2008 Releases

Adarshan no Hanayome volume 1 chapter 1. Adarshan’s Black Demon, Prince Alexid, is told to marry the imperial Princess of Kastoria, Justinia, all for the sake of the peace treaty between those two countries. But what will Alexid do when he finds out that the Princess is only 10 years old? And what will happen when they meet for the first time?

Adarshan no Hanayome volume 1 chapter 2. Justinia attacks Alexid with a dagger?! Why is she so mad at him? Will he help her anyway when she gets in trouble again? Suddenly the little girl is talking about revenge! It seems like Alexid killed her knight Nana and she’s determined to make Alexid pay for that…

Adarshan no Hanayome volume 1 chapter 3. During the dinner party Alexid discovers a dagger inside the food, is someone trying to harm the Royal family? The King, Alexid’s brother decides to send the guests to their rooms and investigate the matter. Will they find out who hid the dagger and why they did it? Suddenly Justinia disappears too and Alexid is attacked by…

Adarshan no Hanayome volume 1 chapter 4. Why is Samael, Alexid’s mentor and friend, suddenly trying to kill him?! And he also kidnapped Justinia and hid her? Alexid was only brought into the family because his brother, the King, was sickly as a child, and if Alexid was ever a threat to the throne it’d be Samael’s responsibility to get rid of him.

Ageha 100% volume 2 chapter 5. The girls wearing make-up have been noticed by the school authorities and so the rules will be even stricter now. On top of that Kisaragi starts fighting with the cold looking Student Council Vice President too, how will he be punished for that? But it seems like the Student Council wants to stand behind the students’ wishes, so maybe it’s not all over yet for Ageha…

Ageha 100% volume 2 chapter 6. Is the Student Council behind the fake Ageha? Ageha follows the fake butterfly card and ends up meeting Tachibana, Kusakari and Hasuno in the gym. Has Ageha been betrayed by one of the girls and will they really try to reveal Ageha’s real identity by removing her make-up by force and then expelling her from the Academy?

Ageha 100% volume 2 chapter 7. The gorgeous Student Council President Ayame was behind the fake Ageha all this time, only because she was so jealous of Ageha’s popularity? Can Rin and Kisaragi escape them without their real identities being revealed? Can they persuade them that make-up isn’t something bad?

Ageha 100% volume 2 chapter 8. Everything seems so peaceful now and Rin’s really happy. She’s still trying to reach the goal of collecting 100 cards like the original Ageha. Now Rin’s best friend Ryou is fighting with her boyfriend Yamada because of the make-up she’s using, can Rin help her? Will Ageha’s make-up and a bit of self-confidence solve all the problems?

Ageha 100% volume 2 special: Kisaragi 99%. Kisaragi is awfully bored at school, there aren’t enough events and even the clubs aren’t fun enough for him. So he’s skipping classes and one day he takes a nap in the abandoned Drama Club room and finds out who Ageha really is. Will that make his life more exciting?

Ageha 100% volume 3 chapter 9. Rin has conflicted feelings when Ran shows up. Just who is this beautiful woman and just what role does she play in Kisaragi’s past? They seem to hold a special relationship, and with Rin’s developing feelings for Kisaragi, just what exactly is she going to do, faced with this new pretty rival?

Akatsuki no Aria volume 1 chapter 1. Kaibara Aria comes from a rich family and her biggest dream is to become a professional pianist. Can she pass the entrance exams and go to the Tokyo Music Academy? Shirayuki and the other teachers are impressed by her talent, but will that be enough? And what’s up with her complicated family situation?

Akatsuki no Aria volume 1 chapter 2. Aria is an illegitimate child and was just introduced to her father’s family, but will they accept her? It seems that Ayako doesn’t really like her, but Tsukio, Aria’s cousin, seems to be nice. Aria seems disappointed though when she finds out that Natsuo is her brother… and he seems to feel exactly the same way.

Akatsuki no Aria volume 1 chapter 3. A talented student will be given the chance to perform in the Saturday concert, will it be Aria or is Ayako better? The students are given scores to practice and it seems that thanks to Ayako’s bullying Aria won’t be able to practice…? After arguing with her mother, Aria decides to stay at the dorm, can she make friends there?

Akuma to Love Song volume 1 chapter 5. Meguro is carrying Maria to the hospital, why is he so irritated though? He pays the hospital bill and even buys her new shoes, but she doesn’t seem too grateful. Will the two get closer when Maria tells Meguro more about her past at Katria or will the distance between them get even bigger?

Akuma to Love Song volume 1 chapter 6. Maria’s foot is slowly healing and Yuusuke is worried about her, but she just can’t help it but get into more trouble with her classmates, and this time it’s about Nippachi again who’s been absent from school. Even the teacher still believes that Maria’s the reason for all problems in the class…

Akuma to Love Song volume 2 chapter 7. Maria and Yuusuke are visiting Nippachi, but will she be happy to see them? She’s still kinda scared of Maria after all. And when Maria shows up a second time at Nippachi’s place she clearly tells her that things would never change if she wasn’t the one to do it. Will Nippachi listen to Maria’s advice?

