2014 Releases

Chitose etc. volume 3 chapter 16. Are Saaya and Shun actually in love?! There’s no way they can be together now, so Shun decides to ignore his feelings and concentrate on Chitose again. But what if Chitose finds out why Shun is really going out with her, will she still want to be his girlfriend? Yuki seems to be more and more confused too, suddenly he demands a special Christmas present from Chitose…

Chitose etc. volume 3 chapter 17. How was Shun like before he met everyone else at Haizawa Academy? Since he’s handsome he has always been popular, but how come he ended up with the older Narumi then? After falling in love for the first time he has to face a tough situation, has this turned him into the cold guy he is today?

Chitose etc. volume 3 chapter 18. Chitose is completely overwhelmed by Yuki’s sudden actions! Even when he tells her about his feelings, she’s still not sure whether he really means it. It’s like all her dreams were coming true but at the worst possible time. Will Yuki really break up with Saaya like promised? What about Shun, can Chitose break up with him, at this time?

Kinkyori Renai volume 4 chapter 13. Uni and Mirei fell, but Sakurai cared only about his ex in that moment. Uni is insecure, of course, and listens to another of Kou’s crazy plans. Will Sakurai tell Mirei about his new girlfriend and will she be able to accept it, or will she give away their secret relationship? Mirei might still be after Sakurai after all, why else would she show up at this school and look for his attention all the time…

Kinkyori Renai volume 4 chapter 14. Uni just saw Mirei and Sakurai hugging! But it turns out she can really trust Sakurai, Mirei is the one she should be watching out for! She really wants to be with him, no matter what, but will she succeed with her little tricks? Uni can’t help but feel insecure, she trusts Sakurai though and decides to fight for her love.

Kinkyori Renai volume 4 chapter 15. Uni took Mirei’s earring, but now what?! In a moment of panic she swallows it and has even more troubles. She can count on her family though and is persuaded to face all her fears. Will she find enough courage though to talk to Sakurai about everything? Or will she change her mind when she catches Mirei and him meeting secretly…

Kinkyori Renai volume 4 chapter 16. Uni just broke up with Sakurai and neither of them seems to be handling the situation well. Nami and Saki are trying to cheer up an emotionless Uni with no success. Will Sakurai and Uni make up or is this really the end of their relationship. Just when all seems hopeless Mirei decides to tell Uni the truth?

Kinkyori Renai volume 4 extra. Back at high school. Sakurai is very popular with the girls and they’re thrilled when he suddenly starts wearing glasses one day. He never tells anyone the real reason behind this though. Why does he dislike being compared to the famous actor Sakurada Leo so much and what’s their connection? They look alike enough to be…

Kinkyori Renai volume 5 chapter 17. Everyone in Uni’s class is excited about the new transfer student! When it turns out that it’s the popular and good-looking model Azusa Konan, no one can hold back the excitement anymore. It seems that Konan knows Uni though. What’s their connection and why is he so angry at her? Sakurai realizes that Konan might be a serious rival and decides to fight for his love…

Kinkyori Renai volume 5 chapter 18. Now that Konan knows what’s going on between Uni and Sakurai, will he tell the others? Uni wants to make up for not remembering Konan right away, so she’s trying to fix the relationship between him and the rest of the class. Konan isn’t really interested in talking to others though, and there are also his fans who might turn out problematic for Uni. Konan even finds out Sakurai’s big secret!

Kinkyori Renai volume 5 chapter 19. Who will everyone believe now, the popular Sakurai or the new star Konan? Uni is very confused, but at the same time grateful for Konan’s help, not knowing that he’s come up with a new plan to separate her from Sakurai. Will Konan really be able to separate those two and have Uni for himself?! Sakurai isn’t giving up so easily, at least not until he sees…

Kinkyori Renai volume 5 chapter 20. Konan tricked Uni into a kiss?! And Sakurai saw them too, how will he react? Konan isn’t willing to give up yet, even though Uni doesn’t love him. Uni and Sakurai’s anniversary is coming soon too, but suddenly he wants some space. Luckily he seems to have made up his mind just in time and they meet up. Their date takes an unexpected turn though…

Kinkyori Renai volume 6 chapter 21. Sakurai broke up with Uni! She’s completely crushed but trying not to show it to anyone. Since it’s the time of the sports festival, it’s not hard for Uni to distract herself with tasks and Konan is by her side too. It looks like Uni’s class could win and get a very tempting award, if there weren’t boys from another class trying to sabotage this by tricking Uni. Will Sakurai help her out in the end, or will it be Konan?

Mitsuiro Devil volume 1 chapter 4. Rin and Char’s romance continues! While Char can’t keep his hands off Rin, she actually wants a more romantic relationship with him, but she just doesn’t know how to explain something like that to a demon. He wouldn’t understand her feelings, right? Just when she’s upset with his way of acting a new rival suddenly shows up, will Char lose Rin to him…?! (Warning: Smut)

Mitsuiro Devil volume 1 chapter 5. A young Char, living in Avalon, starts dreaming about a lonely little girl. He wants to meet her again in his dreams, but she just doesn’t show up anymore. So, the little Char is determined to keep sleeping and naping till he meets her again. The adult Char keeps this sleeping habit, but eventually forgets the reason behind it. (Warning: Smut)

Saint Dragon Girl Miracle volume 5 chapter 23. An is very insecure after Ren’s rejection and she’s not sure anymore whether she likes Ren or Ryuuji more. Just right in the middle of this confusion Mio decides it’s time to return to her school and Ryuuji gives An his pendant and leaves as well. Can Ren and An convince him to stay or will they be too late?

Saint Dragon Girl Miracle volume 5 chapter 24. Ren and An go to Kamakura to find Ryuuji! They meet his family and find out that he had gone on vacation already. An learns more about Ryuuji’s and also her own past, will those memories make her realise who she really loves? Ryuuji and Mio are suddenly in big danger, just what is Nemuri plotting and why does he want the Ouryu?!

Saint Dragon Girl Miracle volume 5 chapter 25. Nemuri failed and instead of gaining power over the Ouryu he unleashed tornados! An is trying her best to save everyone, but she’s still insecure about her power. Will she be able to save Ryuuji who suddenly falls off Lime?! An is finally listening to her heart and confesses to… We hope you enjoyed this project, thanks so much to Evil Flowers for working on it with us!

Stardust Wink volume 8 chapter 37. The Photography Koshien has ended, did Anna’s school win?! Everyone has to return home now and Anna has just realized that she’s in a long distance relationship with Hinata. Nanoka wants to cheer her on, but like usually her help creates some chaos and suddenly Hinata isn’t responding anymore. Will Anna have the courage to find out what happened?

Stardust Wink volume 8 chapter 38. Hinata seems to be in big troubles! Sou and Anna can’t just stand still at home, so they’re off to Tokyo to rescue their childhood friend. But will they even be able to find him?! They get lost, but luckily run into a student from Hinata’s school who’s even a key figure in all the mess. What will Hinata do in the end, will he stand up for himself?

Strange Dragon volume 1 chapter 1. Hibana, the princess of Sai Lun, is turning 17 soon and should actually become the queen, but her uncle Shidou isn’t willing to step down unless she can subdue a dragon, just like the ancient king did. She decides to visit the town where, according to the legends, the dragons first came down. There she meets Isara, an awkward boy who hates people, will he help her find the last dragon?


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