Charisma Doll

Status: 2 Volumes (Complete)
Genre: Gender Bender, Romance, School Life, Shoujo
Author: Kurahashi Erika
Summary: High school first year Sara has a secret… she’s really the super-popular singer SALA! However, as an idol her gender is kept a secret from the world in order to sell her music. But can Sara win when she wants to be just Sara…?

Volume 1:
Chapter 01 Download Read
Chapter 02 Download Read
Chapter 03 Download Read
Chapter 04 Download Read
Status: Complete

Volume 2:
Chapter 05 Download Read
Chapter 06 Download Read
Chapter 07 Download Read
Chapter 08 Download Read
Chapter 09 Download Read
Extra Download Read
Status: Complete

Completed on May 14, 2006.


7 thoughts on “Charisma Doll

    • It’s probably not included because the first volume chapters were scanned from the magazine. I wasn’t around at that time yet though, so I can’t say it for sure.

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