2005 Releases

13-nichi wa Kinyoubi? volume 1 chapter 5. Something’s wrong in the Science Club room! Is there a ghost trapped inside it? Just who could the cute little boy be? His name is Susumu and he spent most of his life in a hospital and couldn’t make friends. Will Ema and the others help him make some good memories?

13-nichi wa Kinyoubi? volume 1 chapter 6. Someone trashed the school, but what could be the motives behind that? Does the old relic, a sword, in the principal’s office has something to do with it? When more and more students start seeing ghosts it’s finally time for Ema and her club to do something!

Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon volume 1 chapter 1. Tsukino Usagi is 14 years old. She is lazy, clumsy, unreliable and thinks about food way too much! And she also didn’t expect that a black cat she tripped over by accident would completely change her life by telling her that she is the soldier of love and justice, Sailormoon, and that her task is to gather her allies and defeat the enemies!

Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon volume 1 chapter 2. Luna is always by Usagi’s side now, with the goal to properly train her as a sailor soldier. But to defeat the powerful enemy they need to find her allies first, and the first one is Sailor Mercury, also known as Mizuno Ami. Can Luna and Usagi convince her to fight with them?

Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon volume 1 chapter 3. So the enemy is trying to find the Silver Crystal with the goal to control the whole universe with its power. It’s again up to Usagi to find the other allies who will help her defeat the evil. Maybe Rei Hino with a mysterious 6th sense power is the next ally to be discovered. Which of the sailor soldiers is she?

Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon volume 1 chapter 4. Usagi, Ami and Rei are fighting the evil and trying to find the Princess. Could it be the mysterious Princess D and her treasured secret gem? The girls attend the ball to find out the truth, not aware that the enemy is after the Princess too. Can they protect her?

Charisma Doll volume 1 chapter 3. Sala performed so well that everyone’s convinced she’s actually a guy! She’s really charismatic too and seems to be a completely different person when on stage. However, Sara is starting to get tired of her disguised self, and slowly falling for Hayase, not expecting that there could be more than friendship between them though…

Charisma Doll volume 1 chapter 4. Hayase just saw Sala in the changing room without a jacket, does he know now that Sala’s a girl or can she somehow fool him?! Sara’s disappointed that he probably only likes Sala because of her charisma, but with her true self she probably couldn’t impress him?

Charisma Doll volume 2 chapter 5. Sara thinks Hayase only sees her as a fan and not as a potential girlfriend, just what can she do to become special to him? Now she’s actually enjoying being Sala as she can escape her problems after transforming into the charismastic singer. But now she has to kiss Hayase for the promotion video?!

Charisma Doll volume 2 chapter 6. Sala and Hayase kissed! Sara also got to see him in a concert and it seems like he’s pretty jealous of other guys, does he really like Sara too? Either way, she’s getting tired of hearing about Sala and has decided to tell Hayase the truth about her identity…

Code Name wa Sailor V volume 1 chapter 4. Minako’s still playing around instead of being more disciplined! She’s been catching normal criminals lately too, so she might even get in trouble with the police. And a new popular idol has shown up, Puchi Pandora, is she a new enemy? Will SailorV have to fight her?

Full Moon o Sagashite volume 7: Sunday Rose. How does the future of Wakaouji and Mitsuki’s manager Masami look like, their love really seems to be deep and promising? But do they love each other enough to get married… and who will make the first step?

Kare Made Love KM volume 2 chapter 11. Minami really seems to be perfect. He isn’t just the best at studying, he is also great at sports. Miyuu is determined to do her best, though she isn’t that good at sports, but she is in the same group as Minami during the athletic festival. But what will she do when she notices her friend Yuka falling in love with Minami too?

Kare Made Love KM volume 3 chapter 12. Can Miyuu keep helping Yuka when it comes to Minami? After all she is in love with him too and wants him for herself, but she really doesn’t want to hurt her new friend. Also Minami seems rather unapproachable at the moment, working hard for the athletic festival and being surrounded by even more fans than before…

Kare Made Love KM volume 3 chapter 13. Minami is really busy with the athletic festival and Miyuu is angry at herself for distracting him with her problems. But what will she do when Yuka tells her about her plan to become Minami’s girlfriend, just how could she ever approve of that since she still hasn’t been able to confess to him herself?

Kare Made Love KM volume 3 chapter 14. The athletic festival has started and everyone is really excited! Although she practiced so much, Miyuu hasn’t really improved and being totally nervous in front of Minami she makes mistakes. He does his best and wins for their group though, was it to impress Miyuu? Will she finally confess?

