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Theme: Love Colored Devil by Miura Hiraku, edited by Ciel

2014/4/2 Quick Update More updates coming soon!


Hey, all! Here’s some more Kinkyori Renai goodness for you to enjoy. I’m really enjoying editing this, it’s quite a challenge at times and the story is very unpredictable. If you haven’t yet make sure to read it, and also make sure to thank Girls’ Generation Scanlations too, we couldn’t release this without them!

Enjoy the releases~
Kinkyori Renai volume 4 chapter 16. Uni just broke up with Sakurai and neither of them seems to be handling the situation well. Nami and Saki are trying to cheer up an emotionless Uni with no success. Will Sakurai and Uni make up or is this really the end of their relationship. Just when all seems hopeless Mirei decides to tell Uni the truth?

Kinkyori Renai volume 4 extra. Back at high school. Sakurai is very popular with the girls and they’re thrilled when he suddenly starts wearing glasses one day. He never tells anyone the real reason behind this though. Why does he dislike being compared to the famous actor Sakurada Leo so much and what’s their connection? They look alike enough to be…

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Hi, everyone! Today we’re completing a project, hope you’ve been enjoying reading Saint Dragon Girl Miracle as this is the last chapter. Please thank Evil Flowers too!

And since many have been asking lately how they could help, it’s really simple: we always need reliable editors and translators, donations help too, of course. =)

Enjoy the release~
Saint Dragon Girl Miracle volume 5 chapter 25. Nemuri failed and instead of gaining power over the Ouryu he unleashed tornados! An is trying her best to save everyone, but she’s still insecure about her power. Will she be able to save Ryuuji who suddenly falls off Lime?! An is finally listening to her heart and confesses to… We hope you enjoyed this project, thanks so much to Evil Flowers for working on it with us!

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