Adarshan no Hanayome

Status: 2 Volumes (Complete)
Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo
Authors: Amekawa Kei, Kazato Nori, Momoki Sae
Summary: The small country of Adarshan was conquered by the Castoria Empire. To tie the alliance between the two countries, the victorious shogun, Alexid Deke Adars, was forced into a political marriage with Castoria’s sixth imperial princess, Justinia. But she’s only 10 years old…!

Joint with Aerandria Scans

Volume 1:
Chapter 01 Download
Chapter 02 Download
Chapter 03 Download
Chapter 04 Download
Status: Complete

Volume 2:
Chapter 05 Download
Chapter 06 Download
Chapter 07 Download
Chapter 08 Download
Extra Download
Status: Complete

Completed on July 29, 2009.


27 thoughts on “Adarshan no Hanayome

  1. I really love the story but I can’t believe Alexid is only 14 years old… Hes even talking about sleeping with girls >> At the age of 14? He seemed so experienced.

  2. He’s not 14. He’s over the age of 20 lol. But if he was, you have to remember people in the past didn’t live that long so people got married and had kids much younger. Look at Romeo and Juliet, they were screwing and were only like 15.

  3. On a historical note:
    Actually back in the day the nobility married with huge age differences. One of the differences was a 40 and an 8 year old so ten years isn’t that much. If they were older a 40 year old to a thirty year old isn’t that strange. Mind they weren’t supposed sleep together till the girl had had her first menstrual cycle. Women died so much from childbirth that it was common. A man often had three wives because they were widowed so often and you wanted a wife who could have children. The younger the better. Besides usually the polotics was more important than the age. Marriage was simply a business and political alliance for your country. If you wanted to love somone you could have a mistress.
    Though if you’re the girl you don’t get to sleep with anyone else even if your husband does because you can’t have the child of someone else.

  4. The drawings are really nice, and the story is quite cute so far… I’d rather if the age difference was not as big. But that would just make it an ordinary story which is not as interesting.

  5. Love it!
    I stopped downloading it long time ago cos I thought it would take long volumes. But, it’s only 2. love it.
    thank you for sharing!

  6. hi, i just wanna say, i love this series and i also want to to know if it’s finished or there is more to come???

  7. wahaha I LOVE this series! o yeah by the way, is it, eustinia or justinia XD. Oh well, I still think that Alec is still too much old for her but she’s so impressive she’s like a real teen XD

  8. cute short manga to read but i agree is was short, it could go on so much more!! it reminds me of hana to akuma but shorter and not as much love interest going on. if you like this you will def. love hana to akuma

  9. in addition to vert feys comment.. they were normally huge age differences (most likely the woman would be younger) so that they would have more of a chance at producing the most children as possible. they want offspring so that they can take over the family name .. and they wanna try as much as possible for men obviously so they can carry the family name.. girls were nice i guess.. but uh cant remember at the top of my head but Henry the VIII ? i think had like a billion wives to the point where they killed him lol… but anyhoo :) liked this manga too short but ya :PP

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