2009 Releases

Adarshan no Hanayome volume 2 chapter 5. Alexid and Justinia are now married, a comfort for Alexid as he ponders why his mentor did what he did and people thought he was to be blamed when Samael’s death was a “suicide”. However, the newly wed couple doesn’t seem to be getting along so well as problems show up rather quickly.

Adarshan no Hanayome volume 2 chapter 6. Lots of political drama, and it seems that Alexid’s brother has turned sick! What shall be done? And who shall replace the King in the case that he doesn’t survive his terrible disease? Also, if the Queen Mother hears of her son’s illness, she’ll be sure to visit the palace, a possibility which causes much distress for Alexid…

Adarshan no Hanayome volume 2 chapter 7. The death of Samael continues to haunt Alexid to the point that he’s frozen and unsure what path to take. He spends much time facing his fears and remembering what’s truly important. In the presence of his step-mother, however, will he be able to take up responsibility for his beloved brother’s kingdom? Or will the country begin to crumble?

Adarshan no Hanayome volume 2 chapter 8. Everything’s pretty messy at the moment. Alexid is busy day and night, worrying about his brother, the kingdom and his own little problems, while Justinia is feeling lonely. And then she even fights with Fawna. Can Alexid sort the problems out and will their lives return to normal soon?

Adarshan no Hanayome Omake: A Small Wish. Justinia and Alexid have been married for a few days now, but she’s worried because he’s keeping some distance between them and doesn’t really approach her. Is he really so cold-hearted that he can’t let her into his heart?

Ageha 100% volume 3 chapter 10. Rin now knows Kisaragi’s relationship with Ran, but will she be able to accept it now that she has come to realize her feelings for him? Especially since the teacher and student still seem so close. But that doesn’t stop Rin from performing her duty as Ageha, since another two childhood friends who have hidden feelings for each other are in need of her matchmaking services.

Ageha 100% volume 3 chapter 11. Ran and Kisaragi are hugging? Are they really just childhood friends or is there more going on between them?! Rin’s really jealous, though she hates this part of herself, how can she face Kisaragi now and pretend that everything’s fine? What’s the truth behind the “player Kisaragi”, will she finally find it out?

Akatsuki no Aria volume 1 chapter 4. Aria and Shirayuki escape, however as a result rumours begin to spread about them being alone in the dark, and Aria’s half-sister’s rage increases. At least Sanae still supports Aria! But Aria realizes that perhaps the rumors may be true, as a spark inside her heart is created towards Shirayuki. She invites him out on a date, but will they be caught?

Akatsuki no Aria volume 1 chapter 5. Aria has gotten even better at playing the piano and everyone’s wondering what’s behind it, even the other girls are encouraging her. Ayako is even more upset now as she’s determined not to lose to Aria, but fails at it. Who is suddenly sending Aria flowers, could she be in danger? Sanae and Shirayuki are really worried when she disappears…

Akatsuki no Aria volume 2 chapter 6. Aria has been kidnapped!! Who will her prince in shining armor be? Shirayuki? But the concert must go on, and once she is rescued it’s right for her to be performing! However, Aria’s bad luck doesn’t seem to be over. With someone throwing ink on her head, ruining her kimono, will Aria be able to still perform? Or will the culprit have their way in preventing Aria from having an outstanding performance?

Akatsuki no Aria volume 2 chapter 7. Shirayuki is already married?! Aria’s in love with him and she’s really looking forward to their dinner, but how will she react when she finds out the truth? Meanwhile she keeps practicing on the piano a lot and suddenly her hand feels numb, will she tell anyone about it?

Akatsuki no Aria volume 2 chapter 8. Can Natsuo distract Aria and cheer her up? She tells him about her dreams to leave Japan, but will she change her mind when he promises to protect her? When he finds out about her tragic past he seems determined to keep his promise. Aria gave up on Shirayuki now, but the rumours are still pretty bad. Can Shouko quiet them down?

Akatsuki no Aria volume 2 chapter 9. Natsuo has noticed that something’s wrong with Aria’s hand, but will she tell him the truth? He takes her to the hospital and it seems that her hand injury is from the time when she was kidnapped as a child, could that incident destroy her future career now? Can Natsuo tell her the truth? Arriving at her father’s house, Aria is told that a marriage interview has been arranged for her!

Akuma to Love Song volume 2 chapter 13. Just when Yuusuke and Maria fear they’re alone, Meguro arrives and decides that joining them would be the best thing to do. Yuusuke begins to fear that he’ll be bullied now, however it seems like the opposite is true when Maria boldly reveals the true natures of Yuusuke and their male classmates, forcing him to face his own inner fears and insecurities.

Akuma to Love Song volume 3 chapter chapter 14. Yuusuke has convinced the boys to participate in the practice? Now they only need a room to practice in, but the teacher’s refusing to help them since Maria didn’t want his help. Will they find a way to practice anyway? And who is Hana, she has just returned to school from being absent for a while, and why does the teacher give her Maria’s necklace?

Akuma to Love Song volume 3 chapter 15. Will Hana change the class’ mood? She seems really friendly and her classmates like her. She doesn’t have anything against Maria, but she seems worried that Maria and Yuusuke could be more than friends. Maybe Hana can convince Maria to open up her heart, but can she deal with her frank way?

Akuma to Love Song volume 3 chapter 16. Hana is feeling deceived because Maria didn’t tell her about Yuusuke’s confession. Will she now refuse to return Maria’s necklace? The girls are mad again at her and the teacher is planning to make Hana the new leader. Maria is meanwhile thinking about herself and the others again, could it be that she wants to make friends?

Akuma to Love Song volume 3 chapter 17. What is behind Meguro holding and hugging Maria?! Is he trying to just comfort her? Yuusuke, Meguro and Tomoyo are her friends now after all, but will she really relly on them and trust them? The class has heard about the TV interview, will they try to convince Maria to stay away from the contest?

Akuma to Love Song volume 3 chapter 18. Maria and Meguro seem to be getting along really well, even when they’re fighting most of the time and Maria is really happy to have friends now, she can’t express her feelings just yet though. What are the girls planning meanwhile, are they going to continue ignoring Maria and calling her a devil?

Akuma to Love Song volume 3 chapter 19. The girls are trying to make Maria look bad in front of her friends, but their plan doesn’t seem to be that successful. Since Maria doesn’t want to be friends with Hana she just decides to split the class in two and make Maria and her supporters leave. It doesn’t seem like Maria has given up on singing as a class though…

Akuma to Love Song volume 3 chapter 20. Hana is the new choral contest leader? She is even being interviewed! What will happen to Maria and her friends now? Hana wants them to stay away from the practice, but she probably wasn’t expecting that Maria would want to talk to her and that her confession of using Maria as a school advertisement would be heard by other people.

Akuma to Love Song volume 4 chapter 21. Maria is staying away from the practice and Hana is carrying out her plan of making Maria look like the troublemaker in the class while the others are the good guys. And just when Yuusuke is about to go look for her Ayu stops him… to confess?! Has she really been only jealous all this time?

Akuma to Love Song volume 4 chapter 22. Maria really wants to sing with everyone, but she can’t join the practice. Yuusuke and Ayu are looking for her together now, will he give her a reply to her confession? And what will happen when they find Maria, can they convince her to join the practice anyway? Will Hana’s real intentions finally be revealed?