Akuma to Love Song volume 2 chapter 8. Nippachi finally has the strength to go back to school thanks to Maria, but will she be able to stand up to her classmates and defend her beliefs, as well as Maria? Or will Maria and the boys have to defend themselves? The girls end up fighting again and the result of it is Maria losing her cross necklace…

Akuma to Love Song volume 2 chapter 9. Yuusuke’s mood has changed and he is trying to convince the teacher to give Maria back her cross, but will he be successful? Why is he doing that anyway, is he in love with Maria? The dilemma at school continues, and the other girls decide that now is a great time to start bullying Maria, but what will they do when the teacher decides that Maria should be the leader for the upcoming choral contest?

Akuma to Love Song volume 2 chapter 10. What is Maria’s response to Yuusuke’s sudden confession? Will she respond at all? It’s the beginning of the preparations of the song the class will sing. Which one will they choose? Is Maria stuck all on her own or will she accept help from Yuusuke yet again in order to survive the trials the class puts before her?

Akuma to Love Song volume 2 chapter 11. It looks like Maria can’t really expect help from her classmates. Now even the boys are against her since she called Yuusuke an idiot. Yuusuke is still helping her though and the song decision has been made. Will Meguro help out too now or will he refuse because he doesn’t want to get too close to Maria?

Akuma to Love Song volume 2 chapter 12. The contest song has been chosen and Maria is putting great effort into trying to get everyone interested in it. But will her efforts be rewarded with friendship? Or even more hatred and bullying by her classmates? At least she still has Yuusuke and Meguro by her side, but can those three really do everything alone?

Beauty!! volume 2 chapter 10. Makoto and Mucchan are going on a date! Will it be as romantic as Makoto is imagining it or will it be something completely different? You is chasing them as well, so the date turns out to be more of a race than having fun together. Can they shake him off and have some fun in the end? But then it looks like everything’s going too fast for Makoto…

Beauty!! volume 2 chapter 11. The new semester has begun. Makoto is still nervous because of the date, but luckily You interrupts the silence. And it turns out that the guy who she met during the date is the new Student Council President, Kazama. Why does he suddenly show up in the Beauty Research Club, is he interested in Makoto?

Binetsu Shoujo volume 5 chapter 25. How will Hiro react when he finds Arima together with his Rina, and on top of that Arima says that he’ll take her away from him. Hiro just leaves and Rina is really desperate now. At least her health hasn’t gotten worse and she can leave the hospital, but that doesn’t make facing Hiro any easier for her…

Binetsu Shoujo volume 5 chapter 26. Hiro hit Arima right on the stage! And when Rina gets into trouble in front of the stage it is Arima who helps her. She feels like she needs to thank him for that, but is it a good idea to be alone with him? Hiro gets the chance to talk to Rina’s dad and he realizes that he loves Rina as much as to fight for her.

Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon volume 2 chapter 8. Sailor Venus is the 5th soldier to join the team. Is she the Moon Princess they have been looking for all this time? Will she help everyone remember their past lives? Their enemy is still the Dark Kingdom and they must defeat them and not have the past repeated. But can they really do that when the enemy is so strong…?

Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon volume 2 chapter 9. Mamoru is starting to remember his past too, and his name from that time, Endymion. While protecting him during the battle Usagi transforms into Serenity, the Moon Princess. In their past life they were lovers, their love was forbidden though and ended in a tragedy. Will the past repeat itself again?

Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon volume 2 chapter 10. Mamoru has been kidnapped and Usagi is mad worried, but for now she has to face her past on the Moon. What will the soldiers find there, in between the ruins? Queen Serenity appears and tells them more about the past tragedy as well as about the enemy which is now threatening them. Usagi learns that she is the only one who can protect the others…

Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon volume 2 chapter 11. While mourning for the loss of her love, Usagi meets a man who looks similar to Mamoru by the name of Endou… but he couldn’t possibly be the Mamoru she knows and loves, right? Will Usagi be okay, or will Endou lure her into telling all of the secrets of the sailor soldiers and take her Silver Crystal?

Boku no Hatsukoi o Kimi ni Sasagu volume 2 chapter 6. Takuma is letting Mayu pierce his ear, in hope this could change his fate somehow. When Mayu starts crying he realizes that she’s worried about him and his fate all the time, and that he shouldn’t be by her side in order to protect her? Can he separate himself from Mayu by going to a boarding school?

Boku no Hatsukoi o Kimi ni Sasagu volume 2 chapter 7. Takuma is convinced not to see Mayu ever again and is now going to the Shidou Private Junior High School. On the first day already he meets Ritsu, his classmate and roommate, who is surprised to see Takuma with blonde hair. Is there a special reason why he changed his hair colour?

Boku no Hatsukoi o Kimi ni Sasagu volume 2 chapter 8. What’s Mayu doing at Takuma’s school?! She’s extremely angry at him for running away from her, but in the end he wasn’t successful. It looks like the Dorm President Kou has already noticed Mayu, but she doesn’t seem to like him at all. What’s this punishment dorm game about, what does Mayu have to do…?!

Boku no Hatsukoi o Kimi ni Sasagu volume 2 chapter 9. Takuma is really upset that Mayu has to kiss Kou as part of the punishment game, will he try to interfere? He should actually have more trust in Mayu and believe that she’s clever enough to trick Kou. Can Takuma and Mayu talk normally to each other again now?

