2012 Releases

Ageha 100% volume 4 chapter 17. Just when it seems like Kisaragi has lost against Asuka, it turns out that the models get to vote too. Surprisingly, the competition ends up in a tie and the mysterious woman reveals herself! It’s Asuka’s mother, the Sweet Spider company president, and she wants to vote as well. But on whose side will she be, her son’s or Kisaragi’s?

Ageha 100% volume 5 chapter 18. It looks like everything’s fine again for Rin and Kisaragi, they managed to get through all the troubles side by side! Kisaragi even repaired Ageha’s make-up box and put a lock on it, so that only the two of them can open it now. Their next mission turns out to be a trap though and they have to hide from a group of girls who are trying to reveal Ageha’s real identity…

Ageha 100% volume 5 chapter 19. Just in the last moment Kisaragi manages to fool the girls and Ageha’s real identity remains hidden for now. Rin decides not to become Ageha for a while, but then she meets a girl who really needs her help. Although the girls are still hunting her she decides to help that one girl out, and once again manages to escape thanks to Kisaragi. Back home Rin’s grandparents just can’t tell her the news…

Ageha 100% volume 5 chapter 20. The students are still trying to find out who Ageha really is while Rin is torn between finally being with her parents again and being sad because of leaving all her friends and her beloved grandparents behind. Kisaragi once more encourages her to listen to her heart and Rin decides to try to help Otani one more time, but this time as Rin… which could mean the end of Ageha…

Ageha 100% volume 5 chapter 21. Rin has revealed the real Ageha, and is now in big troubles! But when Kisaragi is trying to cover her she refuses his help, just like she’s been refusing to show her real feelings, fearing that she might hurt people when she’s honest and telling them the truth. While Rin’s facing consequences, Kisaragi meets someone very special…

Ageha 100% volume 5 chapter 22. Rin’s secret identity has been revealed and she’s really in big troubles! But just when things are looking the most hopeless everyone stands up for her, and not just that, even Rin’s parents have arrived to help her out. With that the first generation Ageha’s real identity is revealed too and Rin has finally enough courage to make decisions about her future.

Chitose etc. volume 2 chapter 8. By staying overnight at Yuki’s place, Saaya is making sure that Chitose knows who Yuki belongs to. This saddens Chitose, though she knows that the two are a couple. Shun isn’t so sure about their love, even if they seem to like each other. Which is the real reason that they’re tied to each other? Could it be Saaya’s mysterious illness?

Chitose etc. volume 2 chapter 9. Seeing Yuki and Saaya being so close to each other, Chitose decides to start dating Shun! Maybe he can help her forget about Yuki and her feelings would change. Though Chitose and Shun aren’t really in love with each other (yet), they want to try their best and work on their relationship. They have their first date too!

Chitose etc. volume 2 chapter 10. Chitose and Shun are getting along really well! They’re always eating together at school and going on dates. Returning from ice skating, they meet Yuki’s sister Yuka. She tells Chitose about Yuki’s past a bit and so Chitose realizes where Yuki and Saaya met for the first time and what’s been connecting them for so many years.

Chitose etc. volume 2 chapter 11. Shun and Chitose went to the club room to study, but it seems like Shun has other plans! He kisses Chitose and she doesn’t like it. She liked Yuki’s kiss better, so Shun’s trying to be gentler… but fails again as he wants to get to the next stage quicker than Chitose. Just when it seems like he might succeed, they’re disturbed by…

Chitose etc. volume 2 chapter 12. Yuki is more and more worried about Chitose and her relationship with Shun. Could it be that he’s jealous of Shun, or is he just worried that Shun might hurt her? Meanwhile Chitose and Shun decided to take it slower with their relationship. But then some time later, during Chitose’s first snowball fight, Yuki suddenly…

Chitose etc. volume 2 chapter 13. Yuki hugs Chitose and won’t let her go! Does he really want them to be just friends or has he fallen in love with Chitose? Chitose isn’t sure about his feelings either. Her first experience with snow (and walking around with Yuki) made her catch a cold, so she has to stay in bed for a few days. Shun takes the opportunity…

Johyou to Chuujitsu na Geboku Story 2: A Fiery Kiss on a Rooftop. Asami is forced to do a teaching job, but she’s not interested in working at all. She wants to have fun, and in the problematic student, Yashima Fumiaki, she finds someone who thinks the same way. Those two have quite some fun together, but will they be able to grow up and fulfill their dreams? (Warning: Adult, Smut)

Koiiro Senritsu Double Ouji volume 1 chapter 3. Daichi and Kairi both like Inori! But she doesn’t want the two brothers to fight over her and so decides to leave. Will she be back to pick the one she loves or will she stay away so that their career and friendship won’t be in danger?

