2004 Releases

13-nichi wa Kinyoubi? volume 1 chapter 3. The Occult Club is on vacation by the sea! Well, it’s not that much of a vacation since they’re helping out Ema’s relatives. On the beach they meet Kozue, a really strange girl. What is she looking for, did she lose anything? Can Ema and the others help her?

13-nichi wa Kinyoubi? volume 1 chapter 4. Strange things are happening in the library, it looks like Ema’s club has a new mystery to solve! They find an old journal full with curses, just who could have written it? Suddenly Ema’s so unlucky that she thinks she’s cursed, can she be saved or is it too late already…

Charisma Doll volume 1 chapter 1. Sara is the famous singer Sala, it’s just that no one knows that! She goes to school like everyone else her age and even has a boyfriend now, the popular Mukai. Her rival, Hayase, is going to the same school too, he’s even her classmate, but who would’ve thought that he’d be the one to cheer Sara up when Mukai dumps her…

Charisma Doll volume 1 chapter 2. Sara has to work hard to hide her identity, even when singing she has to make sure not to sound like Sala. But when she’s to perform at the same place as Hayase she has to make sure he doesn’t recognize her. Hopefully she won’t be too nervous for that…

Code Name wa Sailor V volume 1 chapter 3. Minako is fascinated by the new idol Pandora while Artemis wants her to focus on protecting the world’s peace. After watching Pandora on TV everyone starts acting strange, have they been brainwashed by evil powers? Can Minako save everyone?!

Final Fantasy VIII Doujinshi: Beauty & Stupid. This short Doujinshi features two characters, Squall Leonhart and Irvine Kinneas. Irvine is teasing Squall with his father and their relationship. Included are also coloured pages of other Final Fantasy VIII characters as well as some free talk sections of the mangaka.

Full Moon o Sagashite volume 5 chapter 23. Mitsuki’s blaming herself for the death of her parents and Eichi and she wants to protect everyone. Takuto manages to cheer her up and she’s able to be Full Moon again, and it even seems like the culprit has been caught… he seems to be pretty normal though?

Full Moon o Sagashite volume 5: Yaminabe-love. A quick insight into Izumi and Jonathan’s relationhip. What’s wrong with Jonathan, why is he running away from Izumi? Was Jonathan only a replacement for Meroko and is this his reason for leaving? Izumi does need him after all, but will he return to him?

Full Moon o Sagashite volume 6 chapter 24. Mitsuki’s third song has made it to the top of the charts! And now she has to prepare for a concert. But what will she do when she finds out that Hikari is Takuto’s previous girlfriend?! Are Mitsuki and Takuro really going on a date?

Full Moon o Sagashite volume 6 chapter 25. Takuto in his human form meets Hikari, did she recognize him, has he forgotten about his date with Mitsuki? She’s waiting for him meanwhile, but then she sees them kissing and runs away… Can Takuto find her and explain the whole situation?

Full Moon o Sagashite volume 6 chapter 26. Mitsuki passes out and wakes up in the hospital! Her grandmother is there too, but she isn’t as strict this time and is leaving it to Mitsuki to make a decision about her life. She needs to decide now whether she wants a surgery or not. What will Mitsuki’s decision be…

Full Moon o Sagashite volume 6 chapter 27. Takuto and Meroko are on a dangerous mission! They’re determined to take Mitsuki’s name off the death list, but is that even possible? But what’s Izumi planning meanwhile, where is he taking Mitsuki? And who is Sheldan, is he here to take Mitsuki’s soul?

Full Moon o Sagashite volume 6: Natural Madonna. Wakamatsu Madoka is 18 years old, she had gone through plastic surgery, lives with her beloved pet, and in the past she wasn’t a successful singer, but now she’s had some successful songs. Does she like Nachi?

Full Moon o Sagashite volume 7 chapter 28. Mitsuki’s missing! Has her time come? Can she change Izumi back to his old self? Takuto and Meroko have made it in time too, they’re still protecting Mitsuki, but it may already be too late if her fast had been decided…

Full Moon o Sagashite volume 7 chapter 29. Are Mitsuki and Takuto injured? Now it seems that Mitsuki’s name is gone from the list, does that mean that she doesn’t have to die yet after all? Who changed her fate and why is Mitsuki able to still see them though she’s not close to death anymore?

Full Moon o Sagashite volume 7 chapter 30. Mitsuki is healthy again, also thanks to all the transformations to Full Moon. What kind of life does she live now, is she still a successful singer? And what happened to the others meanile, are they all happy as well?