Boku no Hatsukoi o Kimi ni Sasagu volume 2 chapter 10. Takuma’s slowly growing up now, and with that comes his body acting up too. Kou keeps annoying Mayu meanwhile though she clearly has no interest in him. He’s pretty sly though and telling Takuma to follow his original plan to separate himself from Mayu, as she would suffer too much otherwise.

Boku no Hatsukoi o Kimi ni Sasagu volume 3 chapter 11. Takuma’s trying to keep away Mayu by all means, he hurts her by saying that she’s annoying and he even gives her the lucky charm back. He’s pretty popular with the girls too now and Mayu’s worried that she’s just not cute enough for him…

Boku no Hatsukoi o Kimi ni Sasagu volume 3 chapter 12. Ritsu has had enough of Mayu and Takuma! Mayu’s depressed all the time now, she loves Takuma but he’s just ignoring her. And Takuma’s really moody too. They’re making everyone else feel awkward as well, so Ritsu suggests they should be friends only?!

Boku no Hatsukoi o Kimi ni Sasagu volume 3 chapter 13. Can Takuma really stay by Mayu’s side when they’re only friends? Meanwhile Kou’s not giving up yet and trying to persuade Mayu to stay away from Takuma, even if she loves him. From his own experience he knows how much it hurts to lose someone you love…

Boku no Hatsukoi o Kimi ni Sasagu volume 3 chapter 14. Kou doesn’t want Mayu to cry and suffer like his mother did? Is that really the only reason why he’s interested in Mayu? She’s stubborn as always and determined that her feelings will never change, no matter what others say. Meanwhile, Takuma surprises everyone during the ball game tournament, he’s more athletic than everyone thought.

Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu volume 3 chapter 15. Takuma collapsed after playing basketball and an ambulance was called, will be he all right? Knowing the physical limits of his body, will Takuma begin to believe that someone strong and healthy like Kou would really be better suited for Mayu? At the hospital Teru recognizes Takuma, just who is she though?!

Boku no Hatsukoi o Kimi ni Sasagu volume 3 special. Yuiko is Mayu’s roommate. Although Mayu has a cold aura around her and keeps rejecting Kou, she’s really a very kind girl. She seems a bit clumsy too, but she always does her best no matter what she’s doing. Yuiko hopes that Mayu and Takuma will move on one day and be happy together.

Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu Volume 4 Chapter 16. Teru’s the girl who kissed Takuma before Mayu?! With her appearance, Mayu has grown uneasy and is afraid to leave the two alone. What if she takes Takuma away from her? She’s really jealous and Takuma is enjoying this situation a little. Why is Teru glad that Takuma and Mayu aren’t dating though…

Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu volume 4 chapter 17. Mayu overhears the question Teru asks Takuma and his response is not the one that Mayu wanted to hear. Because of that, Mayu breaks down and depends on Ritsu to cheer her up… but how does Takuma feel about this, when he catches Ritsu holding Mayu in his arms? Mayu and Takuma are only “friends” though, so what decision will Takuma make?

Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu volume 4 chapter 18. After getting sucked into Teru’s trap, Takuma promises to Mayu that he’ll fix his wrongdoings, however when he goes to see Teru he’s found with a very unpleasant surprise and unexpected girlfriend. Now Takuma is in trouble, but will he be able to get out of this situation?

Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu volume 4 chapter 19. The outcome of Teru kissing Takuma unexpectedly… how will Mayu react? She placed all of her hope in Takuma, hope that they would be together, but now their future has been changed forever. Will Takuma beg for forgiveness, tell her he loves her? Or will he allow Mayu to push him further away?

Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu volume 4 chapter 20. It’s summer time for Mayu and Takuma. It’s pretty hot and everyone’s suffering in the heat. What will happen when Kou and Takuma sneak into Mayu’s room? She’s very upset over Takuma dating Teru, can she ever forgive him? Would it be better if she started liking Kou instead?

Brand Peace volume 1 chapter 2. Mii was rejected by Yashiro, did she get over it yet? The boys and the girls have started acting normal towards each other, but can Kazusa and Yashiro get along as well? It looks like Mii hasn’t given up yet, she’s still hoping that Yashiro will fall in love with her and now he even agreed to be her “temporary” boyfriend!

Brand Peace volume 1 chapter 3. Mii has realized that Yashiro actually likes Kazusa, although they’re fighting all the time. And she might have feelings for Yamato herself, but he would only date her under the condition that their feelings are mutual. Either way, the “temporary” relationship of Mii and Yashiro continues, Kazusa and Yamato don’t seem too fond of that…

Brand Peace volume 1 chapter 4. Mii finally got her first kiss and she is wondering now what the next step in her relationship with Yashiro is supposed to be, Yamato is meanwhile confronted by his ex-girlfriend Asuka, does she want him back? Was Mii the reason why they broke up, how can she handle this kind of guilt? And why is Kazusa suddenly interested in Yamato too?!

Cappuccino volume 1 chapter 1. Ari and Sousuke have been dating for four years and now they feel like it’s the right time to move in together. Inaba and Remi, their close friends from college help them, but why haven’t Ari and Sousuke told their parents about their plans? What will happen when they find out the truth?!