Akuma to Love Song volume 4 chapter 23. Now Ayu and Hana are fighting in front of everyone, can they figure out who is lying and who is telling the truth? Does Maria really want to change and become someone everyone likes? Hana wants to quit everything suddenly and the teacher isn’t happy about that at all, like usually he is blaming Maria for everything again…

Anta Nanka Daikirai story 1: I Can’t Stand You. Rena really likes Miyake, he plays basketball and he’s really popular too. All of a sudden a new rival shows up though, the really cute Hanaoka. Can she really compete with her when she thinks of herself as uncute? Will she be brave enough to tell Miyake how she feels before Hanaoka snatches him away?

Anta Nanka Daikirai story 2: Caught on You. Relationships haven’t gone too well for Maho throughout her life. Why is that? It all started with her first love, Shiki. What happened between these two? Will Maho be able to get over the past and find a new love? Or will one of the past be able to bloom once again?

Anta Nanka Daikirai story 3: Something’s Wrong. Misono isn’t a very feminine girl, and she’s been very close to her neighbor Yuuta since they were little. When feelings towards him begin to awaken, will she be able to catch his eye by dressing femininely, especially when his attention seems to have been stolen by the pretty and stylish Sugisaki?

Anta Nanka Daikirai story 4: See You Tomorrow. Akemi’s in high school, and she doesn’t really care about grades. Or rather, she didn’t care until she got a new tutor, the college student Tanami-sensei. She thinks he’s a real cutie, so she’s going to do her best for him! Will her feelings be able to reach him? What will become of a forbidden love between a tutor and a student?

Beauty!! volume 3 chapter 12. Kazama really wants to make Makoto his before Mucchan does it! Looks like the President isn’t really a nice guy, he’s only wants Makoto and Mucchan to break up. He’s even trying to kiss Makoto, but luckily You’s there again to save her! He really was right to mistrust Kazama from the very start… Makoto was worried that Kazama touching her could have made Mucchan lose interest in her! Was Kazama right with what he told her. Or is there a different reason behind Mucchan’s reaction?

Beauty!! volume 3 chapter 13. In the end Makoto and Mucchan talked it out and ended up in a hotel. Will they go all the way this time, is Makoto ready? Actually, they’re both very nervous, but they seem sure enough about their feelings. Meanwhile You’s determined to not let the President do as he pleases, just what is he planning to do? And what’s behind the President’s plan to ban the Beauty Research Club?!

Beauty!! volume 3 chapter 14. The members managed to save the Beauty Research Club! But what’s that, Kazama is joining the club too now?! He’s really bossy and ordering the members around and even brings them all outside to the backyard to pull weeds. Makoto is facing a new problem though. Since she doesn’t know Mucchan’s real name, she’s
concerned that their relationship isn’t that close after all…

Beauty!! volume 3 chapter 15. Kazama is really trying to ruin the Beauty Research Club’s reputation! Now that she knows his real name, Makoto feels even closer to Mucchan than ever before. They’re both busy though and don’t have as much time for each other as they’d like to have. What’s Naomi suddenly doing at school and why is Mucchan suddenly keeping a distance between him and Makoto?

Binetsu Shoujo volume 5 chapter 27. Hiro and Rina still haven’t talked and they’re both suffering because of that. It is also Rina’s 16th birthday and the best present would be to make up with Hiro. They are both hesitant to make the first step, but when Hiro sees Arima he is determined to win against him!

Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon volume 3 chapter 12. Usagi just can’t believe that her beloved Mamoru is evil now?! It seems like he’s being controlled by Queen Beryl, can the sailor soldiers defeat her and return him back to normal? The enemy’s power is incredible and although Beryl is defeated, Mamoru still hasn’t returned to his old self…

Biyaku Cafe volume 1 chapter 0. Kaoru is always mistaken for being a pretty guy and only ever has girls falling for her. However, after being fired from her job, she runs into the Aphrodisiac Cafe and meets its sexy and pushy owner Kagetsu, and there discovers that there is hope for her finding love with the opposite sex, not to mention a well-paying job serving tea!

Biyaku Cafe volume 1 chapter 1. Megu tries hard to look her best and cute all the time, while Mako, her childhood friend, has natural beauty, even for a guy. Because of his looks, Megu is jealous of him and hates his apologetic side. After a visit to Cafe Love Potions Night Retreat, will Megu find her inner cuteness? Or will she and Mako continue to have a beauty feud? (Warning: Smut)

Biyaku Cafe volume 1 chapter 2. This is the story of one of the other male hosts, Omi, and his romance with a studious customer named Tomomi. What’s a romance without a little drama due to misunderstandings though? But surely these two are meant for each other, because it’s Omi’s first time serving a tea that is correctly named and based on a person’s personality, Waxing Moon. As their relationship travels through all of the phases of the moon, will their relationship come to a full moon? (Warning: Smut)

Biyaku Cafe volume 1 chapter 3. Megu hates summer, because the high temperatures always mess up her make-up. Why is she so focused on her appearance, does she want to look cute for Mako, her annoying childhood friend? He doesn’t really seem to care about it all though. Can Megu figure out what she feels for Mako? (Warning: Smut)

Biyaku Cafe volume 1: My Recommended Young Man – Brute Prince. What are Kaoru and Kagetsu doing in summer after work. Kaoru somehow misunderstands his invitation to take a nap at his house, he’s obviously not thinking of just a nap… Will Kaoru resist him or give in to his “wishes”? (Warning: Smut)

Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu volume 4 chapter 21. Takuma hears the rumour that Kou and Mayu have started going out, how will he react?! Are they really going out or is it just another of Kou’s plots to get closer to Mayu? Since Takuma is supporting the two all of a sudden, Mayu thinks now that Takuma simply doesn’t like her anymore…

Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu volume 5 chapter 22. If Takuma doesn’t come to the bridge where they made the promise, Mayu will give up on him for good? Now Kou wants to go in Takuma’s place, but will Takuma let him? Ritsu’s trying to convince Takuma to go, he’d regret it otherwise if he lost Mayu forever…

Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu volume 5 chapter 23. Mayu’s waiting for Takuma under the bridge, not knowing that he went to see Teru to break up with her. Teru doesn’t want to accept that though and keeps faking an illness, but is she really just pretending this time? How will Mayu react when Kou comes to the bridge instead of Takuma?

Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu volume 5 chapter 24. Mayu just doesn’t want to give up on Takuma so easily and keeps waiting for him while Kou’s trying his hardest to change her mind and win her heart, will he finally succeed this time? They both don’t know the real reason behind Takuma not showing up…

Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu volume 5 chapter 25. Mayu is now going out with Kou. However Kou feels things aren’t going so well, so he decides that a punishment is fit for Takuma. He should infiltrate the girls’ dorm and get the panties of the girl he likes! Will Takuma be able to infiltrate the dorm with ease and whose panties will he snatch?

Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu volume 5 chapter 26. Takuma runs away before Mayu can properly talk to him in her room. She feels though that something’s bothering him and he’s trying to hide it. During summer vacation at home Mayu finds out that Teru died and shocked by the news she runs off to talk to Takuma.

Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu volume 5 chapter 27. Was this the final goodbye between Takuma and Mayu? They’re 17 years old now and Takuma has recovered from his illness! Kou is still around too, he and Mayu aren’t dating anymore though. Takuma is still ignoring his feelings for her, but how long can he keep this up?

Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu volume 6 chapter 28. Everyone is still at the ski camp, being ordered around by Kou again though. Mayu’s excited every time she gets to be close to Takuma, but he’s still being rude and ignoring her as usually. But why are they suddenly kissing in the snow then?!

Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu volume 6 chapter 29. Mayu farted while they were kissing?! Takuma can’t help it but laugh at her… which makes her mad, of course! Back at school it’s time to choose the new dorm head, and it’s Takuma! Now Mayu wants to become the dorm head too because she could spend more time with Takuma then, but her wish comes with a difficult condition…

Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu volume 6 chapter 30. Is Takuma actually dangerous?! He saves Mayu while she’s trying to steal a Math test, but now she can’t get out of his tight grip anymore! But they manage to escape just in time and since she failed, there’s a new condition for Mayu now. Somehow she ends up being with Takuma alone again.

Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu volume 6 chapter 31. Takuma is still trying to hide his feelings for Mayu and when it seems that his illness has gotten worse again, he starts pushing Mayu away again and he’s glad he hasn’t confessed his love to her yet. Is Mayu’s father lying that Takuma could be healed?

Brand Peace volume 2 chapter 5. Mii is now really dating Yashiro. Things aren’t so perfect in paradise, however. Mii wants to be more lovey-dovey in a physical sense! And yet at the same time she feels like she doesn’t understand him completely, especially since he doesn’t tell her everything like, say, getting caught by the police. Will Mii be able to take the next step with Yashiro even though Yamato is actually spending the night at her house?

Brand Peace volume 2 chapter 6. Mii hurts her leg during the sports class and when Yamato wants to carry her to the infirmary Yashiro jumps right in. Although Mii and Yashiro have been dating for some time now, she’s still feeling uneasy around him. And when Kazusa and Yashiro get into a serious fight, both Mii and Yamato are worried about their friends…

Cappuccino volume 1 chapter 2. Ari and Sousuke now live a happy life together… or isn’t it that happy? Of course living with someone can be troublesome, especially for many women in modern-day Japan. Not only are they expected to hold jobs, but they’re expected to do all the chores as well! That’s just Ari’s troubles, however. Sousuke is getting himself into a whole other world of trouble…

Cappuccino volume 1 chapter 3. Sousuke has agreed to go on a date with his student? And he had to lie to Ari too. Aina wants to go to Keio University with Sousuke to see where he studied and what his life there was like. She even convinces him to turn off his cell. When Ari is trying to reach Sousuke she finds out that he lied to her about having to work…

Cappuccino volume 1 chapter 4. Ari feels that Sousuke is somehow troubled, is he feeling guilty? She’s also wondering whether they’ll ever get married since they haven’t talked about it yet really. Meanwhile Sousuke runs into Aina again, after a long time it seems, and she still hasn’t given up on him yet. Can he resist the pretty girl this time?

Cappuccino volume 1 chapter 5. Ari is suspecting already that Sousuke’s been fooling around, and their relationship seems kinda passive at the moment. Sousuke tells Inaba that he’s going out with someone else and he’s shocked. He tells Sousuke to break up with the other girl immediately, but is he really strong enough to do that?

Cappuccino volume 1 chapter 6. Ari was in trouble and Sousuke wasn’t there for her. Just now he realizes that she knew about his affair for a while, what will happen with their relationship now? Will Sousuke tell Ari the whole truth or will he lie again? Can Ari ever forgive him or will she break up with him, now that Inaba confessed to her?

Cappuccino volume 1 chapter 7. Ari and Sousuke broke up. Surprisingly Ari’s parents aren’t really disappointment over her decision as they just want her to be happy. Will Ari now try her luck with Inaba or will she prefer to stay single for a while? How will Ari and Sousuke face each other two years later?

Fly High! volume 1 chapter 1. Meru Tachibana has returned home with her father after 7 years of training. Having mistaken her for a boy he turned her into someone really strong, but now her mom thinks it’s time to turn her into a cute girl. On the first day of school Meru meets Chiyo and hopes they’ll be good friends! But what’s with that weird group of 8th graders who disturb the opening ceremony?

Fly High! volume 1 chapter 2. Meru has decided to become the new Student Council President to oppose Ayuzawa’s group which destroyed the flowerbeds her friend Chiyo cared so much about. Although she promised her mom to act like a girl she’s determined to fight those causing trouble and being mean towards others. But does she have enough power to fight Ayuzawa’s group?

Fly High! volume 1 chapter 3. Meru’s been isolated from other students, thanks to Ayuzawa’s group, but at least Chiyo is still by her side. And will Vice President Tarou help her too? And what about the smart Ruka? Obviously he only joined Ayuzawa’s group to have it easier at school, but will he stay with them? Meru’s preparing for the Athletic Festival meanwhile and offers Ruka her friendship.

Fly High! volume 1 chapter 4. Ruka stands up for Meru and leaves Ayuzawa’s group?! Meru’s trying to find out why Ayuzawa is so rebellious as she doesn’t believe he could be such a bad guy. But what is it they’re scheming this time? Are they planning to boycott the Athletic Festival with an even more interesting event taking place at the same time?

Fly High! volume 1 chapter 5. Meru’s determined to make the Athletic Festival a success, despite Ayuzawa’s group trying to boycott it! But how can her event compete with Kasumi’s model event? Maybe Ruka has an idea? Somehow Meru gets 2 famous models to help her with her event and in the end everyone goes to the Athletic Festival and Ayuzawa’s group gives in.

Fly High! volume 2 chapter 6. Ruka suddenly kissed Meru?! Does that mean he likes her though he always calls her an idiot? Why is Meru suddenly all weak and acting like a normal girl, has she lost her powers? On top of that she breaks her leg while protecting Kasumi and can’t go to school. Will everything be fine during her absence or will Ayuzawa’s group take the chance to cause more trouble?

Fly High! volume 2 chapter 7. Can Meru really fight with Ayuzawa with both her legs injured?! But she wants to do it in order for Ayuzawa’s group to leave the Student Council alone. Since both her legs are injured she’s forced to stay at home and Ayuzawa’s group takes over the school again. They have a new enemy though, Ichihari-sensei. Will his methods work and bring back peace to this school?

Fly High! volume 2 chapter 8. Meru is against Ichihari-sensei’s methods and wants to protect Ayuzawa. He’s been suspended from school and his group closely observed. When Ayuzawa almost steps into a trap, Meru’s in place again and makes sure he doesn’t get kicked out of school. Why is she doing all this after Ayuzawa’s group has been making her life so hard?

Fly High! volume 2 chapter 9. Meru wants to work together with both, Ayuzawa and Ichihari-sensei? Is that even possible? She gets suspended for a whole week after breaking a school window which Ayuzawa was supposed to clean, but she wants to take the chance and become friends with Ayuzawa during this time. He knows of the secret that makes her
lose her power though…

Galism ~Love Supreme Sisters~ volume 2 chapter 5. Yuudai and Ran are dating but Kento doesn’t seem to be so happy. Maybe it’s because the principal is planning something evil, or maybe because he is jealous of Yuudai. Anyway, there seems to be some hostility between them, and Ran is stuck in the middle. Will she be able to convince Kento that Yuudai is good as an ally or will he be stuck in his old gangster ways?