Gapz Garden volume 1 chapter 6. Julie has a fever and is stuck in bed. Ryan hears her talking in her sleep, asking for her mother to help her. Her words reminded him of his mother. Seven years later, Julie, now 15 years old, is still treated the same. Ryan, who is now 18, and Joey, 12 years old, wonder why she is still with them.

Gapz Garden volume 1 chapter 7. When Julie is changing, Ryan accidentally walks into the locker room and sees her. Turns out that Julie was in the men’s lockeroom. However, Ryan was surprised to know that she has already gone through puberty. Lily, now 16, asks Ryan if he would like to go to the movies with her, but he declines. After knowing that Julie didn’t attend her morning classes, Ryan and Joey deliver food to her.

Gapz Garden volume 1 chapter 8. It’s Ryan’s birthday and a lot of people, including Lily, attend the party. Ryan promises to dance with all of the girls and almost accidentally kisses Julie during their dance. Lily slaps her and Ryan’s mother catches the scene. Julie walks outside and calls out to her parents, but Joey followed her, hoping she was going to commit suicide. That night, Julie falls asleep under a tree, and Ryan kisses her.

Gapz Garden volume 1 chapter 9. Ryan’s feeling proud of having had his revenge when stealing Julie’s first kiss, but it looks like he hasn’t had enough yet. Since he probably can’t expect a present from her he decides she should just pay him in some other way. When Julie wakes up she realizes that someone cut her hair, will she do anything about that? Being close to him, she notices how much Ryan already resembles Lance…

Gapz Garden volume 1 chapter 10. Ryan is bullying Julie yet again and knowing that she wants to see her parents, he decides that this should be the opportunity for his revenge. But his plan doesn’t really work out and Julie heads to school even before him and Joey. Will Julie’s parents be able to recognize her after 7 years and how will their meeting be?

Gapz Garden volume 1 chapter 11. What kind of favor will Ryan ask of Julie? She really wants to see her parents, so she needs to agree to his terms. Other girls, including Lily, are jealous of her meanwhile because she seems so close to the brothers. In the end Ryan’s plan to embarrass Julie and her parents fails completely and she’s really happy to see them again, but are they happy too…?

Gapz Garden volume 1 chapter 12. Julie and her parents have just been accused of stealing money and Ryan is definitely going to use that as a reason to kick Julie out of his family. But why do Joey and Ryan suddenly support Julie? Following them, the other students believe her now too, now if only her parents weren’t acting a little weird and keeping their distance.

Gapz Garden volume 1 chapter 13. What is Ryan going to do with Julie’s cut off hair?! He puts it on a huge teddy bear, will the others recognize it? When Ryan has a nightmare revolving around his mother and her death, he’s determined never to forgive the person responsible for that, and he won’t forgive Julie either. Joey gets sick and he hopes that his seat at school won’t be given to Julie.

Gapz Garden volume 1 chapter 14. Ryan almost hit Julie with his car! Is his rage getting out of control? When Julie passes out he rushes her to the hospital and after getting her treatment she sneaks out and goes home. Everyone’s wondering now what happened between her and Ryan. Julie and Ryan seem to care more about each other than they think. Will this change if Lance returns?

Gapz Garden volume 2 chapter 15. Ryan’s now stalking Julie, trying to find out what kind of present she wants his dad to give to Lance when he visits him. Will he be able to snatch that present and see what it is? Ryan goes even further and exchanges it. Meanwhile Ryan’s cousing Lindy is visiting them, together with her boyfriend, and they don’t seem to be up to anything good.

Gapz Garden volume 2 chapter 16. Ryan reminds Julie that she owes him two favors, and the first one is to accompany him to the sea. Lindy and her boyfriend are still around too and the two boys want to compete. Their foolish playing around seems to be going too far though, will the girls get into danger because of them? Julie is suddenly in troubles and Ryan hurries to help her.

Gapz Garden volume 2 chapter 17. Ryan and Julie ended up on a deserted island after having fallen into the sea. They’re alone and hungry now, and it seems like they’ll have to work together to find something to eat. They end up fighting over the food, but at least they’re only on a vacation island and only have to wait to be found. But can they survive the scary nights?

Gapz Garden volume 2 chapter 18. All the food is gone, so Ryan and Julie are worried. What if they have to stay on the island much longer than they first thought? While taking a bath they talk about the past and Ryan wants to know how Julie met his stepmother and why she actually trusts her. Julie realizes that she shouldn’t have listened to others in the past, then she wouldn’t have taken the wrong path.