Koiiro Senritsu Double Ouji volume 1 chapter 4: Love-Colored Serenade. Inori and Daichi have been a couple for 3 months now! They’re really in love and enjoying their time together, but since she’s still not the best student, Inori starts worrying about not being good enough for Daichi. She keeps trying to improve, but in the end Daichi proves to her that he loves her just the way she is.

Koiiro Senritsu Double Ouji volume 1 chapter 5: Snow White Prince and Apple Princess. Shirayuki and Rinko really like each other, but somehow they’re unable to express their feelings properly. When Shirayuki teases Rinko about her red cheeks, she’s convinced that he doesn’t like her really and starts hiding herself behind thick make-up. When she decides to date someone else, Shirayuki finally makes a move and in the end wins Rinko’s heart.

Love Berrish! volume 5 extra: Fushigi no Kuni no Emika-chan. This extra chapter is about Emika and Kun going on a date, out of a really weird yet funny reason. They’re both nervous but also have lots of fun together, what will they find out in the end? Is it love or just friendship…

Love Berrish! volume 5 extra: Miichan the Cat. The last Love Berrish! release are two very short yet really sweet stories about the cat Miichan, she’s so cute and adorable! Who are Miichan’s friends, what do they usually “talk” about and what is this cat’s real name? How does she see herself and who’s her owner?

Saint Dragon Girl Miracle volume 4 chapter 18. While visiting Enoshima, Ryuuji and Kaichou are competing for An’s love but she’s more busy following a mysterious call. Just who could be calling her, could it be a trap? Meanwhile the guys get into a serious fight and fall down the mountain! Is An strong enough to save them both?

Saint Dragon Girl Miracle volume 4 chapter 19. While returning from shopping, An and Ryuuji are attacked! But luckily a mysterious girl shows up and rescues them. It turns out she’s Mio, the new transfer student. She even gets into the student council and An is very happy at first to have found a new friend. But soon Mio’s getting all the attention at school…

Shouri no Akuma volume 3 chapter 14. The chairman wants Akira to change back into a guy?! What might Akira think of that, could he ever agree? And what’s with the huge bribe, can Tanakamori and her dad keep it and have a better life again, or will it be a burden for Tanakamori and Akira’s relationship? Just why is beauty so important to Akira and why does he want to be like his dad?

Shouri no Akuma volume 3 chapter 15. The final chapter! Akira won’t change his appearance, that’s for sure now. But will he at least be able to tell Tanakamori how he feels, now that she might return to her old school? Does she even want to leave this crazy school and all her new friends? Enjoy a happy end!

Stardust Wink volume 5 chapter 21. Sou’s extremely pissed at Anna again (even though she only wanted him to be happy) and decides to actually have this date with Ayane. Nanoka’s lies are finally revealed too and it looks like she just wanted to bully Sou! Either way, Anna wants to make up with Sou and Ayane suggests a double date with Hinata? But can Hinata make it in time from Tokyo?

Stardust Wink volume 5 chapter 22. The double date is just getting started! Even though he’s bullying and ignoring her, Sou seems to think awfully a lot about Anna, he even buys her favorite drink and “uses” Kazami to give it to her. And according to Ayane, Sou has always been thinking only about Anna and how to be with her, but with Anna’s thoughts set on Hinata’s return for the Golden Week, does Sou even have a chance to win her heart?

Stardust Wink volume 5 chapter 23. It’s almost Sou’s birthday! After all the incidents lately Anna wants to make sure to make him happy on his birthday, so she’s planning a surprise party with Hinata. But then it seems that Sou won’t even have time on his birthday… and Hinata has to stay in Tokyo. Just when it seems like there won’t be a reunion it turns out that the two guys had been planning all along already to surprise Anna!

Stardust Wink volume 5 chapter 24. Luckily Sou doesn’t want to break off his friendship with Anna completely, it looks like he just needs time to make up his mind, so that they can be good friends again. Anna’s really hurt and sad anyway, but then Hinata suddenly returns and cheers her up! And it seems that he’s going to take advantage of the distance between Sou and Anna.

Stardust Wink volume 5 side story. Included are 3 side stories. The first one shows Beni’s typical reaction when she sees Sou. The second one is about how Anna got Coco. And the third story is about Mashiro’s first love. Although he wasn’t interested in having a serious relationship back then he fell in love, just who was the lucky girl?

Stardust Wink volume 6 chapter 25. Anna’s completely confused now! Sou wants distance between them while Hinata’s trying to get closer to her? Maybe club activities will help distract her. While Anna, Ayane and Nanoka are looking for inspiration for the photography competition, they run into Kazami whose secret gets revealed! Just what could his big secret be?

Stardust Wink volume 6 chapter 26. Kazami has agreed to help the girls! But in return he wants Anna to be the model for his own manga, and for that he has many questions about Anna’s love life. Everyone thinking that Sou’s the one she likes, makes Anna even more confused and when Hinata calls she confesses to him again! But instead of giving her an answer Hinata proposes a date!

