2013 Releases

Chitose etc. volume 3 chapter 14. Chitose’s feeling better and can go to school, but she keeps wondering why Yuki doesn’t want her to date Shun. She’s sure though that Yuki doesn’t like her, so her relationship with Shun continues. He even walks her to school in the morning, and later the whole club is off to buy decoration. But who’s this mysterious girl following them and why does she suddenly attack Chitose?!

Chitose etc. volume 3 chapter 15. Yuki protects Chitose! Luckily he isn’t hurt bad and it turns out that the mysterious girl is Narumi, Shun’s ex, and she still has feelings for him. She attacked Chitose out of jealousy, but she realizes that Shun doesn’t feel the same for her as she does for him. But why is Saaya suddenly freaking out, is she secretly in love with Shun?!

Hakoniwa Angel volume 2 chapter 6. Uri wakes up to hear that Asuka might actually like her?! He even walks her home and they stop at the arcade too. Uri realizes that Asuka’s trying to cheer her up and it seems like he’s only standing between her and Momo because he wants to protect her. What would be a better way to thank him but making him his favourite snack!

Johyou to Chuujitsu na Geboku story 3: His Feverish Glance. Nene is dreaming of having a tender husband and loving children. She’s even engaged to Akira, a businessman. Just when she’s so close to fulfilling her dreams, she meets Yukito. He seems to be dangerous, but Nene soon realizes that there’s much more about him than this. Which of the two men does she really love in the end? (Warning: Adult, Smut)

Johyou to Chuujitsu na Geboku story 4: The House Touched by a Spirit. Airi is a really materialistic girl, all that counts for her are expensive presents, she doesn’t really care about love that much. But suddenly she ends up being alone and just when it seems hopeless she meets Takeshi, but can she really trust a guy she has just met?! He takes her to his house, will Airi try to escape or will she help him? (Warning: Adult, Smut)

Mitsuiro Devil volume 1 chapter 3. Rin and Char’s story continues! Rin’s completely confused after waking up next to Char, and naked. On top of that a strange guy shows up, claiming he’s Alfred, Char’s butler. At school everyone thinks negatively of her, due to the rumors, and Rin has a hard time finding a friend. But luckily she finds one in the new exchange student Sakura. (Warning: Smut)

Saint Dragon Girl Miracle volume 5 chapter 20. An is very depressed because of Mio. She feels like she’s not needed anymore and when Mio proposes a match to see which of them is stronger, An’s feeling even worse. If she loses, Mio will be the new protector of the Suzaku pendant. While preparing for the big match An and Lime see Mio meet up with…

Saint Dragon Girl Miracle volume 5 chapter 21. An’s extremely insecure before the fight with Mio, she would lose the pendant if she failed! And it seems like Mio is a Genbu spy, but why is An determined not to tell the others? During the fight it seems like Mio could easily win, but just then An remembers that everyone believes in her and she focuses on her strength…

Saint Dragon Girl Miracle volume 5 chapter 22. Kiriyue Shinya, the President of the Genbu Academy, showed up during the battle between An and Mio. Just when everyone starts to wonder what he’s doing there, Mio disappears and the pendants reveal them their powerful secret. What will happen now that the four pendants are united again, will there be another big battle? And what’s up with Mio, who is she really?!

Stardust Wink volume 7 chapter 30. The tests are finally over! Anna is really surprised when Mochizuki tells her that Hinata’s in the Photography Club at his school. And that’s not everything, the supervisor is Mari. Is that the reason why Hinata hasn’t been talking about himself lately. Does he still like Mari and is afraid to talk about it with Anna?

Stardust Wink volume 7 chapter 31. Sou has just delivered the ordered food and he seems surprised to find Anna at Kazami’s place, just what is she doing there? Will Kazami finish his draft in time and can Anna take a good picture for the competition? Hopefully the girls are good enough to pass the first round and meet Hinata in the finals, Anna’s determined to make it that far!

Stardust Wink volume 7 chapter 32. Anna can’t stand it anymore! She wants to be able to talk to Sou again and finally approaches him with this wish. The reason why Sou and Anna can’t be close friends is Hinata?! Anna’s on a new mission, she doesn’t just have to reach the final round of Photography Koshien but she also needs to convince Hinata to believe Sou…

Stardust Wink volume 7 chapter 33. The results for the first Photography Koshien round are out! Anna, Aya and Nanoka have made it to the final round and they’re going to Hokkaido soon. The whole school is excited and the classmates even write supporting messages on the girls’ T-shirts. Anna won’t admit it, but she’s hoping for Sou’s support, and what’s with Hinata, will he be in Hokkaido too?

Stardust Wink volume 8 chapter 34. Anna’s finally in Hokkaido and so close to Hinata, but they still can’t talk or be alone since Mari’s always around him! Any chance these two can sneak away and tell each other how they feel? Anna’s really excited about hearing Hinata’s reply to her confession, but when she mentions that she talked to Sou, Hinata suddenly gets angry and doesn’t want to talk to her anymore…

Stardust Wink volume 8 chapter 35. Anna and Hinata couldn’t be happier! They both feel the same and it seems like they can finally be together now, but suddenly the mood changes when they’re trying to figure out Sou’s message on Anna’s T-shirt. Is Sou supporting them or is he still after Anna? Hinata’s afraid now of having lost his best friend, but Anna’s determined not to let their friendship end like this…

Stardust Wink volume 8 chapter 36. Just when Anna and Hinata are finally alone, Mari shows up yet again all of a sudden and kills the mood. Will Hinata finally push her away and be on Anna’s side? When Mari’s behaving even weirder than usually, Anna starts worrying, especially when Mona and Syuri, the girls from Hinata’s school, tell her about Mari’s private problems and she suddenly disappears…

The Princess and the Three Beasts volume 2 chapter 4. Kuchinawa suddenly gets injured during a theft and the Beasts are forced to take a break. They take Violet to a village where only an old man and little kids live. Violet realizes that there’s a reason why the Beasts became thieves and when the village is in danger she’s determined to protect it!

The Princess and the Three Beasts volume 2 chapter 5. Violet and the Beasts have arrived in the country of Sheep Well, not knowing that they’ve been followed by a really dangerous criminal, Jack Hound, the “Wolf”, who is after the “King of Treasures”. Realizing who Violet really is, Jack is now after her… but so is Duke Orlando who kidnaps her. Can Karas save her in time? (Warning: a bit of Gore)


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