Galism ~Love Supreme Sisters~ volume 2 chapter 6. The Ugajin’s Conquering Love Techniques secret manual is rumored to have the answer to allowing the daughters of the Ugajin family to remain with their loved one forever. Will Ran and her sisters be able to find it, as they tear their house apart? Once they find it, who will keep it? Although unfortunately for Ran, the contents of the manual are a huge and embarrassing surprise…

Galism ~Love Supreme Sisters~ volume 2 chapter 7. Does Nobara like Kento? But since he is interested in Ran she doesn’t really know how to act around him to make him realize her feelings. She seems to be giving up on him and is returning to cheerleading. Is the handsome ace of the basketball team, Asakura, her new target?!

Hadashi de Bara o Fume volume 2 chapter 8.Sumi learns how to dance for the first time, and she seems to take an interest into Souichirou’s past by asking him for photographs of when he was younger, but Souichirou is hiding something from her? What happened to his parents? And who is the special guest that they encounter at the ball?

Hadashi de Bara o Fume volume 2 chapter 9. Sumi is finally reunited with her older brother, however Souichirou does not approve. What will he do to make sure word does not get out about their true relationship? And just as Sumi had made up her mind never to approach Nozomu again, to forget about her first love, and focus on her husband instead, Souichirou pushes her towards Nozomu…? And then Sumi’s aunt-in-law calls Souichirou something that Sumi cannot believe… Souichirou is the murderer of his own family?!

Hadashi de Bara o Fume volume 2 chapter 10. Contrary to Nozomu’s beliefs, Sumi did quite well in her debut to high society! Therefore, Souichirou decides to give her a present, and it can be anything she desires! What does she choose? To see her family once again. Will this be a happy reunion, with promises of the future for everyone? Or will it turn into a disaster…?

Hadashi de Bara o Fume volume 2 chapter 11. Souichirou has finally allowed Sumi to cook in the kitchen as she feels a proper wife should! Will Sumi be able to make the wonderful meal she’s been hoping to make while using meat for the first time? Or will a surprising accident lead to a shocking discovery of what’s hidden inside of Souichirou’s soul? Sumi goes to the beach with Komai and runs into Nozomu by chance… but what are these words of love he begins saying to Sumi?!

Hadashi de Bara o Fume volume 2 chapter 12. Nozomu has confessed his love to Sumi, and now begins to show his more forcible, obssessive personality. Sumi continues to try to thwart his advances, but what can she, a poor woman, do against a man like that? She is a lady! Will Sumi be able to escape from Nozomu when he is determined to keep her?

Hakoniwa Angel volume 1 chapter 1. Uri has recently transferred schools. Why? So that she can meet her idol, Maria Momo! He’s an incredibly popular model, but he’s not exactly what he appears to be. Uri wonders what kind of personality he has… and is quite surprised when she meets him! Will Uri still love Momo even after finding out his true character?

Hakoniwa Angel volume 1 chapter 2. Momo doesn’t seem to be such a bad guy, although he’s weird, so Uri likes him even more than before now! But why is Momo’s childhoodfriend Asuka convinced to keep Uri away from him? When Uri hears that Momo is in the Student Council she hopes to join too, but Asuka is totally against it, he only sees her as an obsessed little stalker…

Hakoniwa Angel volume 1 chapter 3. It seems like Momo would do anything for free food and last time he even accepted Uri’s cookies, though it turned out Asuka tricked her and she made his favourite sweet and not Momo’s! On top of that Asuka tells Uri she could join the Student Council if she became his girlfriend?! What will Uri’s response be? And is Momo actually cheering for them?

Hakushaku to Yousei volume 1 chapter 1. Lydia Carlton is one of the last Fairy Doctors, and her life is about to change dramatically. She receives a postcard from her father and he’s inviting her to London. Lydia takes the opportunity and leaves Scotland with her fairy friend, the cat Nico. On the way to the ship she meets Huskley, who was sent by her father to accompany her?

Hakushaku to Yousei volume 1 chapter 2. Earl Edgar saved Lydia from Huskley who’s according to him a criminal, but is he telling her the truth? What are Edgar’s intentions and who are the mysterious Ermine and Raven, are they his servants? Will Lydia agree to help Edgar on his search for the treasured sword? Is she able to solve the riddle that is supposed to bring them to the hidden sword?

Hakushaku to Yousei volume 1 chapter 3. Huskley found Edgar and Lydia, can they escape safely? Although Edgar protected her he could be a robber and Lydia isn’t sure whether to stay by his side or run away. Will she trust him or abandom him? Meanwhile her father has been informed about the incidents and is starting to search for his kidnapped daughter…

Hakushaku to Yousei volume 2 chapter 4. Edgar and Lydia have continued with their travel and arrived in a small town where Ermine and Raven finally join them too. Edgar’s convinced to stick to the original plan and find the treasured sword, while Lydia’s only staying by his side to protect the sword from ending up in the wrong hands. Why are Edgar and Ermine suddenly kissing?!

Johyou to Chuujitsu na Geboku Story 1: The Leopard and the Faithful Manservant. Ran is searching for the perfect man. He must be rich, smart and handsome. However, she’s having troubles finding the perfect companion, especially when her New Years plans go down the drain! So what does she do? Call her faithful manservant Keita, of course! But bad luck just seems to be her middle name, and due to unfortunate events, Keita is now her slave until her hand is healed. Keita seems shy and inexperienced, but with some teasing the leopard has the ability to unleash a surprisingly powerful lion! (Warning: Adult, Smut)

Kare Made Love KM volume 5 chapter 32. The proficiency exams are here, and Miyuu and Minami have been a bit… distracted. Will their grades be okay? Or will their rankings drop dramatically? They decide that from day one they need to make sure that they aren’t caught by surprise again, but it’s hard to change old habits… and who’s this beautiful woman who suddenly storms into Minami’s apartment?!

Kare Made Love KM volume 6 chapter 33. The beautiful woman is Minami’s mother?! Why did she suddenly show up now, is she worried about Minami’s dropping grades? Will she try to separate them, so that Minami can succeed his father in London? Miyuu has a big fight with her mom, but that isn’t even the worst thing to happen. Minami wants to keep a distance for a while…

Kare Made Love KM volume 6 chapter 34. Miyuu is really suffering now, she loves Minami but can’t be close to him. Minami’s dealing with other problems at the moment, if he doesn’t reach the top spot during the next midterms his mother is taking him to London with her. But can he really stay away from the girl he loves so much for such a long time?

Kare Made Love KM volume 6 chapter 35. Minami and Miyuu are still secretly dating and trying their best at school. Miyuu wants to encourage Minami by giving him a present, but when she arrives at the empty apartment she’s just shocked. He moved without telling her?! And who’s this new handsome guy, Miyuu’s new private tutor? What if Minami sees them together…?

Koi, Hirari volume 1 chapter 1. Sumire is a girl who loves food and has just moved to the same town where her mother and father met and fell in love. Therefore, she has high expectations for her new school: she hopes to find the one she’ll fall in love with! And it just so happens that she runs into a mysterious handsome boy on New Years Eve… is he her first love? Or will he be someone Sumire absolutely cannot fall in love with?

