2007 Releases

Ageha 100% volume 1 extra. Rin has just entered Hanafusa Academy and has to face all its strict rules. Besides other things, make-up is forbidden, this rule seems to be bothering her the most. When she realizes that many girls aren’t really self-confident she decides to continue the legendary Ageha’s work! Using everything that the first Ageha had taught her, she’s now ready to change the girls’ lives!

Ageha 100% volume 2 chapter 4. Is there another Ageha at school causing trouble?! Kisaragi found out that she’s using a similar butterfly card too. Just who could the other Ageha be, is it someone who wants to harm the real Ageha’s reputation? Can Rin and Kisaragi still protect Ageha when she’s breaking the strict school rules by using make-up on girls?

Binetsu Shoujo volume 4 chapter 20. Rina finally found Hiro, not knowing what just happened between him and Ozawa. He’s acting really weird and then she notices Ozawa’s lipstick on his finger, is she suspecting something? All the excitement has an impact on Rina’s health and it doesn’t get better when Ozawa sends her a suspicious message…

Binetsu Shoujo volume 4 chapter 21. All seems okay again between Rina and Hiro, after she showed up at the concert with fever just to win him back. And it’s also summer vacation time and Rina’s really looking forward to the Archery Club’s camp as she could spend lots of time with Hiro now… but will everything go like Rina planned it?

Binetsu Shoujo volume 4 chapter 22. Rina is disappointed because she couldn’t talk to Hiro yet, but maybe they can spend some time together during the courage test? It seems that Hiro wants to be alone with her too, but was it such a good idea to hide in a dark storeroom? Now they’re both nervous and freaked out!

Binetsu Shoujo volume 4 chapter 23. Hiro actually wanted to study and do homework during summer too, but doing that with Rina makes it hard for both of them to concentrate. The others come up with the idea to go to the beach and Rina gets all excited! She didn’t know though about her hospital test which is on the same day…

Binetsu Shoujo volume 4 chapter 24. Rina is back at the hospital and she’s feeling really lonely, especially because Hiro is too busy with school to visit her every day like he promised. When he finally visits her she’s upset that he isn’t paying her that much attention and it ends up in a fight! Will Arima cheer Rina up?

Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon volume 1 chapter 6. Usagi is now the leader and she needs to protect the Moon Princess! But with the enemies and Tuxedo Mask being after the Silver Crystal too, the task won’t be easy for someone like Usagi. What about the mysterious Sailor V, is she an ally too?

Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon volume 2 chapter 7. Usagi transformed in front of Chiba Mamoru who is Tuxedo Kamen, has she given away her identity to an enemy? She is convinced that he can’t be the enemy since he saved her after she passed out after the battle. He is also trying to remember something, could it be that they share the same past?

Brand Peace volume 1 chapter 1. Sarashina Mii used to be really popular back in elementary school, but now when she entered junior high things have changed. She desperately wants a boyfriend now and asks her friend Yamato for advice, but can he help her when the boys and the girls in their class are in some kind of battle?!

Code Name wa Sailor V volume 1 chapter 6. The Dark Agency seems to have a new evil plan! This time it’s a very popular video game around a character named Luga. Are they intending to collect energy through this game? Can Minako resist the game, stop the enemy in time and save everyone else like usually?

Kare Made Love KM volume 4 chapter 23. Miyuu is studying really hard because she doesn’t want to be a burden for Minami. She even manages to get into a higher class at the cram school! It could be a really great day for Miyuu if Shizuka wasn’t mocking her again and making her feel worthless. When Minami suddenly isn’t the top student anymore Miyuu might really start believing Shizuka…

Kare Made Love KM volume 4 chapter 24. It’s finally summer vacation! Will Miyuu take the chance and go to the beach with Minami? What will happen during the summer classes, will Minami and Miyuu get to spend some time together or will Shizuka kill the mood again? Will the two girls get along or will it end in a cat fight…?

Kare Made Love KM volume 4 chapter 25. So, who does Minami actually like, Shizuka or Miyuu? Miyuu can’t figure him out either. Maybe buying bathing suits with Yuka will distract her from her love problems, but what if they run into Madoka and Shizuka there, will their shopping trip be ruined… or will the girls decide to battle for Minami at the beach?!

Kare Made Love KM volume 5 chapter 26. Minami wants to go to the beach with Miyuu alone?! They are planning the trip and Miyuu is wondering whether she can finally confess her love to him. But can they really keep their trip a secret? They sure didn’t expect that Minami’s brother would go to the beach on the same day…

Love Berrish! volume 1 chapter 1. Fukushima Yuuya’s high school life is just starting! She’ll be living in the Strawberry Dorm and already on the first day she meets the handsome Azusa who’s really nice and shows her around. But will she get on with the other rather weird dorm mates?

Love Berrish! volume 1 chapter 2. What’s up with the Strawberry Dorm? It seems like all the other students are treating the students from this dorm differently. When Emika gets injured no one bothers to help her, except for her dorm friends. Will Yuuya find out the truth behind it all?

