Fiance wa Monster!?

Status: 2 Volumes (Complete)
Genre: Romance, Shoujo
Author: Hanamori Pink
Summary: Hitomi Miku goes to live in a mysterious house where she meets Rauto, the young and sexy master of the house! She discovers that the house is full of monsters. Rauto gives her a special necklace and she suddenly transforms and knocks out the evil monsters who possessed a girl! What’s going on? Will she become Rauto’s maid and fiancé?

Note: chapter 1 was a joint with PocketScans

Volume 1:
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Status: Dropped


15 thoughts on “Fiance wa Monster!?

  1. I LOVE this manga it very funny :)
    I can’t wait to see the next one.
    Hope you finish making the next one soon!!!

  2. why?????………i can’t believe you stopped this!! i’ve reread the few chapters that exist for so long….I WANNA READ MORE!!!……

  3. OMG…..THIS WAS DROPPED!!!… has sooo many comments on people that wanna read the next chapter……I WANNA READ THE NEXT CHAPTER!! it was sooo good!!!

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