Status: 6 Volumes (Complete)
Genre: Comedy, Romance, School Life, Shoujo
Author: Oda Aya
Summary: Every time the dumb, naive and pretty girl Makoto sees beauty she’ll throw up~! Unfortunately, once she enters school, the first pair she encounters is the super weird, yet beautiful guy Kiyoshi, and the incredibly beautiful guy Atsushi!! Plus she is forced to join the “Beauty Research Club”, put in chains by Kiyoshi and he just wouldn’t leave her alone. But… the one Makoto actually likes is Atsushi…!!

Note: volume 1 and volume 2 (up to chapter 9) were released by Selene Scans

Volume 1:
Chapter 01 Download Read
Chapter 02 Download Read
Chapter 03 Download Read
Chapter 04 Download Read
Chapter 05 Download Read
Extra Download Read

Status: Complete

Volume 2:
Chapter 06 Download Read
Chapter 07 Download Read
Chapter 08 Download Read
Chapter 09 Download Read

Chapter 10 Download Read
Chapter 11 Download Read
Status: Complete

Volume 3:
Chapter 12 Download Read
Chapter 13 Download Read
Chapter 14 Download Read
Chapter 15 Download Read
Oneshot Download Read
Status: Complete

Volume 4:
Chapter 16 Download Read
Chapter 17 Download Read
Status: Dropped


15 thoughts on “Beauty!!

  1. My name is Kexet90 and I’m the creator for Kexet90 Webs.
    I would like to host this manga at my website, is it okay for you?

    I really like this manga and I’m so happy that you are translating it!

    Here is my website so that you can see it is okay,

    Thank you again, and I just want to say that I LOVE THIS MANGA!

  2. Hey, I really like Beauty!! Thanks for all your hard work scanslating it. I’m not bugging you about when the next chapter’s going to be finished, but I sure would like it soon because the last chapter was in October and that’s been awhile.

  3. i so dont want 2 be a bitch about this but GD when r you guys gonna release the third book in english please by the name of god release it soon!!!!!!!! i thank you so much 4 realesein the first 2 but where the hell is the third!!!!!!!!!!!! please dont find this rude or something cause i know its hard translating and scaning but its been a long time please hurry!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hey, I have to agree with natsu_suki, I have recently fallen in love with the Beauty!! manga series and can’t wait to see the next chapter (thank you for your great translating too)

    Do you know when it will be up or if it is out for sale or something?? I just can’t wait for the next chapter, I’m so excited!

  5. Hi!
    I’m joining the fans of manga Beauty and ask you to please release the next chapter/volume.. I don’t really like living manga on a middle and move on to next one :)
    Thanks for reading the comment and take care!


  6. Thank you for scanning this series! It’s one of my favorites from this group, WHOOHOOO!! Thank you Starry Heaven team! :D

  7. OMG>>>…im inlove with this manga..totally addictive :( ..hopefulli it doesnt take too long 4 the new chpater…totally love mastu…

  8. Thank youu!! i likee this manga a lot !! I can’t wait for your nextt releasee!! Good Job andd workk hard we love your work a lott !

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