Love Witch

Status: No Volumes
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Shoujo
Author: Takeuchi Naoko
Summary: A girl named Love becomes a witch in order to save her brother, Yuu, whom she cares for a lot. She performs the rite to become a witch, but in order to become a witch, Love must sacrifice to the Goddess her most precious thing… Yuu!

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Status: Complete

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Completed on April 6, 2004.


4 thoughts on “Love Witch

  1. i read it but it looks like the ending in chapter 3 is a little big awkward..when love goes to the festa..but then that’s it??

  2. From what I heard, it was dropped by Takeuchi because the company (Kodansha?) which published the series, lost some of her manuscripts and drawings. She was so upset by that that she cancelled the publication overall. It’s a pity, I really like her drawing style … :-/

  3. Wow, I’ve seen this name, ‘Starry Heaven’, at (well, since ya’ll almost scan all of Naoko’s manga at that particular website)

    But how on earth did you guys get this manga?? It’s sooooo………… rare. It’s soooooo hard to find.

    In short terms, I think you all are awesome,. Thnx 4 uploading ^^

  4. I am so sad this manga got cancelled. I would’ve loved to have seen it continued. Ah well. That’s what I have fanfiction for…

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