Gapz Garden volume 2 chapter 19. Julie fell and got injured but Ryan helped her out. The night is cold and scary though, will they be safe in the cave they found? The next day Lance suddenly shows up on the island and it turns out that Julie and Ryan have been missing for a month and everyone has been looking for them. Back at home everyone’s relieved that they’re safe now.

Gapz Garden volume 2 chapter 20. The boys’ stepmother advises Julie to tell the truth about being Lance’s secret penpal all the years, but she should tell that Lily. Lily is mad at first, but she’ll keep Julie’s secret under one condition, she wants to be with Ryan. Will Julie help her with that? What if Lance has fallen in love with his penpal?!

Kare Made Love KM volume 2 chapter 5. Miyuu really tried her best to get into the same class as Minami at the seminar, but she failed! At least Jun who is in the same class seems to be nice. But Miyuu sure is lucky to meet Minami while studying in the library and he even offers to help her studying, but will she accept the offer?

Kare Made Love KM volume 2 chapter 6. It seems that the gap between Miyuu and Minami is bigger than ever, even though she is really trying her best studying. She just isn’t feeling good enough for him and the other pretty girls aren’t making it easier for her either. Jun sees Miyuu crying, will he try to cheer her up? Why does he care so much about her, does he secretly like her?

Kare Made Love KM volume 2 chapter 7. Miyuu and Minami almost had the chance to tell each other how they really feel… if it wasn’t for a teacher to disturb them! Back in class, Miyuu is determined to try her best and when Minami gives her his textbook she gets super excited. He does care about her after all, or is he so nice towards everyone?

Kare Made Love KM volume 2 chapter 8. It’s the last year of junior high school for Miyuu and unfortunately she is not in the same class as Minami anymore. On top of that her friends are in other classes too now, but maybe she can make new friends now. Yuka seems to be really nice, but what if she likes Minami too?!

Kare Made Love KM volume 2 chapter 9. Miyuu was overwhelmed when Minami suggested to go home together every day, but already on the first day she unintentionally “dumps” him to help out her new friend Yuka. On top of that Minami sees her with Jun, will she be able to clear up this misunderstanding?

Kare Made Love KM volume 2 chapter 10. Miyuu ends up in Minami’s apartment, dressed in his clothes and with her crush half-naked in front of her?! Can a hot drink calm these two down and will they finally properly talk about their feelings or will there be any interruptions? What about another “date” after school?!

Kon Puri volume 1 chapter 1. Tenko is desperately trying to impress Yagami, but she only always gets totally nervous when he’s close by. And then she runs into the fox demon Kyu and is supposed to find its ninth tail?! In return the demon would grant her one wish though, will Tenko help the demon?

Kon Puri volume 1 chapter 2. Tenko has been transforming with Kyu’s help to get to know Yagami better, and now she admires him even more! And Kyu’s power comes in really handy when Yagami’s in trouble. But there’s also the cute Reika who seems to be by his side a lot, does clumsy Tenko even have a chance?

Kon Puri volume 1 chapter 3. Kyu’s tail is inside all the amulets people have been using? And Tenko has to collect all of those? On top of that Yagami sees how a cute “guy” transforms into Tenko, now she has to tell him the truth. Will he believe and help her?!

Love Witch volume 1 chapter 2. Ai performed the rite and became a witch? Could she save her brother though? First it seems like she was successful, but when her beloved brother Yuu wakes up and has no memories of her she’s just shocked. There’s still a scary black shadow around Yuu and what’s up with this weird message on her cell phone, is it from the Goddess?

Love Witch volume 1 chapter 3. Ai is getting more and more worried because of the black shadow by Yuu’s side. That aside, she’s disappeared from all the photos with Yuu and he still can’t remember her. She also hasn’t been able to open her magical bottle since the rite, so her sisters asked her mother’s younger sister Yuki for help.

Love Witch volume 1 special: Sister Witch. Ruri is 13 years old and lives alone with her mom. Her birthday present is a witch’s perfume bottle. Her mom tells her about special lineage and the power to grant wishes, but can Ruri really become a witch, she has big troubles even opening the bottle! And there’s another secret about her family to discover…

M.T. Pass volume 1 chapter 1. Saya’s in her school’s Fortune Telling Experiments Club together with the handsome senpai Hasekura Ai. But ever since he said that he’s doing those experiments for the person who’s the most important to him in the world, all the girls have left the club! His important person is an angel and a fortune teller at M.T.?

