can Sayuri and Daiki talk it out or is this the end of their relationship? And what do Mayuka and Ren have to talk about so suddenly…

Strobe Edge volume 7 chapter 26. Mayuka and Ren are finally able to say goodbye to each other as friends. Ninako and Ren are both staying longer at school and even going home together, will they make use of that time and get closer? Just for how much longer can Ninako hold her feelings back and what’s Andou’s ex-girlfriend Mao up to?

Strobe Edge volume 7 chapter oneshot: ~Thinking of Yesterday~. The final chapter of volume 7 is about Yuu and Sayuri’s past. They used to be a couple, but they broke up. Find out how they met at cram school, fell in love and spent lots of time together, and also why their relationship wasn’t meant to be. Are they regretting that their relationship didn’t work out?

Strobe Edge volume 8 chapter 27. Mao tells Ninako about the past, while both, Ninako and Ren, are finally aware of their feelings. Meanwhile Toda is annoying everyone with the preparations for the Sports Festival. Will Andou keep fighting for Ninako’s love or will he finally give up? And who the heck is Yamada?!

Strobe Edge volume 8 chapter 28. Ninako finally learns the truth about Andou, Ren and Mao’s past. But why is she suddenly blocking off Ren, just now when he’s trying to be more than friends with her? Is it because of what Mao told her or is it because of Andou? What will Ninako do now, listen to her heart or to the others?

Strobe Edge volume 8 chapter 29. While Mao seems to have her own plans, Ninako is still convinced to give up on Ren, even when she (clumsily) falls right into his arms during an attempt to teach the others how to cheer. Meanwhile Ren is getting jealous of Toda because he’s spending quite a lot of time with Ninako…

Strobe Edge volume 8 chapter 30. Ninako’s attempt to hide her feelings for Ren yet again and telling her friends that she doesn’t like him anymore bothers her so much that she ends up with stomachache in the nurse’s room… together with Ren! Will he finally make a move or will Toda be faster?

Strobe Edge volume 9 chapter 31. Being afraid of losing Ninako, Ren has finally made up his mind to confess to her, after the sports festival! But will Andou give up so easily? During the sports festival Andou has other things to deal with, like working together with his ex-girlfriend, Mao. And just as if that wasn’t enough already, Ren’s suddenly making more moves and Mao confesses…

Strobe Edge volume 9 chapter 32. Mao finally tells the truth and is honest with Andou? Obviously she was trying to correct her mistakes by keeping Ninako away from Ren, so that Andou could be with her. Whether or not it’s the truth, Ren has made up his mind and is going to confess to Ninako, are there any chances left for Andou still or is it time for him to give up on Ninako?


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