Koi, Hirari volume 1 chapter 2. Sumire went to Kazuki’s house to return the hairpin and saw him dancing. But he’s not someone she wants to fall in love with after all, she’s even more aware of that when she gets kicked out of his house. But then she ends up in the same class as him, just how can she avoid him now?! And then even her classmate Umeko warns her not to fall for him…

Koi, Hirari volume 1 chapter 3. Kazuki has promised Sumire that she’ll fall for him. Will it really happen? Does Kazuki have a plan to welcome Sumire into his life, or will she only be pushed away? She’s been invited to a dancing concert by Umeko. Able to witness Kazuki’s beautiful dancing for the first time, will she fall into Kazuki’s love trap?

Koi, Hirari volume 1 chapter 4. Kazuki was waiting for Sumire in the morning. Does he have something to say to her? The two begin going through some reflection on the past events and Sumire in particular realizes something. Could it be that she likes Kazuki? But this means that she has lost, and Kazuki’s prediction has come true. Will that stop Sumire from admitting her true feelings to him?

Koi, Hirari volume 1 chapter 5. Sumire defended Kazuki, will he take that as a confession? He actually thought she hated him all this time! Both of them confess in the end, is this the beginning of a wonderful love? The first date follows right away, but are they aware that they’re being followed and that someone else has already been chosen to be by Kazuki’s side?

Koi, Hirari volume 1 chapter 6. Kazuki’s absent from school the next day and Sumire is worried. Umeko suggests that they should go and visit him at home, there they meet Haruka, Kazuki’s younger brother and Umeko’s fiance?! Why are the two brothers fighting, is their relationship really that bad?

Koi, Hirari volume 2 chapter 7. So, Yurika is Kazuki’s fiancee, how will Sumire react when confronted with this news, will she doubt Kazuki’s love for her or will he make clear that she’s the only one for him? But why is Yurika already moving in and why is the engagement official too? Has Sumire been betrayed?

Koi, Hirari volume 2 chapter 8. Kazuki fainted during his performance! Although she’s insecure about their relationship, Sumire stays by his side. But can they really be together when his family is aganst their relationship? Sumire wants to change and become more suitable for Kazuki, but he wants her to stay the way she is… Will his family finally accept her?

Koi, Hirari volume 2 chapter 9. Sumire has decided the best course of action for her and Kazuki would be to break up. It seems like the best thing to do in her situation, right? How will this affect Kazuki’s dancing though? Will it make him even worse? Or does Kazuki have something else in mind in order to win Sumire’s confidence in their relationship back?

Koi, Hirari volume 2 chapter 10. A dance for a lost lover, a torn Sumire, a sudden engagement announcement… Sumire’s convinced that this is the end of her first love. Will Kazuki and Sumire really never be able to be together, or can a miracle still happen? Kazuki might not be willing to give up on Sumire that quickly after all.

Koi, Hirari volume 2 chapter 11. Kazuki’s brother Haruka is pretty jealous of the attention his big brother receives from everyone. Now that Kazuki and Sumire are back together and happy, Haruka begins to do everything possible to ruin the relationship between them. Will Kazuki be able to make peace with his little brother or is one last big fight necessary?

Koi, Hirari volume 2 chapter 12. Kazuki and Haruka’s next dace performance will decide who of them is better. The loser has to give up the family title, and even his lover! Haruka’s determined to defeat his brother this time, but is he really skilled enough? Sumire and Umeko believe in both of them!

Koi Suta volume 1 chapter 4. Sora and Shizuku are now going out, but again with the rabid fangirls its hard for Shizuku to not feel insecure and worry if she is annoying towards Sora. Will Sora take notice of her insecurities? Will he save the day like a handsome young hero?

Kokoro volume 1 chapter 2. Azu has been shoplifting for Megumi in order to help her become friends with her classmates?! But when those girls’ cosmetics list get longer, Azu is starting to think that Megumi is just being used by them. Now Megumi wants to prove to Azu that she’s not being used… but will those girls still be her friends, even when she’s not bringing them free cosmetics?

Love Berrish! volume 2 chapter 7. Ame decides to tell Yuuya what happened in her room the night before. It turns out Ame is a guy who actually wants to be and feels like a girl?! Yuuya is determined not to give away his secret while Nagisa and Azusa are protecting Ame from the others. In the end Ame wins the beauty contest!

Love Berrish! volume 2 chapter 8. Ame is even featured in the school newspaper, so everyone is excited about her winning the beauty contest. The sports tournament is coming up too and it looks like Azusa thought of a way how the class can get along much better and they can overcome the difficulties they had in the beginning.

Love Berrish! volume 2 chapter 9. Yuuya will have to participate in jump rope during the sports tournament, but she gets to do it with Azusa, so she’s happy! Unfortunately, another member of the team is their classmate Shimizu who Yuuya hasn’t been getting along with at all so far. Will practicing together make them a good team or will it turn for the worse?

Love Berrish! volume 2 extra: The Prince’s Egg. Satsuki has a really chidlish boyfriend, and she’s rather troubled by it. She wants a serious relationship with him, but he keeps acting like a child still. Will he be able to stop being a boy and man up to giving her her first kiss on her birthday? Or will her birthday end in tears?

Love Berrish! volume 3 chapter 10. Yuuya’s really depressed! She’s afraid that she’s letting her team down and can’t talk about it with Azusa as she doesn’t want to disappoint him. Surprisingly, the one to help her this time is Nagisa and she amazes her classmates when she does better than expected!

Max Lovely! volume 4 chapter 3. Taki only failed on the test because he was in a bad mood? Not being cheered on by Airi this one time upset him a lot, but they managed to talk things out and return to being close again! Now the class is practising for the Cultural Festival and Airi’s also preparing for the cross-dressing contest since her goal is to win it for the third time…

Max Lovely! volume 4 chapter 4. Hikaru realized that he loves Nako! And it’s the day of the Cultural Festival. Will Airi really kiss Taki during the play? Who’s the mysterious student competing in the cross-dressing contest against Airi, is that really a girl? And why is she attacking her later and asking about “F”? The mysterious student seems to know Airi from before…

Max Lovely! volume 4 chapter 5. Iseya told Taki that he’s “F” and to save Airi from the mysterious student who turned out to be a former classmate of Airi and the one she had her first kiss with! Now that Airi’s safe it’s time to move on to the play, but Airi and Taki are shocked when they notice that the fake knife for the play had been replaced with a real one, just who would want to hurt them?

Max Lovely! volume 4 chapter 6. Iseya is tired of “F” as they’re doing whatever they want to do and he’s determined to quit! He only joined because he thought he’d have an advantage when it comes to tests and his life would be less stressful. But will it be this easy to just quit? At least his friends are supporting him now… and hopefully he won’t have to face the man behind “F”…

Max Lovely! volume 5 chapter 1. It seems like Yui is after Airi now, but she made it clear that there’s only one special person for her, and that’s Taki. But does he feel the same for her or is she like a family member to him? Taki is sick at home right now, so Airi can’t talk to him about this now… but why does he suddenly leave the house and gets attacked by…?

Max Lovely! volume 5 chapter 2. Airi’s on the way to Taki’s home, not knowing that he’s in serious trouble! Then she gets a phone call from an unknown number saying that Taki is dead?! She finds him fighting with 3 high school students, but it seems like he can beat them, even though he’s sick. It seems that “F” were the attackers, Iseya wants to investigate on that as a spy.