Code Name wa SailorV volume 2 chapter 7: SailorV Vacation Story. Minako is super lucky and wins a trip to Hawaii! Can she actually enjoy a vacation when Hibiscus of the Dark Agency is planning to take everyone’s energy? Somehow she manages to confuse the planes and ends up in Greece and Hibiscus follows her there…

Dear Friends volume 1 chapter 1. Rina sleeps with the boyfriend of her friend and they get caught. Hiroko is mad, but Rina doesn’t feel too guilty, she was just “borrowing” him after all and she was only using her friend, that’s what friends are there for. She continues playing around with people, but what if she suddenly needs help, will anyone be there for her?

Dear Friends volume 1 chapter 2. Rina has cancer and was about to end her life when Maki stopped her. Will she protect her again when two of her “friends” come to mock and laugh at her? Rina has a few more battles to face, but will she change her attitude in time to help out Maki in return and change her own future for the better?

Fiance wa Monster!? volume 1 chapter 1. Hitomi Miku has to move into a creepy mansion with weird animals, a cool yet cold Rauto and… monsters? She has to wear a maid outfit and serve Rauto, who is really unfriendly and picky, is he a monster? Her new classmate Erika is helping her to find out the truth, but suddenly she disappears…

Galism ~Love Supreme Sisters~ volume 1 chapter 3. Ran is feeling bad for troubling everyone, but she can’t help it, she really likes Yuudai and she wants to find out now if it is really love. Does he feel the same for her? Can at least Yuri and Nobara accept her decision? The three sisters start fighting, will they still continue the justice mission?

Galism ~Love Supreme Sisters~ volume 1 chapter 4. The sisters want to challenge the new gal team, but will they be successful? Ran isn’t as confused anymore because of her feelings for Yuudai while Kento has a fight with the principal. He is in a bad enough mood already and then discovers Ran and Yuudai’s secret relationship…

Hadashi de Bara o Fume volume 1 chapter 1. Kitamura Sumi’s life is extremely busy! She isn’t only taking care of many orphaned children, her older brother Eisuke is also very irresponsible and they have debts. When one of the orphans suddenly gets sick Sumi runs into a handsome young man who even gives her money. Will she see him again? Later she is desperate enough to sell her life for the sake of the children, and a young gentleman buys her, but under the condition that she wouldn’t fall in love with him…

Hadashi de Bara o Fume volume 1 chapter 2. Sumi has agreed to the marriage terms and now she isn’t allowed to talk to anyone! She is surprised that her future husband Souichirou seems to know quite a lot about her, but secretly she is thinking of the handsome young man who saved her…

Hadashi de Bara o Fume volume 1 chapter 3. Sumi slapped Souichirou when he kissed her, on top of that in front of everyone and in the church?! How is Souichirou going to react to this? Sumi hasn’t realized yet that she just married into a wealthy and important Ashida family, can she behave properly when Souichirou is taking her to see his grandfather? Did Souichirou only marry her to inherit the family property and the financial group?

Hadashi de Bara o Fume volume 1 chapter 4. Sumi begins her lady training. She starts out by learning how to speak “properly” and learns to read and write, among some extra “lessons” from Souichirou. As such, her first test in front of other people is sooner than later. Will Sumi be able to hide the fact that she is from the poorest class and show that she too can be a natural-born high-class lady?

Hadashi de Bara o Fume volume 1 chapter 5. Sumi just discovered that the handsome young man she has been wanting to see again is Souichirou’s friend Nozomu! He seems to be remembering the poor girl he helped out a week ago too, but Souichirou makes sure he doesn’t recognize her. When they are invited to his party next month, Sumi finally has a reason to take the lady training very seriously!

Hadashi de Bara o Fume volume 2 chapter 6. Sumi and Souichirou are at Nozomu’s house while Eisuke is trying to find her. Dining with Nozomu and his parents, Sumi learns more about the past, but why is Nozomu so upset when his parents want him to marry too? Can Sumi talk to him and ease his pain?

Hadashi de Bara o Fume volume 2 chapter 7. Sumi and Nozomu’s friendly chat ends up in a hug, is Nozomu falling for the kind Sumi, although she is his friend’s wife? Souichirou doesn’t really seem to be worried about that at all, has he been planning something behind Nozomu’s back? Will Sumi remain by Souichirou’s side though she doesn’t really like him or will she listen to her heart?

Hana Yori Dango: Ore no Hanashi wo Shiyou ka? Doumyouji decides to be kind to Rui and try to set him up with a girl named Kimiko, however the girl isn’t exactly who everyone thinks she is. And while searching for who exactly this Kimiko could be, Doumyouji asks Tsukushi to marry him. It is during this time of reflection that Rui realizes where his true place is and that another love does exist for him.

Hanayomesama wa 16sai volume 1 chapter 1. Just before her death, Tamaki’s mom told her to go to this place where she could live. Arriving there she meets Shinga, who is supposed to be her fiance?! It looks like Tamaki’s mom and Shinga’s dad used to be close friends a long time ago and made this arrangement back then. Since she’s left with a huge debt, there doesn’t seem to be any other option for Tamaki left but this arranged marriage…

Kaori-chan no Himitsu Nikki. Kaori has quite the imagination when it comes to romance. In particular, she daydreams about cliche school romance scenes between herself and the boy she likes, Ryuu. One day she drops her diary and it’s picked up by the difficult and hard-to-approach Mayuki. Is this the beginning of a beautiful friendship or will Mayuki show everyone her diary…?