M.T. Pass volume 1 chapter 2. Ai’s important person is his younger brother Aki and he works as a fortune teller? He’s totally convinced that Saya is his destined lover, but how can he persuade her, she doesn’t even believe in fortune telling! Is it love at first sight for Aki only?

Maria volume 1 chapter 2. Maria’s excited about spending the time with her new friend Ema, but she’s also wondering about the good-looking Kazuma. He’s really popular but also acting so cold towards her. When visiting her mother Maria meets her doctor and starts wondering if he is daddy longlegs…

Maria volume 1 chapter 3. What kind of past do Maria’s mother and the doctor share, were they a couple, are they still in love? Maria’s confused and wants some answers! Why is the doctor so friendly towards her, he even buys her a dress and takes her out for dinner. Suddenly Maria remembers that she knows Kazuma already.

Maria volume 1 chapter 4. Kazuma is doctor’s son?! They used to live next door and once Maria promised to marry him in exchange for listening to him playing the piano. It’s Maria’s birthday and it seems like she’ll have to spend it alone this year… but then Kazuma and her friends surprise her!

Minami no Jewel volume 1 chapter 1. Hisui is a lively 13 year old girl living on an island. She loves to swim in the sea a lot, with Kairi, a dolphin, by her side. But now she has to move away and leave everything behind. Can she make friends at her new school and find a nice place to swim? On the first day she meets Minato and Nagisa, and also proves her swimming talent!

Minami no Jewel volume 1 chapter 2. Does Hisui like Minato? He reminds her of her dolphin Kairi so much that she wants to swim with him. She’s not good at swimming in a pool at all though, and if she wants to improve she needs Minato’s help, especially now that she wants to attend the championships with him and Nagisa.

Minami no Jewel volume 1 chapter 3. Will Kairi be all right? Hisui’s worried enough already and now she witness how Nagisa confesses to Minato. Does he love her too? Can Hisui still concentrate on the championships and get used to swimming in the pool instead of the sea? She might even bring up enough courage to confess to Minato, what would his response be though?

Nagatachou Strawberry volume 1 chapter 1. Hime has just started going to high school and her father is the Prime Minister. She’s really nervous as she was mocked by her classmates during junior high. Now she’s going to a school that’s further away from her home and she hopes that no one knows her. On the first day she meets a really handsome guy, and her classmates seem to be really nice too… but are they really?!

Origami volume 1 chapter 1. Yuna and Nanaki are very close because they lost their parents early, that’s why Yuna’s also treasuring the white stone she once got from her mother as a present, it’s her lucky charm and it never seems to fail to bring her luck. But why is she suddenly attacked and who’s this fiery looking Keita?!

Origami volume 1 chapter 2. Yuna just met Ryo, a God, and Keita, and they want her to hand over her lucky white stone?! She faints and wakes up at home, thinking it might all have been just a dream. Everything seems normal at school, Yuna shares some of her luck with others in exchange for sweets, but then Keita shows up again and demands the stone…

Pink de Ikou! volume 1 chapter 1. Ikumi, and all the other girls at school, are head over heels in love with the cool and handsome Takase. But how to approach him when he doesn’t show interest in girls and doesn’t even like them? Ikumi confesses anyway but is rejected. That doesn’t make her give up though, she’s determined to confess again!

Pink de Ikou! volume 1 chapter 2. What a shock, Ikumi almost had to change schools and leave her beloved Takase behind, but in the end she moved into his apartment thanks to her dad?! Being incredibly noisy and nervous, will she be an annoyance to Takase or will they get along, though he dumped her the day before. It looks like Takase hates Ikumi…

Pink de Ikou! volume 1 chapter 3. Ikumi is really trying her best to be a help to Takase and not annoy him anymore. But can she really change her lively personality so easily? She keeps messing up and she also can’t tell anyone about living together with him as it would cause him trouble. Can Ikumi behave properly when they’re eating in a restaurant or will she anger Takase even more?

Puramai Junkie volume 1 chapter 2. Ren and Juuya really got engaged?! Or was it all a dream? Juuya wants to keep their plan secret for now, but what are his reasons behind that? Things get even more complicated when the player Kazushi notices Ren and wants to go out with her. It turns out he’s Juuya’s younger brother?!

