2006 Releases

Ageha 100% volume 1 chapter 0. Ageha, a mysterious make-up artist, always shows up after school to make girls beautiful with her amazing skills. They can contact her by using a butterfly card and she will come to help them. But who’s the girl behind Ageha? Is it one of the students? What would happen if her secret identity got revealed?

Ageha 100% volume 1 chapter 1. So Fujiwara Rin is the one behind Ageha and she got discovered by Kisaragi who has the reputation of a player. Can Rin trust him anyway? She could be expelled from school and that wouldn’t make her grandparents happy. She inherited the legendary Ageha’s make-up box though and she wants to make other girls pretty with her special skills.

Ageha 100% volume 1 chapter 2. Everyone’s talking about Ageha and Rin’s pretty successful at changing the girls’ hearts and their appearance. Kisaragi is supporting her too as her assistant! But since her beloved grandparents are totally against make-up she can’t tell them about her passion. And now Kisaragi has started wondering too which Rin’s real identity is…

Ageha 100% volume 1 chapter 3. It seems like it’ll be harder now for Rin and Kisaragi to keep Ageha a secret since the school newspaper is after her real identity! Can they somehow convince them to stop chasing after the legend? This has to be Rin’s biggest challenge so far, but only till a girl runs into her after school, claiming that her make-up had been ruined by Ageha?!

Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon volume 1 chapter 5. Who is Tuxedo Mask, is he an enemy? Luna is worried about his role in this while situation while Usagi is starting to remember her past. Walking around daydreaming she almost gets hit by a car, but a really strong and brave girl saves her! It is the new transfer student Kino Makoto, could she be a sailor soldier as well?

Charisma Doll volume 2 chapter 7. Sala has just revealed her real identity to Hayase! How will he react? Will he be mad because Sara lied and fooled him all this time or will he accept Sara as the person she really is? Maybe she was worrying too much all this time and everything will be just fine. But what if she wants to perform as Sara…?

Charisma Doll volume 2 chapter 8. Sala’s first album is really popular and successful! But Sara seems more worried than happy, she doesn’t want Hayase to see her as a rival. And she also has to make sure there aren’t any scandals. If her popularity dropped she couldn’t see Hayase as often any more.

Charisma Doll volume 2 chapter 9. Sara couldn’t be happied, Hayase likes her too! But Hayase’s company is mad at Sala being so popular and they’re planning to reveal her true identity to the public! Just what should she do now, will Hayase help her? Maybe he’s got a plan already how to solve the Sara vs. Sala problem!

Charisma Doll volume 2 extra: Kick no Shounen. When she was younger Sara had no idea what she wanted to become when she grows up. So she went to an audition with Manami who tricks her and Sara almost misses her chance. Hayase helps her and after meeting him she knew she wanted to be a singer!

Code Name wa Sailor V volume 1 chapter 5. Minako’s dreaming of becoming an idol! Is she endangering the SailorV mission with her behaviour? Artemis seems really worried and there’s more idols showing up, and like the previous two, they’re associated with the Dark Agency.

Kare Made Love KM volume 4 chapter 20. Miyuu wanted to really change herself and look cute, and it seems to have worked out well since Minami invited her to go see a movie with him! She is really encouraged now to work even harder on herself to reach Minami’s level one day. Even Yuka notices her high spirits. And it only gets better when Madoka says that she actually likes someone older and Minami’s brother invites Miyuu to his party!

Kare Made Love KM volume 4 chapter 21. Madoka’s cute little sister Shizuka is helping with the party and Miyuu is getting really jealous! Shizuka seems to be perfect in every way and when Miyuu hears the two brothers talking about Shizuka as the better catch, the party is over for her. But is Shizuka even interested in Minami, Miyuu might be just worrying too much…

Kare Made Love KM volume 4 chapter 22. Now Shizuka is showing up pretty much everywhere Minami usually goes, is she some kind of stalker?! Miyuu doesn’t like her at all! And then Shizuka starts attending the same cram school too and mocks Miyuu for being in the lowest class. Will Miyuu listen to her advice and give up on Minami?

Kirara Princess volume 1 chapter 1. Reno Kilala really wants to be a princess, find her prince charming and fall in love. But she isn’t acting like a princess really! Climbing trees, breaking school rules, she keeps getting into trouble. One day she runs into two handsome guys who are trying to find a princess, could they be her princes?!

Saboten no Himitsu volume 3 chapter 13. Miku is overwhelmed when her dream finally comes true and she’s Fujioka’s girlfriend! But what if Kudoh suddenly told her now that Fujioka isn’t really picky when it comes to girls and takes just anyone? It was only her that he rejected at first! Will Miku listen to Kudoh or will she just trust Fujioka…

Crystal Planet’s Haruka&Michiru volume 1 chapter 9. Haruka returns to the island where she was born and finds the place worse than she actually had expected. She’s surprised though when she hears the sound of a violin, just who could be playing it? She meets Michiru who offers her to stay at her house, but will Haruka accept her offer? (Warning: Yuri)

Crystal Planet’s Haruka&Michiru volume 2 chapter 10. It’s been two months since the final battle and Haruta’s unexpectedly picking up Michiru after swimming. Their days are peaceful now, though they’re still worn out from the battles. Still, they’re enjoying the time they have now to the fullest as they never know how long it’ll last… (Warning: Yuri)

Saint Dragon Girl Miracle volume 2 chapter 5. Has Ryuuji figured out that An and the mysterious Dragon Girl are the same person?! The school newspaper has started targetting An now, they want to know more about her powers since she’s the daughter of the famous martial artist Dragon Momoka. But Ren warns them and now they’re plotting against him? What can they do to make him lose his position as the Student Council President?

Star Blacks volume 1 chapter 1. Aragaki Kisaki is 17 and her family owns a katana shop. Her mother left the family, so she’s alone with her brother and her father. Every day she visits the church next door and she’s told to believe in God who protects every believer, but what will happen when God disappears and a demon appears? Can Kisaki protect the world with an ancient katana?


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