Kare Made Love KM volume 5 chapter 27. Miyuu is really excited about going to the beach and being with Minami, will he finally kiss her? But with Minami’s brother, Yuka, Madoka and Shizuka around too, will Miyuu and Minami be alone for even a minute? Miyuu is nervous as always around Minami, but she is really happy when they manage to sneak away…

Kare Made Love KM volume 5 chapter 28. Miyuu passed out after confessing?! And when she wakes up she is lying right next to Minami, moreover he is hugging her? They are totally embarrassed when the others see them and Shizuka is trying her best again to separate them, will she be successful this time? Will Yuka help her with that mission too or will she support Miyuu?

Kare Made Love KM volume 5 chapter 29. Miyuu is nervously waiting for Minami who wants to talk to her, not knowing that Shizuka is trying to snatch him away at the same time. Will he give in to her wish and kiss her? Suddenly they’re trapped and can’t return to the house, how will Miyuu react when she sees those two returning back together…?

Kare Made Love KM volume 5 chapter 30. Miyuu and Minami finally confessed to each other and kissed! Yuka is happy for her friend while Shizuka has to deal with her jealousy and move on. So, what is next? A date at the aquarium! Miyuu wants to look super cute for her boyfriend and definitely kiss him again. Will the date go as she planned it?

Kare Made Love KM volume 5 chapter 31. Summer is over for Miyuu, so it’s back to school for her and Minami. But with his first rejection, the entire school finds out that Minami has a girlfriend, so now Miyuu lives in fear of her life! Not to mention fear of their relationship as well… will the new couple be able to survive? Can they really keep their relationship a secret?

Koi Suta volume 1 chapter 1. Shizuku is sure that today she’ll meet her destined guy! But who could it be and why is she focused so desperately on this? Is she trying to get over someone? Will her destined guy be the cool and popular Sora? Their first encounter doesn’t seem too promising, will they get along at all?

Koi Suta volume 1 chapter 3. Shizuku asked Sora to go out with her?! What will his response be, will he accept her confession? It doesn’t seem like he’d go out with a girl any time soon as he doesn’t trust them. Will Shizuku listen to Gokokuji’s advice and avoid Sora? Just what happened in the past that made him so cold…

Kokoro volume 1 chapter 1. Megumi is an outsider in her all-girls high school class. She’s not really clever, so the others are avoiding her. But since the tuition is very expensive, Megumi doesn’t want to let her parents down and pretends to be doing fine in school. Even her friend Rina doesn’t have time for her anymore. Even worse, Megumi somehow starts shoplifting…

Love Berrish! volume 1 chapter 3. Yuuya’s slowly falling in love with Azusa and he’s making her really nervous! But what’s up with the grumpy Nagisa, he seems to always be getting in the way. And he even tells Yuuya to stay away from Azusa! Is he jealous or are there other reasons behind his actions?!

Love Berrish! volume 1 chapter 4. Yuuya is really mad! Nagisa pretended to kiss her in front of Azusa and then told her he wasn’t actually interested in her. But in front of the others he says that they’re dating. Just what kind of game is Nagisa playing and what’s making him dislike Azusa so much?

Love Berrish! volume 1 chapter 5. Yuuya still doesn’t understand why Nagisa’s acting so weird. Is he rooting for her or does he want her to stay away from Azusa? There’s also the pretty Ame who doesn’t want to participate in their school’s beauty contest. Can the others convince her that she’s pretty enough?

Love Berrish! volume 2 chapter 6. Yuuya saw Azusa go into Ame’s room. What kind of relationship do those two have, are they really close or are they even dating? Emika is determined to find out the truth! Meanwhile Ame has been picked to participate in the beauty contest.

Love Luck volume 1 chapter 1. Suzuki is determined to finally confess to the kind and smart Yamato! If there wasn’t a big problem though, the really annoying Dan who keeps harassing her. Somehow she doesn’t hate him though, but that might soon change when the two get into a car accident and switch places. Dan, pretending to be Yamato, accepts her confession and kisses her…

Love Luck volume 1 chapter 2. Suzuki got tricked by Dan and the boys are trying to figure out how to change back. Getting into another accident seems too dangerous, so they’ll have to stay switched. What will Suzuki do now, can she still like Yamato though he’s in the body of the guy who’s been playing with her and going on her nerves all this time?

Love Luck volume 1 chapter 3. Yamato heard everything?! And Dan says he’d leave her alone if she really makes Yamato fall in love with her? Can she really do that in such a short time? Either way, she’s bugged by their appearance, and when Yamato suddenly confesses to her she can’t get herself to give him a reply right away…

Love Luck volume 1 chapter 4. Suzuki is trying to sort out her feelings in order to face Yamato (who’s pretending to be Dan), while Yamato does the same, and meanwhile, Dan (pretending to be Yamato) begins to try to get Suzuki to fall in love with him… who will she start falling for?

Love Luck volume 1 chapter 5. Suzuki is just confused now. For a moment she thought she actually likes Dan, but maybe it’s only because they’ve been spending more time with each other now and he’s been nicer to her. Will she figure out if she likes Dan or does she just like him because of Yamato’s body?