Puramai Junkie volume 1 chapter 3. After being given a wedding ring, Ren wants to spend the night at Juuya’s place, just to see how it would be like to be living together, it’s all still a secret though. But what will Ren do when Kazushi shows up too? The brothers aren’t really on good terms with each other and Kazushi isn’t ready yet to give up on Ren…

Saboten no Himitsu volume 2 chapter 5. Miku just confessed to Fujioka again after having realized that there’s nothing between him and Minase after all. Will he take her seriously this time? She ran away in the end, not knowing they’d be in the same class again and she’d have to face him! On top of that Fujioka wants to talk to her about something, will it be about her confession?!

Blue Lynx: Colors over the Rainbow. The Moon Kingdom is being invaded, the Queen and the Princess are in big danger since Endymion has no control over the Earth anymore. Queen Beryl is trying to destroy the Moon, is she controlled by an evil power? The soldiers are trying everything to protect the Princess, but it seems that the enemy is just stronger this time… (Warning: Yuri)

Crystal Planet’s Haruka&Michiru volume 1 chapter 1. While Uranus prefers to fool around Neptune is quite serious about her destiny as sailor soldier. The queen is sending one of the soldiers to the Earth on a mission to save it from self-destruction, will it be Neptune who has to go? How will Uranus react when she hears the news? (Warning: Yuri)

Crystal Planet’s Haruka&Michiru volume 1 chapter 2. Uranus is left behind and feeling lost without Neptune around her, how will she handle the situation? They were separated for more than 300 years and only a week ago they were able to meet again. The other soldiers are worried about Uranus, what would happen if she acted on her own and went after Neptune? (Warning: Yuri)

Crystal Planet’s Haruka&Michiru volume 1 chapter 3. Uranus and Neptune are now on Earth, as Tenoh Haruka and Kaioh Michiru. They can both feel the importance of their mission, but also making sure to enjoy the time they’re getting to spend together, knowing that they probably can never meet at a peaceful time without any danger. (Warning: Yuri)

Crystal Planet’s Haruka&Michiru volume 1 chapter 4. It’s still hot outside and while pondering over her bad grades Usagi walks into a street she doesn’t know. Luckily she runs into Haruka and her friends since the heat is making her faint. Haruka helps Usagi, but what if the cute girl reminds her of someone that means everything to her…? (Warning: Yuri)

Crystal Planet’s Haruka&Michiru volume 1 chapter 5. Uranus has terrifying dreams about the silence and destruction. She can even see Neptune fighting it. Afraid that Neptune couldn’t fight it alone she joins her in the fight, but she’s aware that it might be too late already to gather the talismans. What sacrifices will they have to make in order to save everyone? (Warning: Yuri)

Crystal Planet’s Haruka&Michiru volume 1 chapter 6. Uranus and Neptune are looking for the talismans and wondering how much worth a human life has. They have to check heart crystals for talismans, and a person with one would die. But no matter how much they like that person, they’d have to do that in order to find the messiah… (Warning: Yuri)

Crystal Planet’s Haruka&Michiru volume 1 chapter 7. Haruka and Michiru are always together, so no wonder all the girls, who are after Haruka, are wondering if they’re a couple. What does Michiru reply when she’s asked that question? And is their relationship as sailor soldiers any different, what’s the promise they once gave to each other? (Warning: Yuri)

Crystal Planet’s Haruka&Michiru volume 1 chapter 8. Haruka had an accident? Michiru’s really worried about her injuries, but what about her fears? Is that nightmare about the talisman coming true? Haruka is sure that her heart isn’t pure enough for a talisman. But if one of them is to die, can the other really continue their mission like nothing happened? (Warning: Yuri)

Platinum 78. A bunch of short stories about Tenoh Haruka and Kaioh Michiru, Saillor Uranus and Sailor Naptune, and their relationship. They’re really close partners, not just when it comes to fighting the enemy but also in their daily lives. In comparison to the other Sailor Soldiers they are different though since they prefer to fight on their own. (Warning: Yuri)

Saint Dragon Girl Miracle volume 1 chapter 1. Anjuu Sendou, daughter of a sorcerer and a martial artist, has just started going to the Seiryuu Academy’s middle school. She has a cute little pet bird with her, Lime. Already one the first day she gets noticed by the school’s idols who are also in the Student Council, the President Ren Kaouin and the Vice President Ryuuji Takaba. They ask her to join the Student Council!

Shining Star volume 3 chapter 32. Ruru is the new girl by Nick’s side? She’s also a singer and therefore Maggie’s rival. Maggie’s all alone now, although Nick obviously still cares about her. What will he do though when he meets Ruru’s little sister Hanna who’s looking for her, will he help her find Ruru?