Kare Made Love KM volume 3 chapter 15. Yuka shows up just when Miyuu was about to confess to Minami! Yuka is hurt and feels betrayed, can Miyuu somehow save this friendship and still get the guy she loves? When other girls hear about what happened between Minami and Miyuu they start bullying her… the only one she can really talk to is Jun?

Kare Made Love KM volume 3 chapter 16. Jun tells Miyuu to talk to Minami about the whole situation, but will she do it? Minami is meanwhile really worrying about her so he asks Yuka for advice, will she help him and explain what is going on? Miyuu is still being harassed by the girls and it seems to only be getting worse, will anyone help her this time?

Kare Made Love KM volume 3 chapter 17. Can Miyuu become stronger for Minami’s sake and finally stand up for herself? Has Yuka forgiven her for not being honest about her feelings? Are the two girls still friends or are they rivals now? They also have other things to worry about at the moment, like the midterms…

Kare Made Love KM volume 3 chapter 18. Miyuu got a birthday present from Minami and after the exams are over he even wants to celebrate it with her! Just when she is so happy, the midterm results make her bubble burst and she feels stupid again, while Minami is the top student as expected. Miyuu is afraid he might fall for someone smarter?

Kare Made Love KM volume 4 chapter 19. Miyuu and Yuka followed Minami to K High and met the gorgeous Ikezawa Madoka there. Could she be a rival? She is even at Minami’s place frequently and now she is going to be his tutor too?! No way Miyuu can leave those two alone, can she? But how good is she going to feel in between those two intellectuals…

M.T. Pass volume 1 chapter 3. Saya decided to be Aki’s girlfriend, but only to help him keep his job. If he predicted any wrong fortunes he’d be fired and she doesn’t want to be responsible for that. And just then she gets into trouble with Kaede who’s Ai’s number one fan and extremely jealous of other girls around him…

Maria volume 1 chapter 5. Maria was suddenly called to the hospital, is everything all right with her mother? Luckily Kazuma is by her side again! Maria is torn between daddy longlegs and the promise she gave Kazuma when they were kids. Can meeting daddy longlegs for the first time make her see things clearer?

Maria volume 1 chapter 6. Daddy longlegs doesn’t show up and Maria’s still waiting for him, but if she misses her dorm’s curfew she could be expelled! Kazuma runs out to look for her and gets hit by a car, but it seems like he’ll be fine. When Maria suddenly leaves the school, will Kazuma try to stop her? Is a happy end for those two even possible?

Max Lovely! volume 1 chapter 1. Tokieda Airi and Sahara Taki are the coolest and the most popular students at the private Houyuu Academy and they attract a lot of attention. They’ve been the best friends for a long time and now Airi’s sister Nako is transferring to their school too. There’s only one person who’s making everyone unhappy, the unfriendly sports teacher Gojou.

Nagatachou Strawberry volume 1 chapter 2. A teacher has given away Hime’s identity! But she’s actually in bigger troubles because the other girls saw her with the handsome Natsuno and got really jealous. There’s no reason for them to be jealous though, Hime’s pissed at Natsuno for stealing her first kiss. The school newspaper is also bothering her, but she might have found a friend in the Student Council President Takigawa?

Nagatachou Strawberry volume 1 chapter 3. Hime’s still wondering what games Natsuno is playing, does he really need money so badly that he charges the girls for dates? Even Takigawa warns Hime to stay away from Natsuno, what could those reasons be? And then Natsuno warns her to stay away from Takigawa, just what’s going on between those 2?! Either way, Hime’s finally happy that she transferred to this school…

Origami volume 1 chapter 3. Another scary guy shows up and he wants the stone too?! Keita warns Yuna not to make any wishes as the stone could change her life, but during a battle she’s afraid she might die and makes a wish anyway. A white spirit shows up and grants her wish, but the consequences will be hard for Yuna to take…

Puramai Junkie volume 1 chapter 4. Juuya and Ren haven’t kissed yet, they’ve been going out for a week though! Ren is really happy, but what does Kazushi mean by saying that they’ll start separating now, is he plotting something to make them break up? Juuya suddenly changes his mind about their plans, it was all just a game for him?

S to M no Sekai volume 2 chapter 3. Sekai was lured into a trap, thinking she finally found Midou, but it was the Devil Makavario hiding behind Midou’s appearance the whole time. Can Sovielle find and rescue her before Makavario unites with her and takes her power? A mysterious stranger shows up and fights with Makavario, but can he really defeat him? Who is he anyway?!

Saboten no Himitsu volume 2 chapter 6. The class idol and head of the Student Council Natsukawa Itsuki just asked for Miku’s email?! Is he interested in her? What about Fujioka though, will he get jealous? When Natsukawa suddenly confesses to Miku in front of everyone, she’s completely confused. It looks like Fujioka has just gotten a rival…

Saboten no Himitsu volume 2 chapter 7. Did Natsukawa only want to protect Miku because of a misunderstanding? She’s still trying her best to win Fujioka’s heart, so she rejects Natsukawa, but it doesn’t seem like he’d give up this easily. He’s also more attentive than Fujioka, can he win her over with gifts and things she doesn’t get from Fujioka?