Love Luck volume 1 chapter 6. There was another accident all of a sudden and the boys are back to normal? Dan’s injured though and Yamato’s really worried. But it turns out he’ll be fine and Yamato knows now that he likes Suzuki, but not more than a friend. And Suzuki realizes that she loves…

M.T. Pass volume 2 chapter 7. Aki kissed Saya! She still doesn’t know though how he feels about her. Can Ai help her understand him? When she wants to see Aki at M.T. she overhears the two of them fighting, and it’s about Ai’s feelings for her. How will Saya react when she realized that both brothers like her?

M.T. Pass volume 2 chapter 8. Aki can’t tell Saya what he feels for her because he doesn’t want to be in his brother’s way. Ai is feeling guilty as well and decides to simpy leave, if he’s not around Saya and Aki will be happy. Can they find Ai and sort things out before the gap between the two brothers gets even bigger?

M.T. Pass volume 2 chapter 9. Aki and Saya found Ai! After a little fight between the two brothers, everything seems to be okay now. Aki asked Says to come see him at his shop, just what is he planning this time? On the way Saya bumps into a handsome yet weird jewelry shop owner Ichi, will she visit him too after he gave her a pass?

M.T. Pass volume 2 chapter 10. Saya confronts Aki on the legitimacy of his fortunes, especially the one that said they were destined lovers. Is Aki really just a fraud and doing everything to make his fortunes come true? As a result Saya questions her love for Aki… With Ichi’s influence, will Saya leave Aki? Does Aki even love Saya?

M.T. Pass volume 2 chapter 11. Ichi has been pretty suspicious all this time, obviously plotting something, and he begins to put his plan into action now. Saya is in great danger as Ichi tests Aki and Saya’s love for each other. He knows Saya will do anything for him, so he wants her to become his toy, in exchange for not kicking Aki out of M.T. Will Saya agree to such terms?!

M.T. Pass volume 2 chapter 12. Saya wants to protect Aki, so she visits Ichi. Is Ichi only causing so many troubles because he’s lonely and bored? Aki’s determined too to protect Saya and makes a huge sacrifice, can he really give up his job so easily? Can Aki and Saya finally overcome all the obstacles and be a happy couple?

Max Lovely! volume 3 chapter 2. The new p.e. teacher Takuma was secretly taking pictures of the girls?! And now the girls are getting weird text messages and are getting annoyed by strangers. Airi thinks Gojou could be behind the pictures, though it could be “F” as well. When the pictures are discovered between Hikaru’s stuff, everyone’s suspecting him, but Airi and Taki find out from where the pictures were taken…

Max Lovely! volume 3 chapter 3. Why would a p.e. teacher take pictures of the girls and distibute them at the train station? Is it for money? Taki finds Takuma very suspicious as he acts very differently when he’s around girls. Airi finds the proof in his bag but why has Takuma been doing that, is it because he’s in love with Airi? Takuma gets fired and Hikaru has his reputation back, it seems it all went well in the end!

Max Lovely! volume 3 chapter 4. Nako confesses to Hikaru?! He doesn’t really reject her, but he can’t go out with her yet. Will Nako understand and accept that? Airi’s annoyed because of her Maths homework meanwhile, but maybe Taki will help her and she can celebrate a happy birthday? But then Airi discovers a secret “F” meeting and is told not to tell anyone about it, otherwise they would kill Taki…

Max Lovely! volume 3: A Goddess Smiled Down on You. Mitsuru and Masaki are competing who’s the most popular boy in the class. Sari wins among the girls and Masaki, who’s been Sari’s friend for a longer time, gets really jealous when Mitsuru wins. And when Mitsuru and Sari start getting closer Masaki gets even more jealous as he’s always looking for a chance to win against Mitsuru. Does he have a reason to be jealous though?

Max Lovely! volume 4 chapter 1. Airi has realized that she likes Taki who has been only her friend for a long time? What has happened to Hikaru over the summer, he seems strangely mature and will Iseya be honest when Airi asks him about the “F” meeting where she saw him? Instead of talking about “F”, Iseya tells her that he will have to transfer if he doesn’t place first on the test this time, how will Michiru react to this news…

Max Lovely! volume 4 chapter 2. Airi and Taki’s class is doing a Romeo and Juliet performance for the Cultural Festival, but are those 2 okay with playing the lovers? They don’t seem to be that close ever since Iseya’s problems made them fight. At least Iseya made it to the top position on the test, but why is Taki only the 10th this time? Did he “fail” on purpose?

Mayonaka no Ariadne volume 1 chapter 1. Chiyoko, nicknamed Choko ever since she was little, isn’t really tall and has just entered school. She’s hoping to fit in well into the new class, when she recognizes someone from her childhood. It’s Chiharu and he seems to be a rather weird guy. She follows him and enters a strange underground place, can she escape?!

