Binetsu Shoujo

Status: 10 Volumes (Complete)
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Shoujo
Author: Miyasaka Kaho
Summary: A sweet shoujo story about a high school girl named Rina who falls in love with Hiro, the guitarist of a band and member of the archery club. They have to deal with many obstacles along the way, especially Rina’s poor health condition.

Note: volume 1 was released by Endless Dimension&Hush; volumes 2, 3 and 4 (up to chapter 19) were released by Hush; continued by Kokoro Xin

Volume 1:
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Status: Complete

Volume 2:
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Volume 3:
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Volume 4:
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Status: Complete

Volume 5:
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Status: In Progress


13 thoughts on “Binetsu Shoujo

  1. i wish i can help you guys translate the next one
    hope you guys find a dedicated translator
    cant wait for binetsu shoujo new chapters
    thank you guys for your hard work


  3. It’so sad that you stopped realesing BS… I hope you will find someone for editing and translating soon. I just love thid manga but I can’t find english version…

  4. Please find a translator! This manga is so cute. I keep wondering what is going to happen after Hiro says to Arima “I won’t let you win”

  5. i LOVE this manga, hope to see it as ANIME one day :)

    But mostly….Thank you guys so much for your hard work and dedication to making these Manga’s available to us and hopefully you find translators soon ^_^

  6. thanks for the scanlation so far, it´s so cute^^
    i really, really hope, you guys will find someone, who will help out at this project^^

  7. This manga is awe-some!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so cool, cool cool!!!! can’t wait till the rest comes out. Keep up the good work guys!!!!!!! I really hope you find more dedicated people to help with the project.

  8. Hi!!! I love this manga ^_^….
    You are the best!!!! congratulations for ur work…
    Where go out the other chapters?…..
    I waiting for the other chapters.

  9. I love Binetsu Shojor and Hiro !!!!!! Rina is sooooooo Kawaii I wanna see how her and one Hiro develop!!! Someone please scanlate the rest soon <3

  10. I’m so sad that you have dropped this manga. :'( I hope that you continue with this manga. *puppy eyes* And find an editor. I really like the story! xD I’m reaaaaaaaally looking forward for the other chapters.. :D And by the way, thanks for scanning and translating the other chaps. :P

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