Stardust Wink volume 6 chapter 27. The picture Anna took of Sou during the Ball Tournament has been used for a poster! This really upsets Anna as she doesn’t want to make Sou even angrier, but luckily it seems like he isn’t bothered. Now Anna can stop worrying about Sou and be nervous because of her date with Hinata! Mashiro comes over to pick her up, but where are they going?

Stardust Wink volume 6 chapter 28. It’s time for Anna and Hinata’s date! They’re at the zoo and really enjoying their time together, but Anna’s also worried about what Hinata will tell her. Hinata’s sensing Anna’s fears and decides that the zoo isn’t the right place for a reply to Anna’s confession, but just then Anna decides that she wants his answer now, and they get interrupted by…

Stardust Wink volume 6 side story. Back at middle school. Karin, Mochizuki Kurumi’s younger sister, has a crush on Hinata and wants to get closer to him, so she joins the art club. Mari makes Hinata her drawing theme and she gets to spend a lot of time with him. But when Karin wants to go to school with Hinata, he rejects her, and she finds out why.

Stardust Wink volume 7 chapter 29. Anna and Hinata’s date was interrupted by no one else but Mari! And not just that, it also turns out that she’s Hinata’s high school teacher. Anna’s worried again that she can’t win Hinata’s heart when Mari’s around him all the time, but Mashiro encourages her to keep fighting. Is it because of Mari that Hinata can’t return Anna’s feelings or could there be someone else…?

Strobe Edge volume 9 chapter 33. Ninako’s determined to listen to her heart this time and to confess to Ren too, no matter what, and Ren’s planning just the same. On their way home, Ninako and Andou bump into a really aggressive guy and Andou ends up being beaten up while protecting Ninako. Will this incident change her mind or will she accept Ren’s confession?

Strobe Edge volume 9 chapter 34. Without wanting to, Ninako gives Ren the wrong reply! Andou feels like Ren beat him once more, so he turns back into what he was before, a player, and is skipping school to avoid seeing a happy Ren and Ninako. Ren decides to visit Andou and finally tells him how he’s seen him ever since they met. Will Ninako finally be honest with Ren too?

Strobe Edge volume 10 chapter 35. Finding Ninako sitting in his chair, Ren’s demanding her to be honest now! Ninako’s still too confused until Andou steals her first kiss and makes her realize that all this time she’s only been protecting herself and looking for excuses. Can she finally break out of that cycle now and confess to the one she’s been liking all this time?

Strobe Edge volume 10 chapter 36. It’s confession time! Ninako and Ren finally properly confess to each other and it gets really emotional! Finding out that they’re a couple now, their classmates are happy too, except for Andou obviously, but looks like he’ll get over it too. Ninako and Ren can finally go home together and do something Ninako’s been dreaming of, holding hands naturally!

Strobe Edge volume 10 oneshot: ~Miyoshi Manabu~. A side story about Gacchan and his crush, Ritsuko-senpai. Although she seems cold and doesn’t seem to care about him at all, Gacchan is determined to win Ritsuko’s heart. He serves her a lovely cake, confesses and even invites her to a party! She still won’t fall for him though, but in the end it turns out that the reason for her hesitating weren’t her feelings.

Strobe Edge volume 10: Special. It’s time for Ren and Ninako’s first date! But besides being nervous about the date, Ninako’s also worrying about Ren’s feelings for her. When he hears that Andou kissed her he doesn’t seem to care too much about it, so Ninako feels like she likes him much more than he likes her. But what’s the real reason behind Ren’s silence? Can they have a lovely first date anyway?

Strobe Edge volume 10: Bonus Track. The last Strobe Edge release. How were Ninako and the others like as middle schoolers, were they looking forward to the new school? Only Andou seems to be unhappy about the new high school, but why? Find it out in this short bonus track which concludes Strobe Edge.

The Princess and the Three Beasts volume 1 chapter 1. Violet, the Princess of Alba Forest, is living in a “cage”. Her protective mother isn’t letting her do much, until the day when the Three Beasts show up. Are they friends or foes? They’re looking for a treasure, but what will it be in the end? Violet’s biggest adventure so far is just starting!

The Princess and the Three Beasts volume 1 chapter 2. Violet has left Alba Forest and is now travelling with Karas, Kuchinawa and Renard. While those 3 are going on with their “business” as usually (this time they’re after a rare sculpture), Violet’s trying to learn more about the world around her. But as she’s never been exploring the world on her own, she keeps getting into trouble… but luckily the Three Beasts are always there to save her!

The Princess and the Three Beasts volume 2 chapter 3. Are Violet and Karas falling in love? Violet’s confused and there’s something else that’s bothering her, the Beasts had quite a fight and she’s afraid of being the reason for it. There’s also more troubles awaiting, in form of a criminal organisation, the Halberds. Can the Beasts make up in time and save Violet yet again?


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