Shining Star volume 3 chapter 33. Nick and Hanna finally find Ruru and she seems to be okay. When driving Hanna to her high school Nick bumps into Edison. Can the guys get along? And who would have thought that Maggie returned to high school meanwhile, is it just because of Edison? Nick is still trying to find Maggie, but what about Ruru, doesn’t he love her?

Shining Star volume 3 chapter 34. Ruru has her own problems meanwhile while Maggie’s still being teased at school and not really accepted by the other students, will she enter the singing contest to prove that she’s not such a bad singer? She seems to have found a new friend and protector in the new student Jacky, does he have a crush on her?

Shining Star volume 3 chapter 35. All students must be at the singing contest and Maggie is given a special task, she has to give flowers to the special guest. It turns out Nick is the special guest! Will Maggie be able to face him after such a long time? What will she do when he suddenly kisses her on the stage and wants her to sing…

Shining Star volume 3 chapter 36. Nick has finally found Maggie and he wants a second chance! They have an exciting day at the amusement park, but will be that enough to revive their relationship? Maggie sees Nick differently now since they don’t have a business relationship anymore, but will that be enough to make her fall in love with him?

Shining Star volume 3 chapter 37. All the excitement with Nick must have been too much for Maggie since she has troubles at school now. Meanwhile Annie’s dad is plotting against his own daughter again by trying to sell Annie’s photos to Nick, he doesn’t seem to be interested though. But what if Maggie’s in danger because of those photos too?

Sora no Mannaka ~Spring Storm~. Miyako loves Seiji, but he doesn’t know. It’s now Spring and the cherry blossoms are beginning to bloom. She’s a boring, normal girl amongst an extremely unique family full of popular and hot siblings. If Seiji thinks that her clueless older sister Hijiri is so great, how is she supposed to confess her love to him? Seiji knows Miyako loves someone, so he says that they should keep their distant for a while, when suddenly she confesses to him! His reaction is not good; he leaves Miyako in tears…if she can’t even talk to him normally, how are they supposed to work things out, especially if Seiji is meeting her older sister?

Star Ocean: Till the End of Time volume 1 chapter 1. Fayt Leingod, his parents and his childhood friend Sophia are onboard a space cruiser headed to the planet Hyda. It’s supposed to be a vacation, but Fayt is only thinking about playing games, can Sophia persuade him to spend more time with his parents? The vacation might be over too soon it seems, when battle cruisers appear…

The Cherry Project volume 3 chapter 13. Chieri is just too afraid of the rink to skate now. Will she allow Wataru to help her this time? He doesn’t want to give up on her yet and asks her again to be his skating partner. Chieri accepts his help and they match well at first, but she just can’t forget Tsuzuki after all, he’s the partner she wants to skate with…

The Cherry Project volume 3 chapter 14. It’s Chieri vs Canty again and who wins at the next tournament will become Tsuzuki’s partner?! Was this his plan all along? Chieri’s scared of skating alone and competing with someone like the Princess, so she wants to do it with impossible jumps. Is she really willing to risk her health for all this?

The Secret Garden volume 1 chapter 4. Misono won but she passed out right after that. Her mother seems to be more angry than worried though and Misono is fed up with fulfilling her expectations. Can she really quit running this easily? They’re invited to doctor Ichinomiya’s party and Misono hopes to see Sakuya again after a long time, but how will she react when Himeko introduces herself as Sakuya’s lover…

The Secret Garden volume 1 chapter 5. Sakuya is a girl?! Does Himeko really love Sakuya or has she only been playing around because she knew this secret? This doesn’t change anything about Misono’s feelings and she really wants to be by Sakuya’s side. Joining the Drama Club now she wants to help them with the National Competition, but can she perform well when Sakuya’s school is their enemy?

The Secret Garden volume 1 chapter 6. The whole Ichinomiya family is angry at Sakuya as the truth about her identity has been spread. Himeko hasn’t given up on Sakuya yet either. It seems like Sakuya has given in to Himeko’s demands, but can she erase her feelings for Misono or will she find a way for them to be happy together?

Tomodachi Kara Yoroshiku Desu! Jun has always liked the super popular and hot Kazumi-kun. However, he always has girls competing for his attention. So when the newest issue of a shoujo magazine comes out, she buys it for the furoku (freebie): a paper charm that you write your wish on and put under your pillow so that it’ll come true. Her wish? To be with Kazumi-kun. She doesn’t expect the charm to work anyhow, as she’s never had any luck with them. To Jun’s surprise and delight, in the morning she wakes up to find that she’s friends with Kazumi, but in a boy’s body!


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