M.T. Pass volume 1 chapter 4. Aki shows up at Saya’s school and he’s a new student?! It seems to be part of his plan to clear the misunderstanding that Saya is Ai’s girlfriend, but somehow everything gets even worse! When Aki tells Kaede that Ai’s got a huge brother complex, will she finally leave Saya alone?

M.T. Pass volume 1 chapter 5. Ai has someone he loves, who could that be? And since students aren’t allowed to work Aki’s decided to just quit school, he definitely doesn’t want to quit his job yet. At M.T. Saya meets the tower’s owner Shido and he tells her to quit visiting Aki every day…

M.T. Pass volume 1 chapter 6. Does Ai secretly like Saya?! Aki is really ticked off by that. At the same time Saya’s on the way to the M.T. to see Aki as a customer, even though he never wanted her to be one of his customers. Aki doesn’t want to see her after that conversation with Ai though, will he give up on her for the sake of his brother?

Max Lovely! volume 2 chapter 5. Airi’s been asked to be a model for a magazine and since she needs the money she’s not telling them that she’s only a middle schooler. Just how long will that go well… When she appears on the cover of the magazine she gets suspended from school. Just how will her step-mother react, will she be very angry?

Max Lovely! volume 2 extra: Only My Love. Hikaru keeps confessing his love to Airi, but he’s never really successful as she’s not taking him seriously. He’s liked Airi ever since entering middle school, but he soon realized that he has many rivals while Airi isn’t really interested in love and dating. Is there any way he can win her heart?

Max Lovely! volume 3 chapter 1. It’s swimming time during p.e. and the girls are enjoying it since Gojou isn’t around and their substitute teacher seems to be really nice. But why is Nako suddenly so down and not talking to Airi about it? Taki is wondering if it’s a love problem, but it turns out that since she was bullied Nako’s been afraid of swimming… can Airi help her?

Nagatachou Strawberry volume 1 chapter 4. Takigawa just asked Hime to go out with him! Natsuno doesn’t agree with Hime dating Takigawa at all. Now she gets warned about Takigawa even by a girl, just what has he done? When Hime’s father returns home after a long time, Hime takes Takigawa home to meet her father. How will her father react when he hears that his daughter has a boyfriend?

Origami volume 1 chapter 4. Yuna’s brother Nanaki suddenly doesn’t recognize her, has her wish to live really erased her out of everyone’s lives? Keita tells her that she’s a divine medium now and her body belongs to the God. Yuna is really mad at Keita and runs away, but what will she do when her God shows up?

Origami volume 1 chapter 5. Keita will try to bring Yuna back to her normal life? Can he really do that? At least Yuna isn’t all alone now and has Keita by her side, and his plan is to collect the white stones, making a wish on those could give Yuna her old life back. And maybe Keita’s friend Yashiki can help them too…

Persona 3 volume 1 chapter 0. The story starts in November 2009. It’s a fierce fight with a shadow, the enemy of humanity. The hurt leader remembers having lost his parents in the same place years ago, in a fight with shadows. Now he’s back and enters a school he didn’t know existed. Will he survive this fight and find out what’s up with the mysterious school?

Persona 3 volume 1 chapter 1. Arisato Minato is the first transfer student at Gekkoukan High and he’s being watched closely. Seven months ago he arrived at the dorm and met Mitsuru and Takeba. In the classroom he meets an energetic Junpei. What are the other students trying to find out about Minato? And why are they so afraid of the dark hour?

Persona 3 volume 1 chapter 2. Minato is asleep while the others are waiting for the dark hour. It always happens at midnight and it’s a hidden slot of time. Everyone’s watching if Minato will turn into an object like normal humans, but he doesn’t. Does that mean he has special powers? He wakes up, but there’s no time to explain what’s going on when they’re suddenly attacked by shadows.

Persona 3 volume 1 chapter 3. Can the shadows be defeated when there are several of them? The team returns to the control room and they’re shocked to see that Arisato is being attacked… but somehow he manages to summon Orpheus and defeats the shadow to everyone’s surprise.

Persona 3 volume 1 extra. The extra is from Sogabe Shuuji and it’s the story about the making of this manga. Being a big fan of the game Persona 3, its characters, music, the game system and scenario, Sogabe decided to do the manga, though it would probably take about four years, and hopefully it’d be finished before Persona 4 was out.

Persona 3 volume 2 chapter 4. The end is soon to come? Arisato is still half asleep when he hears these words, and finally wakes up in a hospital, after being asleep for a week. Is he finally going to be told what’s going on and why he has been observed? There’s another person with potential joining the team, who is it? Arisato finally learns who the others are, they’re part of the Special Extracurricular Execute Sector (SEES) and they defeat the shadows.

Persona 3 volume 2 chapter 5. The team is ready to face Tartarus, the maze that appears only at dark hour and is believed to hold the shadows’ secrets. Junpei, Takeba and Arisato are to explore it, with the help of their personas. How well will the three do when they have to face creepy shadows inside the changing maze, can they make it out alive?

Repure volume 1 chapter 1. Al is a doll hunter with a dark secret. Did her really kill his sister or was it all just a horrible dream? Now his mission is to hunt dolls, mechanical weapons from a hundred years ago, but they’re rare and hard to find. Who’s the boy who resembles Al’s sister and falls from the sky right into his arms, and why is he followed by dolls…?