Mayonaka no Ariadne volume 1 chapter 3. Will the stranger reveal why Chiharu was in the strange underground place? He introduces himself as Nogami Shuugo and he asks Chiyoko to have a cup of tea with him. What are really his intentions? And why is Chiharu suddenly so worried when he hears that Chiyoko left with Nogami after school? Somehow he finds them and takes Chiyoko to his house…

Mayonaka no Ariadne volume 1 chapter 4. It turns out that the underground place is a secret club. Is Chiharu only there to find his older sister Chiyo who just suddenly disappeared one day? He tells Chiyoko that his sister was a hostess at the club, and that those tend to disappear after a while. Chiyoko wants to help him but he tells her to stay away, as she’d only put him into a great danger otherwise.

Mitsu Aji Blood volume 1 chapter 1. Hinata is worried. There have been “vampire incidents” around her school lately, but there’s no way vampires could exist, right? When she meets a new neighbour, the popular novel author Tokinaga Junya, she steps into a whole new world. Could she be in danger? Is Junya behind the incidents?

Mitsu Aji Blood volume 1 chapter 2. Hinata was the culprit’s next target, but luckily Junya was close by and saved her. Why is he after her blood though?! When she wakes up, after having fainted, she’s in his house, and he isn’t any less scary. Is it really safe for Hinata to be spending time at Junya’s house? Maybe he’s really more dangerous than she thinks…

Momo volume 1 chapter 5. Piko wants to get rid of Momo and asks Yume to help him?! He tells her that no planet has been spared by Momo before, so now Yume’s scared. She kinda likes Momo and the others and doesn’t want to betray them, but what if Momo really destroys the Earth? Even Nanagi is okay with Yume joining forces with Piko? Will the planetarium bring the 2nd point?

Momo volume 1: How to Save the World. Ren is shocked! Her parents just announced that they are moving, but she doesn’t want to. She doesn’t want to get separated from her “boyfriend” Rou, so she decided to run away with him. But can they hide well enough? Now her big sister Ai has to go look for her, but will she find and convince her to move with her family?

Momo volume 2 chapter 6. Although the planetarium broke during the fight with Piko, Yume doesn’t seem sad at all to Kana. Well, that’s because she got her 2nd point! When she brings Momo a cake she’s told that Nanagi will be going to school with her from now on, to protect her. But can this guy really be trusted? He looks really hot in the uniform, is Yume falling in love with him?

Momo volume 2 chapter 7. Someone took Yume’s bracelet! If she doesn’t wear it the 2 good points she gave Momo so far won’t count. Can she find it? Was it the cute Fujita who took it? Why would she do that, is she jealous of Yume because she seems to be close to Nanagi? Realizing who Momo is, Fujita doesn’t want to return the bracelet, she wants to be the Earth’s representative instead of Yume!

Momo volume 2 chapter 8. Fujita has trickily snatched Yume’s position and now the cool Nanagi will be protecting her instead of Yume. But did Fujita really understand the duties that come with that, can she handle them? Yume’s life has returned to normal meanwhile, but it looks like she’s really missing Momo… and it looks like Momo is missing her too!

Momo volume 2 chapter 9. Fujita wanted to spent Christmas with Momo… and Momo would only go with her if Yume came along too. Now they’re all at the little Devil’s debut party on a boat and when it’s time to introduce Momo to the other guests she’s suddenly missing? She’s standing outside and watching snowflakes when Fujita gets so upset with her that she hits her…

Momo volume 3 chapter 10. Yume is the Earth’s representative again, as it seems that only she could please Momo. Now a new year has started and Yume has many wishes. Her biggest wish is for this year to be fantastic, but just then she gets the news that her apartment is going to be demolished and she needs to vacate in a month! Yume living in Momo’s mansion is the 3rd point?!

Momo volume 3 chapter 11. Piko is back and it looks like he’s targetting Nanagi this time. Is Nanagi really a former representative of a destroyed planet? Momo has noticed Yume’s nervousness when she’s araound Nanagi and she’s convinced that Nanagi likes Yume too, but does he really hate Momo? Maybe Momo can make up with Nanagi by giving him chocolates on Valentine’s Day, Yume offers to help her!

Momo volume 3 chapter 12. Nanagi tried to kill Momo with Piko’s sword! She seemed to be okay with it though? Nanagi fails to kill Momo and Sanari shows Yume what happened with Nanagi’s planet back then. Nanagi was a Prince and wanted to protect him planet from being destroyed. Momo had chosen the appearance of Nanari’s dead younger sister and he couldn’t feel any hostility towards Momo…

Momo volume 3 chapter 13. In the end Nanagi was betrayed by the ones he loved, but he gathered 7 points and saved the planet. He left with Momo to make her happy, and his tribe destroyed the planet on their own in the end, lacking the ability to stand together. Now Yume’s wondering if Nanagi wants a revenge but he actually asks Piko to erase him…

Momo volume 3 chapter 14. Kana kinda confessed to Yume! Yume just invited him to make chocolates with her and Momo. They have lots of fun together, even Momo is enjoying it. Yume’s always very kind to everyone and she really impressed Nanagi with that, has he fallen for her? Are they going to kiss? Yume wants Kana to fall in love with someone else…

Momo volume 4 chapter 15. Can Kana give up on Yume so easily? Fujita is still after Nanagi too! Momo is looking for Kana (she’s after the yummy cakes!) and luckily they meet and he takes her to his family shop where she gets to choose a cake. Nanagi and Yume pick her up and bring her back to the mansion. At the end of the day Yume is touched by Kana’s decision to support her and Nanagi…

Momoiro Heaven volume 1 chapter 2. Momoko is glad that Ranmaru hasn’t exposed her secret, but what kind of things will she have to do for him as his slave? He already kissed her and now she has to make food for him as well. He’s handsome but she doesn’t really like him, so why is it vexing her so much when he says that she’s not sexy at all? (Warning: Smut)

Nagatachou Strawberry volume 2 chapter 9. Since it’s summer vacation, Hime and Natsuno are staying at Yama’s villa by the sea to escape the scandal for a bit. Although it’s Natsuno’s fault for Hime’s family to be in troubles now, she still wants to help him. She suddenly gets the chance to face Mizuki, can she convince him to write the truth about what happened or will he trick her again?

Nagatachou Strawberry volume 2 special: The Wind of Tamasaburou. The story about the little seal which lives at the Prime Minister’s residence. It was the previous summer that Hime and Yama were out in the heat when they saw a lost seal. They felt sorry for it and took it home with them and there it stayed in the end.

Nagatachou Strawberry volume 3 chapter 10. All the girls are mad because of the false newspaper article, they still believe in Natsuno after all and want to support him. But Natsuno’s suddeny quitting his business? What kind of past connection do Natsuno and Hime’s father have? Hime asks Natsuno about it, but instead of answering he takes her to the hospital? Who are they going to visit and why…

Nagatachou Strawberry volume 3 chapter 11. Natsuno has really quit going out with girls for money, however they’re not willing to give up on him this easily. Will he take the chance and accept their invitations or is he finally serious about dating only one girl now. Will it be Hime? He kisses her again and Eri sees them this time… can Hime and Eri still be friends now?