Mayonaka no Ariadne volume 1 chapter 2. Chiyoko is underground and gets caught by a strange guy who tells her that she can’t leave anymore! Just then a woman saves her, but Chiyoko realizes it’s actually Chiharu. He helps her find the way out but also makes it clear that she shouldn’t come back ever again. While wondering about Chiharu, Chiyoko suddenly meets the strange underground guy again…

Momo volume 1 chapter 1. Yume is a troubled high school student. She isn’t really lucky at home and even at school she’s got problems. But at least she has her childhood friend Kana who helps her whenever he can! She should better concentrate on her make-up exams and getting a part-time job at the moment, but then she meets Momo who just moved into this strange house on the hill…

Momo volume 1 chapter 2. The cute little Momo is the Devil?! When Yume is totally upset about all the bad things happening on her birthday she wishes for the world to end, and Momo will grant her wish… The Earth is to be destroyed next by Momo and Yume is its representative? She’s got 2 years to give Momo 7 good reasons why the Earth should not be destroyed. Maybe some fun at an amusement park will please Momo?

Momo volume 1 chapter 3. Yume is stressed! So far she managed to give Momo only 1 good reason (and that was a cake), how can she find the remaining 6 in such a short time? Will visiting the planetarium be interesting enough for the demanding Momo? Yume is also really worried about money, but luckily she found a part-time job.

Momo volume 1 chapter 4. What’s Nanagi doing all of a sudden, why is he trying to kill Momo?! Yume has started her part-time job at a Chinese restaurant, and some of her first customers are… Momo and her attendants?! Yume’s working really hard to buy the promised mini planetarium for Momo, but then a new weird guy shows up. It’s Piko, is he a Devil too?

Momoiro Heaven volume 1 chapter 1. Shiina Momoko is a normal high school girl, she has a big secret though. She also writes erotic novels in the name of her late father to support her family! She can’t tell anyone about this, but what will happen when the popular model Inui Ranmaru finds out who she is and makes her his slave?! (Warning: Smut)

Nagatachou Strawberry volume 2 chapter 5. What are Takigawa’s motives? How come he knows the Prime Minister’s family and his workers so well? And he’s also asking many questions about Yama, the secretary.
Is Takigawa only interested in Hime because of her father’s powerful position? Is that a reason to break up with him… or will Hime ignore his dark past?

Nagatachou Strawberry volume 2 chapter 6. It’s been 2 months since Hime broke up with Takigawa and now she’s good friends with Eri who made her see what kind of guy Takigawa really is. What about her relationship with Natsuno. She wants to get closer to him, but he hasn’t changed at all since the beginning of the school year. He’s still all about collecting money from the girls…

Nagatachou Strawberry volume 2 chapter 7. Hime wanted to give Natsuno a nice birthday present, in the end it was a kiss though. Is Natsuno interested in her? Just looking at Hime’s exam results, it seems that Natsuno is really confusing her… while he’s the top student?! And who’s this new guy Mizuki targeting Hime this time, is he really interested in her? He insists on walking her home…

Nagatachou Strawberry volume 2 chapter 8. Mizuki seems to be only looking for a scandal?! So he isn’t really interested in Hime, he only wants her to fall for Natsuno who’s cheating girls out of money… Hime is really disappointed about Natsuno meanwhile, she saw him kiss another girl, for money again. When Mizuki sets up a trap and Hime falls for it, Yama takes her and Natsuno to…

Otokomae! Beads Club volume 1 chapter 1. Ibuki is 17 years old, a transfer student and determined to change her life. She wants to be more graceful and girly instead of manly and strong, but can she change herself that easily? Is there even one guy out there who meets her standards, it definitely can’t be this freaky guy Takumi she ran into in the morning, can it?

Otokomae! Beads Club volume 1 chapter 2. Ibuki has just joined the mysterious Student Council, or rather the weird Beads Club, will she help them fight for justice? And how’s her search for a boyfriend going? Takumi seems to like her, but for now he’s only making her feel weird and freaked out. What will he do when she starts dating someone else?

Otokomae! Beads Club volume 1 chapter 3. Has Ibuki realized that she likes Takumi, especially when he calls her cute? Can she even think about that with the upcoming School Festival and her Beads Club in need of money? She’s entering the Beauty Peagant to win money for the club, but does she have a change against the pretty Saitou and will they find out who’s trying to boycott the contest?

Saint Dragon Girl Miracle volume 2 chapter 7. This time the Seiryuu students are investigating at Suzaku. What’s Miyabi of Suzaku up to, will she tell them about the powers of the Suzaku pendant? At least she seems to like An. Miyabi proposes them a match, if they win she’ll give them the Suzaku pendant, but if they lose they have to give Miyabi the Seiryuu pendant and An would have to stay at Suzaku?!

Saint Dragon Girl Miracle volume 2 chapter 8. An’s secret has almost been discovered, but luckily Lime transformed for a moment into her adult version and made everyone believe she’s Dragon Girl! The phantom thief is Sayaka who’s actually a Suzaku student? She’s been tricked by a masked student who told her that all 4 pendants together can control the world. In the end Miyabi keeps her promise and hands the Suzaku pendant to An.

