Puramai Junkie

Status: 1 Volume (Complete)
Genre: School Life, Shoujo
Author: Asahina Yuuya
Summary: A short shoujo story about a girl who wants to continue the family tradition of her family… that is, get married at 16 and have a baby girl at 17! A very crazy story about a very crazy girl named Ren who falls in love with one of the most popular boys in school, Juuya, at first sight!

Volume 1:
Chapter 01 Download Read
Chapter 02 Download Read
Chapter 03 Download Read
Chapter 04 Download Read
Status: Complete

Completed on November 13, 2005.


5 thoughts on “Puramai Junkie

  1. i so disagree wit what Chu…i LUVED IT! like i said before, i love all of yuuyas books so thx starry heaven! merrry christmas 2009! and thank u starry heaven! >o<

    • You can read it online through the link next to the chapter that says “read”, or you can download through the link that says “download”!~

      You’ve probably already solved the problem though > <~

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