Saboten no Himitsu volume 3 chapter 14. The first date didn’t work out at all, thanks to Miku catching a cold, but now she can see Fujioka any time she wants anyway. But not if she fails the exams… Miku is shocked at the results, obviously she’s been too occupied with Fujioka to study. She’s totally stressed, but maybe Fujioka can cheer her up!

Saboten no Himitsu volume 4 chapter 15. It’s time to make some university choices, will Miku prefer to stay around or will she aim for something better? The school’s got a new nurse, Kitamura, will she be a help to the students or rather a burden? Miku doesn’t want Fujioka to hang around at the nurse’s office anymore, but can she tell him that?

Saboten no Himitsu volume 4 chapter 16. Is Natsukawa trying to play around with Miku again? She’s disappointed that Fujioka isn’t thinking more about his future and being jealous of other girls doesn’t help them in this situation either. When Miku finds Fujioka in the nurse’s office again she’s mad enough already, and when he isn’t taking his future serious yet again it all ends in a big fight…

Saboten no Himitsu volume 4 chapter 17. Will Miku and Fujioka be able to make up after their big fight? Miku seems determined to focus on studying and aiming for a better university, what will Fujioka do when he realizes that she might go away? Can Miku convince Fujioka that she will always love him, no matter what?

Saint Dragon Girl Miracle volume 2 chapter 6. An has proved that she’s strong and the rumours about her being weak and only being in the Student Council because she has an affair with Ren have been silenced! But what’s this warning they found and who’s this phantom thief? An’s meanwhile become friends with the nice Sayaka, but what if she’s only pretending just to get into the Student Council?!

Shinigami Lovers volume 1 chapter 1. Miku is really girly, cute and enjoying her life and in the next moment she gets hit by a car. When being close to death Sei, a Shinigami, appears to take her soul and puts a chain on her hand. Now they’re connected and she can’t escape him, but he will grant her one wish… But what will Sei do if Miku’s time actually hasn’t come yet?

Shinigami Lovers volume 1 chapter 2. Miku is bound to Sei till her time has come, but she doesn’t seem to mind it at all. She likes Sei and she knows already what her last wish will be. How normal can her life now be though, tied to Sei and with Ryuu, his apprentice, around too. Miku discovers another side of Sei when he saves a girl who wanted to commit suicide…

Shinigami Lovers volume 1 chapter 3. Sei saved Jun, but then left and let Miku in Ryuu’s care. Why did he do that, is he afraid of being close to Miku and falling in love with her? And what will happen with Jun, can they convince her not to kill herself because she’s being bullied by her classmates. If they fail she will lose her last wish…

Shinigami Lovers volume 1 chapter 4. Miku and Sei visit Jun, but will she be happy about their unannounced visit and let them in? Miku really wants to become friends with her as she doesn’t seem to have any, and even Ryuu wants to help! Can the three cheer Jun up during the next visit? What do Jun’s classmates suddenly want from Miku, are they planning to break their friendship?

Shinigami Lovers volume 1 chapter 5. Miku forgot her cell at Jun’s place, so she’s looking for her to return it. Ryuu goes with her and they bump into Miku and Jun’s unfriendly classmates. They have written letters to Jun, but Sei suddenly grabs and tears them apart! Has he just saved Jun from being bullied again? It looks like Jun’s finally enjoying life and not thinking about suicide anymore.

Shinigami Lovers volume 1 chapter 6. A messenger from the World of Death has arrived and it’s a butterfly?! Sei has a new mission and this time he’s supposed to team up with Miku since they’re already bound together anyway. But Sei refuses to let a living person do the job of a Shinigami, so what will Miku say? Will she agree to help him collect souls?

Star Blacks volume 1 chapter 2. Demons live inside all humans and since God is gone now they want to take over the world. Only Kisaki can use the ancient katana, so it’s her fate to stop the demons. Ryuzou is worried that his sister isn’t strong enough to fight the demons, can she prove him that she doesn’t need his protection?

Star Blacks volume 1 chapter 3. Now that the demon and Kisaki have been noticed, will she tell her friends what’s going on? She wants her friends to stay away from her in this dangerous situation, but can she really take the loneliness? What if they decide to stay by her side because they know she’ll protect them…

Star Blacks volume 1 chapter 4. Kisaki can feel it when someone’s aura starts giving off weird vibes and a demon is about to appear. This time she feels it around the class leader Kana. She’s a top student, does she have problems no one knows about? Kisaki wants to figure out how to defeat the demons before they emerge… but it seems hopeless.

Star Blacks volume 1 side story: The Road to Adulthood. Kisaki has always stood out from the crowd, be it because of her appearance or her family. And she always felt like she needs to defend her brother from hearing the rumours and so she got into fights, determined that one day she’d become really strong.

Sweetheart Devil. Kaori is a reserved girl who just got rejected by the boy she likes. Dejected, she goes to the library only to discover a book that allows her to summon a wish-granting demon. He will make her life better, but if she gets three wishes granted, she’ll lose something important to her…


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