Nagatachou Strawberry volume 3 chapter 12. Hime is shocked, she never wanted to betray Eri! Will she give up on Natsuno for Eri’s sake? Will Natsuno be able to help them patch things up or will the girls be able to do it on their own. Maybe Eri can accept that Natsuno likes someone else in the end and the girls’ friendship is strong enough to overcome this.

Nagatachou Strawberry volume 3 chapter 13. Natsuno and Hime are visiting his mother again and Christmas is just around the corner. Hime doesn’t want him to spend money on anything special for her, he should do that for his sick mother. She wants to help him and asks Yama for advice… and he simply gives Natsuno a part-time job! Will he accept the offer though?

Nagatachou Strawberry volume 3 extra. Eri entered middle school later due to an illness, and now has troubles to catch up with everyone. She’s also having troubles finding friends as she looks and behaves differently from the others. Isn’t there even one person who’s willing to accept her the way she is? She meets Natsuno who treats her differently, are they going to be friends?

Nagatachou Strawberry volume 4 chapter 14. Are Natsuno and Hime spending Christmas day together, at his house? Hime’s really happy and excited, but also worried on the other hand. What should she wear, what should she get as a present for Natsuno… that’s what she’s thinking about when Yama shows up and tells her that she has to meet a Diplomat’s son on that day instead…

Nagatachou Strawberry volume 4 chapter 15. Hime has to attend the event with Yukihiro, but she’s hoping everything will go smooth and she can leave early to meet Natsuno. Yukihiro’s father doesn’t seem to be a nice guy, he hits Yukihiro when they’re alone even though he’s been helping out very much during the event. Hime’s worrying about him, does she just forget about Natsuno because of that?

Nagatachou Strawberry volume 4 chapter 16. Natsuno’s okay with Yukihiro’s dad beating him?! It seems that he sees things differently than Hime because he has always had money problems. And now, back at school, he’s ignoring Hime and their fight. What will Hime do, everyone’s rumouring already that they must have broken up! Eri tells Hime to fight for her love!

Ojousama wa Oyomesama volume 1 chapter 1. Towako, daughter of a high class family, gets the same birthday present each year, it’s the picture of a cute boy. She’s told that when she’s 18 she will marry him. Now it’s only one week till her 18th birthday and today she is finally meeting him. His name is Yuuga, but how come he doesn’t know about this arrangement. He has just been kidnapped?!

Ojousama wa Oyomesama volume 1 chapter 2. Towako likes Yuuga more than in the beginning, but they’re still looking for a way to escape their arranged marriage. Somehow they manage to escape, but Towako
really doesn’t know much about the outside world. She’s simply following Yuuga now, but will he take care of her? It seems like the 2 of them are slowly falling in love despite their fights, but just then they get interrupted by…

Ojousama wa Oyomesama volume 1 chapter 3. A helicopter has been sent to pick up Towako and bring her back home?! Since Yuuga broke the rules he isn’t allowed anymore to marry her and she’ll be married to another person the next day. She doesn’t like any of them though and refuses to marry. She only wants to be by Yuuga’s side and runs away… will she be able to find him?

Ojousama wa Oyomesama volume 1 chapter 4. Towako’s parents have changed their mind and are allowing her now to marry Yuuga? They’re back at her home! Towako’s younger brother Setsuna has arrived too, but is he really happy about his sister getting married? It seems like he doesn’t approve of Yuuga at all, instead he thinks of himself to be more suitable for her?!

Ojousama wa Oyomesama volume 1 chapter 5. Towako and Yuuga suddenly passed out during the ceremony? Has Setsuna anything to do with it? Both are taken to a sanatorium and hopefully they’ll regain conscience before Setsuna does something awful. Luckily, Yuuga can save Towako just in time and they escape together.

Ojousama wa Oyomesama volume 1 chapter 6. Towako and Yuuga are married now and getting ready for their honeymoon? But Setsuna is back and he’s determined to battle Yuuga. Towako doesn’t seem to remember what happened after the ceremony. The newlyweds are off to the beach! And only now Towako realizes that she’s really alone with her husband and gets very nervous…

Ojousama wa Oyomesama volume 2 chapter 7. Towako just can’t control herself… this time she gets so nervous that she passes out and wakes up in their room again. Now the situation is really tense and awkward. Towako was hoping that it’d be better today, but instead she’s just more worried how this could destroy their relationship. Can she find something that will help them?

Origami volume 2 chapter 6. If she collects enough white stones she might be able to make a wish and return to her normal life. So, Yuna needs to get more power, but for that she needs to figure out her God’s name? Hopefully the scarry Kai won’t get into Keita and Yuna’s way again…

Seisei Suruhodo, Aishiteru volume 1 chapter 3. Has Mia completely fallen for Kairi now? Only their fingers are touching yet she’s overwhelmed by her feelings. It hasn’t been long though since she broke up with her boyfriend, so she’s feeling uneasy about slipping into a new relationship so soon. She’s trying to resist with all her power, but can she really…? (Warning: Smut)

Shouri no Akuma volume 1 chapter 1. Tanakamori Asami is troubled. Due to financial problems of her family she has to transfer from a fancy to a normal school. Her classmate Kinoshita Akira is supposed to show her around, but Asami wasn’t expecting a cute girl?! The whole school seems kinda crazy and weird to the serious Asami, how well can she fit in, will her classmates accept her?

Shouri no Akuma volume 1 chapter 2. Akira doesn’t want Asami to worry about anything, she should just enjoy every day and not bother about the past. The class is even preparing a welcoming party for her when she’s just thinking about studying. Asami feels like it’s impossible for her to connect with her classmates because they’re so different, but maybe Akira can prove her the opposite.

Shouri no Akuma volume 1 chapter 3. Asami’s dad is arranging a marriage interview for her?! And just when Akira is visiting. Asami’s angry and runs away from home. She’s still going to school though and is surprised when Akira calls the board chairman an old hag?! It’s actually her mother and she’s inviting Asami to stay at her house? Her dad won’t give up on his plan on Asami getting married into a rich family meanwhile…

Shouri no Akuma volume 1 chapter 4. Asami ended up staying at Akira’s house. In return she wants to help Akira and her mother with housework, hopefully it won’t be too much for her! On the way to school Asami and Akira meet Arisugawa, the boy Asami was supposed to have the marriage interview with. But instead of Asami he notices Akira… and start following him, not knowing that he’s a guy!

Star Blacks volume 2 chapter 6. Kisaki is all alone in trying to stop the demons from taking over. She’s injured from the last battle but Taoka helps her. It turns out he knows quite a lot about katanas and demons, but he can’t tell her everything as that’s her father’s part. Why hasn’t her father told Kisaki the whole truth yet?

Star Blacks volume 2 chapter 7. Did Kisaki really give up her heart in exchange for invincibility just like her ancestor Saki? She seems much stronger now and the demons are gathering around her just like predicted, but her family and friends notice that she’s completely different now…

Star Blacks volume 2 chapter 8. Is Kisaki still a human? Ryuzou is worried and starts looking for her, even though it’s extremely dangerous to be walking around now. When Kisaki shows up back at home she doesn’t look good at all… does losing her heart mean that she’ll now become a demon herself?

