Ren’ai Kyoushuujo

Status: 1 Volume (Complete)
Genre: Drama, Romance, School Life, Shoujo
Author: Ayumi Rin
Summary: Ran is terrible at love and is always getting rejected. Today’s rejection was witnessed by the most popular prince at school, Takashina-kun! Ran thought she came off as an idiot, but with Takashina supporting her efforts, Ran falls for him! That night Ran left for home late and in a seemingly empty classroom, she encountered a mysterious man in a military uniform. Did Ran discover the Love Training Institute?

Joint with Intercross

Volume 1:
Chapter 01 Download Read
Chapter 02 Download Read
Chapter 03 Download Read
Oneshot Download Read
Oneshot Download Read
Status: Complete

Completed on August 20, 2011.


12 thoughts on “Ren’ai Kyoushuujo

  1. OMG!!!! I can’t wait! :3

    He looks like Naoi from Angel Beats! xD

    please please please tell us when can will it be released?

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