Seisei Suruhodo, Aishiteru volume 1 chapter 1. Kurihara Mia just picked her job over her boyfriend who proposed to her, but also wanted her to quit her job. It seems like she’s having bad luck with men at the moment, just till she meets the handsome Miyoshi Kairi, not knowing that he’s the new vice-president at the same cosmetics company… (Warning: Smut)

Seisei Suruhodo, Aishiteru volume 1 chapter 2. Mia just found out who Kairi really is and she’s shocked! Can she tell anyone what happened between them or would it be better to keep it a secret? After their hot kiss, Mia does her best to appear attractive to Kairi, and he continues to lead her on. Will the two end up getting closer, or will Mia be disappointed? (Warning: Smut)

Shinigami Lovers volume 2 chapter 7. The soul Miku and Sei have to collect together is that of Ami? Since she’s going to be bound to Sei he grants her one wish. Ami wants Sei to be her boyfriend?! How will Miku react when he kisses Ami, she’s in love with him after all! Another Shinigami shows up, Rei, to watch over Miku and Sei…

Shinigami Lovers volume 2 chapter 8. Sei and Ami’s date isn’t over yet and now they’re going into a hotel?! Is Sei really just doing his job? Miku follows them, but all she can do is accept that Sei needs to do everything to fulfill Ami’s last wish, even if that means being her lover to make her happy. Why is Sei suddenly feeling weak…?

Shinigami Lovers volume 2 chapter 9. Sei just passed out! Is he sick? When he asks Miku to remove his fake nails she realizes that wearing things from the living world has slowly snatched his power away and that makes her feel really guilty. Did Sei get into trouble because he wanted to make Miku happy?

Shinigami Lovers volume 2 chapter 10. The chain between Miku and Sei suddenly got shorter! Even Sei doesn’t know why this has happened and the two are forced to be even closer to each other. Is this happening because Sei is falling in love with Miku? What will she do when she realizes that he has left and she’s bound to Ryuu now?

Shinigami Lovers volume 2 chapter 11. Miku thought she could be with Sei forever, but now he’s gone. Can she accept this or will Sei miss her as well and find a way to return to her side, though their love is forbidden? Unexpectedly Miku gets to use her life’s final wish now already, but will she do that? Will she make good use of it?

Shinigami Lovers volume 2 special. Miku and Sei are bound by the chain again, this time it’s forever! But since Sei is so cool and handsome he’s getting lots of attention from other girls, can Miku control her jealousy? When it comes to the next step in their relationship she still seems afraid, will she be more confident about their relationship after attending a Shinigami dinner party?

Spicy Recipe. Tsubaki Beniko, 16 years old. After being rescued by the handsome Prince of School Kendo club, Shirotae Shiki-kun, she falls in love with him! But even after becoming a couple, there’s still a distance between them and she wants him to be more like a boyfriend should be! In the end, Beniko’s childhood friend, Kurosu Yui-kun, might force Shiki to show his real feelings for Beniko!

Star Blacks volume 2 chapter 5. Leader was bullying Sugie as she wanted her to break up with Miyake. Her plan didn’t work though and the demon possessing her soul got free. Can Kisaki protect leader’s body and defeat the demon? Something is different this time when the demon’s aura doesn’t disappear…

Strobe Edge volume 1 chapter 1. Kinoshita Ninako is an average student with a crush on the school’s most popular guy, Ichinose Ren. Everyone thinks she’s in love with her friend Daiki though, but is she really? One day she gets the chance to actually talk to Ren, what kind of guy is he? He accidentally breaks her cell phone strap and she’s really surprised when he’s looking for her at school and gives her a new strap. She’ll definitely treasure it!

Strobe Edge volume 1 chapter 2. Ninako thinks she’s sick, but could it actually be her feelings for Ren? He’s nicer than he looks like and she’s totally nervous around him. Will she try being more girly now to get his attention? Daiki seems to be getting really jealous, has he noticed that Ninako actually likes Ren? She seems to be falling for the popular guy quicker than she’s realizing it…

Strobe Edge volume 1 chapter 3. Ninako continues to deal with her rapidly developing feelings, as well as her conflicting feelings for Daiki. She knows Daiki’s in love with her, but what will she do for his birthday? The appearance of a new character, a very important one, helps Daiki realize that he needs to hurry and confess. And he does…!

Strobe Edge volume 1 chapter 4. Having heard the shocking truth that Daiki’s older sister is Ren’s girlfriend, Ninako goes to find out for herself the truth. What she finds is hurtful and painful, and Daiki decides to finally step up his game and confess… will Ninako take solace in Daiki’s tender arms? Or will Ninako find herself in the condition to confess her own feelings to Ren…?

Yuuwaku no Bansan volume 1 story 1: Dinner of Temptation. Yuri has had enough of relationships, so she’s just living for pleasure now. She’s not too happy when she has to work harder at her job, with the cold Tooyama as her partner. And her mood doesn’t improve when he makes her remember their previous meeting which she somehow forgot… (Warning: Smut)

Yuuwaku no Bansan volume 1 story 2: Two in Paradise. Ayame wants to be free and when she gets to spend some time alone in the forest, watching her aun’t house, she’s really happy. But she didn’t expect Takafumi to show up there too, and on top of that seeing her naked?! Will those two get along? (Warning: Smut)

Yuuwaku no Bansan volume 1 story 3: Love Promised in the Cosmos. Risa’s been modeling for a year now and she really likes her job, except having to put up with jealous girls. Ever since she confessed to the model scout Sakaki and discovered that their feelings are mutual, they’ve been meeting in secret. But does such a relationship have a future? (Warning: Smut)


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