Saboten no Himitsu volume 2 chapter 8. Fujioka got suspended from school?! What did he do? He stole answers for the next midterm exams? What if he gets expelled now. Miku is really mad that he went as far as to steal answers, though it doesn’t even seem like something he’d usually do. Will Natsukawa take the chance now and get closer to Miku?

Saboten no Himitsu volume 2 chapter 9. So it was all Natsukawa’s set up in order to get rid of Fujioka? Miku still loves Fujioka and agrees to be Natsukawa’s girlfriend if he saves Fujioka. The midterms are over and the whole class wants to celebrate that with a round of karaoke, but Miku and Fujioka get lost and end up bumping into his old friends…

Saboten no Himitsu volume 2 chapter 10. Fujioka might change? What does he mean by that, could he fall in love with Miku? She gets jealous when Fujioka is spending time with a pretty girl and bumps into a handsome guy. Will she be happy to meet him again the next day and he returns her lost cell phone? In exchange for the cell he wants her to spend the day with him and he’d tell her Fujioka’s secret?!

Saboten no Himitsu volume 3 chapter 11. Just what could Fujioka’s secret be, is it something bad, will Kudoh, the handsome guy, tell her? Miku is shocked by what he tells her, he might be just lying as well though. And she’s been seen with Kudoh and everyone thinks she’s dating him?! Is that the reason why Fujioka is suddenly acting so cold towards her…?

Saboten no Himitsu volume 3 chapter 12. Are Miku and Fujioka really going steady now? Why is he avoiding her then though. On top of that Kudoh shows up at school again and it turns out he’s Fujioka’s brother! They don’t seem to be getting along all too well though, are they rivals and fighting over their girlfriends? Is Fujioka afraid of losing Miku to Kudoh and that’s why he confesses?!

Saint Dragon Girl Miracle volume 1 chapter 2. So, An isn’t that strong and skilled as everyone thinks. But she came to this school to become stronger, can she achieve that? And Lime’s actually a Dragon which has been by An’s side since her birth. Can Lime help her with her problems? At least An has found a really good friend in Rio too, but why is she suddenly acting so strange…

Saint Dragon Girl Miracle volume 1 chapter 3. Who’s behind the recent attacks, Yuuko Saionji of the Byakko Academy? Why are they trying to collect all 4 pendants, what happens when those are united? Can Ren, Ryuuji and An successfully investigate at the Byakko Academy without being noticed? They get into serious trouble, but in the end they manage to get the Byakko pendant!

Saint Dragon Girl Miracle volume 1 chapter 4. An’s starting to like both Senpais, especially Ryuuji, but who’s this new rival, the beautiful Ayame. Ryuuji also seems to like An more than she thinks, but right now everyone’s concentrating on the upcoming Cosplay Contest, An’s participating too! But why is she suddenly missing, has the jealous Ayame anything to do with that?

Sei Dragon Girl volume 1 chapter 1. Sendou Momoka is 15 years old and the daughter of a martial artist. She’s also called Dragon Girl because of her incredible power. Ryuuga, a summoner, is her smart and good-looking childhood friend, but other than that she thinks he’s rather annoying. Can the two work together when it comes to protecting their friends?

Tenkai Rikujou! volume 1 chapter 1. Rinne is 13 years old and she was born in Heaven. She gets to wear a hagaromo, a cloth that makes her very light and lets her float around. For a while she has been secretly watching a guy on Earth and she’s hoping to meet him one day. And that might happen sooner than later when a fire breaks out and she falls down to the Earth…

Tenkai Rikujou! volume 1 chapter 2. Rinne is determined to learn how to run really fast, so she can save everyone in Heaven. Will Torao help her with that since she isn’t really able to run on her own? She’s really trying hard, but it seems impossible, will she have to give up?

The Cherry Project volume 3 chapter 15. Will Tsuzuki really leave everything behind now? Which promise will he keep in the end, the one he gave to his father or the one he gave to Chieri, or will he find a way to make everyone happy? It’s Chieri’s chance to finally show her true skating abilities, can she defeat Canty this time?

The Cherry Project volume 3 extra: Dream Park de Mattete. Fuyuna loves ballet, but is about to quit it. Tsuzuki wants her to try figure skating, but are they a good enough match to skate together? What will Fuyuna’s decision be when she has to pick between ballet and skating? Tsuzuki might have to find someone else to fulfill his dream after all.


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