Status: 1 Volume (Complete)
Genre: Drama, Josei, Romance, Slice of Life
Author: Yoshizumi Wataru
Summary: A bittersweet love story about the life of Kojima Ari and Fujitani Sousuke as they live together in a de facto relationship (without marriage) in modern-day Japan.

Volume 1:
Chapter 01 Download Read
Chapter 02 Download Read
Chapter 03 Download Read
Chapter 04 Download Read
Chapter 05 Download Read
Chapter 06 Download Read
Chapter 07 Download Read
Status: Complete

Completed on September 29, 2009.


26 thoughts on “Cappuccino

  1. It was a bit sad towards the. I cried a lot because of this story. It was a amazing story….. I wish it didn’t end. ‘-‘

  2. I didn’t expect this to be this good.. I guess people who actually experienced the same situation will feel the pain again.. I know cos I did.. It makes me remember how hurt I was before.. Eventhough it is short it is very well done.. really really good.. I wish it was longer.

  3. O_O AS IN??? i was hoping for volume 2 >.< i believe that this could progress more <///3

    it ended so fast :'c

    doesn't this have any sequel or prequels?????

  4. A really good story :) I think the ending may disappoint some people but that is the ending that I like, pain but no much tears and there’s still a future.

    I read this firstly because it’s Yoshizumi-sensei’s and, it’s worth reading after all :)

  5. Thank you for putting the time into this lovely manga. Thanks to your scanslation I am able to live out the possible life I could have led by moving in with my high school partner. It is a refreshing tale.

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