Nagatachou Strawberry

Status: 5 Volumes (Complete)
Genre: Drama, Romance, School Life, Shoujo
Author: Sakai Mayu
Summary: Ichinose Hime is the daughter of the Prime Minister of Japan, and because of this, she has been unable to lead a normal school life. Hoping to hide her title and lead a normal high school life and get a boyfriend, she moves to a high school far from her old school. However, after going through all of this trouble to cover up her identity, a boy named Kirihara Natsuno finds out her secret. Unfortunately for her, he isn’t so willing to keep the secret if she doesn’t pay up. Will Hime get to live out a normal high school life as she had wished, or will it be a repeat of history?

Note: completed by MangaArt (chapters 18-21)

Volume 1:
Chapter 01 Download
Chapter 02 Download
Chapter 03 Download
Chapter 04 Download
Status: Complete

Volume 2:
Chapter 05 Download
Chapter 06 Download
Chapter 07 Download
Chapter 08 Download
Chapter 09 Download
Special Download
Status: Complete

Volume 3:
Chapter 10 Download
Chapter 11 Download
Chapter 12 Download
Chapter 13 Download
Extra Download
Status: Complete

Volume 4:
Chapter 14 Download
Chapter 15 Download
Chapter 16 Download
Chapter 17 Download
Chapter 18 Download Read
Status: Complete

Volume 5:
Chapter 19 Download Read
Chapter 20 Download Read
Chapter 21 Download Read
Extra Download Read

Status: Complete

Completed on May 25, 2012.


19 thoughts on “Nagatachou Strawberry

  1. I love you Starry Heaven :D I just wish I could edit right now but I’m too busy. maaan I want the rest of volume 2

  2. I am so sorry for saying this but…..
    When’s the next chapter coming out? Soon ?
    I know you have your own lives and you’re working your hardest
    and this is not your only current project but in chapter 7
    it stopped at such a horrible cliff hanger !
    Many others are searching for chapter 8 and waiting….
    I’m not rushing….. I’M VERY SORRY!
    But please tell me if chapter 8 is nearly done please?
    It’s ok if you hate me for this…..

  3. I agree with u .A.N.g3lic_xx. It’s such a cliff hanger!! Can’t wait for next chapter. Good work guys hope u find an editor soon.

  4. Hey, I really love this manga!
    Thank you very much for working on it; I appreciate the work a lot!

    I just finished reading, and I want to know when the next update will come out…I understand that you guys must be busy nowadays. =)

    Is there any way I can be informed of the next release??

    Thank you!! And more power!!

  5. Thank you so much for the hard work! I love this manga (: I would love to be a translator if only I knew how to read Japanese D:

  6. Oh man! This is a great series I’ve bee patient and waiting months. I hope to see the next chapters real soon! Were on a cliff hanger. xD Thank you so much starry heaven I would love to help but I have no experiences with manga. I could If had the right program! sorry. THANK YOU SO MUCH!~ for scanning and editing this awesome manga!

  7. Everything I’ve read by Sakai Mayu is cute, and this is no exception. I really like this story; thank you so much for scanlating it!

  8. please update volume 5 :D if you guys need any help, i’d be glad to help with the cleaning since I’ve had experience in photoshops., I really love this manga and chapter 18 was such a cliffy >< thanks!! I love starry heaven ^^

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