Star Blacks volume 2 chapter 9. Kisaki has disappeared and everyone’s afraid now as demons are showing up everywhere. Eventually she returns home and her father reminds her that she needs to save everyone, but she doesn’t seem to care about what happens to others at all anymore. Can her father make her see things clearly before it’s too late…?

Star Blacks volume 2 extra: Tsuki’s Feelings. Tsuki has a huge crush on Ryuzou and she brings up the courage to confess to him. He doesn’t seem to be taking her seriously though. She’s so totally convinced that they belong together though, but does Ryuzou also like her?

Stardust Wink volume 1 chapter 1. Anna Koshiro, Sou Nagase and Hinata Tokura are childhood friends. They have been together ever since, but now when they’re getting older their relationship is getting more complicated. On top of that all girls are wondering which of the guys Anna likes more.

Stardust Wink volume 1 chapter 2. Sou unexpectedly confessed to Anna! She isn’t that sure about her feelings for him though. Besides that Sou’s been dating girls randomly up until now and Anna thinks he just wants to play with her. Sou seems to be pretty serious about it though…

Stardust Wink volume 1 chapter 3. Sou kisses Anna! Overwhelmed by this, Anna accepts Sou’s confession and they start dating. She doesn’t tell Hinata anything, but when she fights with Sou about his birthday she needs his help. But it all gets even worse when she realizes that she might like Hinata…

Stardust Wink volume 1 chapter 4. Instead of studying for the upcoming mock test Anna keeps thinking about Hinata and Sou. After talking to her friends Rui and Hime she realizes that she hurt Sou by not believing him first and then not listening to his wishes. Will they break up already?

Stardust Wink volume 1 chapter 5. It’s Sou’s birthday! Anna and Sou are back to being just friends. Anna has other things to worry about anyway since her mom has announced that she’ll find her a tutor if she does bad on the mock exam. But those worries are forgotten soon when she hears that Mashiro, her first love, is coming home soon!

Strobe Edge volume 2 chapter 5. Ninako couldn’t stand it anymore and just had to let Ren know about her feelings, so she confessed to him after their trip home. And Daiki, Ninako’s childhood friend, has also been confessed to? What will he do, continue pursuing Ninako, or change direction? Also, another guy has shown up! And he is trying to get his nose into Ninako’s business?

Strobe Edge volume 2 chapter 6. Although Ninako was dumped she’s still looking forward to seeing Ren because it makes her feel good to talk to him normally. But if only Andou wasn’t always in her way, just what is he scheming? Ninako finds Ren sleeping outside, will she wake him up or take the chance to get closer to him?! While running school errands she gets to meet his gorgeous girlfriend Mayuka, will this meeting make Ninako stop chasing after Ren?

Strobe Edge volume 2 chapter 7. Andou dragged Ninako away from Ren and Mayuka, just why would he do that? He’s telling her to stop liking Ren because he already has a girlfriend, but will Ninako listen to his advice? Ren doesn’t seem to like it that Andou’s showing interest in Ninako, is he worried because Andou has only been playing around with girls so far? And what’s going on between Daiki and Sayuri…?

Strobe Edge volume 2 ~Another Light~. What’s the history behind Ren and Mayuka’s relationship? Where and how did they meet and under which circumstances? Was their relationship always a harmonious one or did they have to face some obstacles? It almost seems like these two were destined for each other, but you never know what the future holds…

Strobe Edge volume 3 chapter 8. Ninako ran away from Andou, who had just kissed her on the forehead. She ran into Ren who promptly dragged her into a classroom and protected her. Does this mean that Ren is not angry at her? Or was this just on pure impulse to help a girl in need? Ninako decides it’s time to face him, but are there motives besides just suddenly wanting to avoid her that causes him to do this? Can Ninako’s heart take it?

Strobe Edge volume 3 chapter 9. Ninako bumps into Ren and Andou in the morning, and she doesn’t seem to mind the crowded train too much since Ren is protecting her. On the other hand that makes Andou jealous and he’s getting more aware of his feelings for Ninako. Will a funny misunderstand make Ninako care more about Andou when she thinks he’s in danger?

Strobe Edge volume 3 chapter 10. Ninako’s dumbness has reached a new level: she’s failed her math exam! Ninako and Ren’s friend Gacchan are now stuck taking retakes. Are they gonna fail again? Is Ninako going to do embarrassing things in front of Ren when he’s tutoring them in the library? Thanks to Gacchan she has a part time job now, is she gonna be clumsy and mess up in front of Ren?

Strobe Edge volume 3 chapter 11. Ren’s being stressed by all the girls calling his name and “accidentally” bumping into him, but that’s what he gets for being the most popular guy. Ninako’s meanwhile busy taking care of the school cat Buchou, which of the boys will help her out? Yuu and Manabu have started noticing a difference in Ren’s behaviour when he’s around Ninako, will they do something about that?

Strobe Edge volume 4 chapter 12. Watching Ren and Mayuka being happy is really painful for Ninako, but is it enough to accept Andou’s offer to date him, in order to forget about Ren? Andou’s not willing to give up just yet and tells her that he’ll try harder this time. What will Ninako’s reply to his confession be? After school Ninako and Ren are on cleaning duty when he suddenly kisses her…?

Strobe Edge volume 4 chapter 13. Ninako’s painful love for Ren keep growing, just how much longer can she take it? When Ren’s acting even weirder than usually Ninako can’t help it but check on him, and it turns out he’s ill. She’s probably enjoying taking him to the nurse’s office, will the two get even closer now? Will Ren start pushing her away when she gets too clingy?

Zenbu Shiritai volume 1 story 1: I Want to Know Everything. Miyako does everything for her boyfriend Makoto, except telling him that they only share so many interests because she kinda keeps stalking him all the time. She’s afraid of losing him, so she’s holding her feelings and worries back, but for how long can this be unnoticed by Makoto?

Zenbu Shiritai volume 1 story 2: Upside Down Honey. Chisato wants to fall in love with a normal guy, just like any other girl out there. But when she gets nervous she says the wrong things at the wrong time and guys keep running away from her. Maybe Akihiro could help her act normally around the other guys if she doesn’t give away his secret?

Zenbu Shiritai volume 1 story 3: Fall, Fall Rise. Michiru is a girl with poor luck when it comes to love. She’s been dumped several times by her boyfriends for other girls. During her latest breakup, in her attempt to get over her love she makes as if to commit suicide, however a boy from her school stops her, claiming he’ll introduce her to the best guy on Earth. Just who is the best guy on Earth and where can be found? Or is he right in front of Michiru’s eyes?

Zenbu Shiritai volume 1 story 4: When There’s Fireworks Tomorrow. Tomoe has a dream, it’s to go to the fireworks display during the summer together with the guy she likes. However, she hasn’t found that spark of love at all, at least, not until her childhood friend Miki, moves back to her school and she meets Kagami through him! She makes the perfect plan to confess to him, but that doesn’t go as well as she had hoped…

Zenbu Shiritai volume 1 story 5: Superstar. Kiyoko really likes the popular Hoshino, but it doesn’t seem like he has noticed her yet. When she finds out that he works at a weird store and that he hasn’t had a girlfriend before, she realizes that he isn’t so different from her after all. She happily keeps his secret and helps him out… will he notice that she likes him?


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