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Theme: Kinkyori Renai by Mikimoto Rin, edited by Nevi

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Hi, everyone! Here’s another Kinkyori Renai chapter, have fun reading it and don’t forget to thank Girls’ Generation Scanlations too!

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Kinkyori Renai volume 5 chapter 18. Now that Konan knows what’s going on between Uni and Sakurai, will he tell the others? Uni wants to make up for not remembering Konan right away, so she’s trying to fix the relationship between him and the rest of the class. Konan isn’t really interested in talking to others though, and there are also his fans who might turn out problematic for Uni. Konan even finds out Sakurai’s big secret!

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Hey, all! Today we’re bringing you something many have been impatiently waiting for, so I’m keeping this short. xD Please thank Girls’ Generation Scanlations for joining in on this project, we couldn’t release it without them! =)

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Stardust Wink volume 8 chapter 37. The Photography Koshien has ended, did Anna’s school win?! Everyone has to return home now and Anna has just realized that she’s in a long distance relationship with Hinata. Nanoka wants to cheer her on, but like usually her help creates some chaos and suddenly Hinata isn’t responding anymore. Will Anna have the courage to find out what happened?

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Happy 11th Anniversary~

Hey, everyone! It’s been another year yet again and a lot has happened. I couldn’t be more proud to have such a great Staff to work with, so please take a minute and thank them for their hard work, they will really appreciate it. We’re always looking for reliable staff members, so if you love to translate Japanese or want to learn how to edit mangas (don’t forget to check out our Tutorial), feel free to email me. Oh, and donations are always more than welcome too. :D

Thank you for reading and being with us on this long way, hope more years are still to come. We’ll be happy about your support here, so comment away! =) ~Nevi

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Chitose-17 Chitose etc. volume 3 chapter 17: Akaishi Shun Special Story. How was Shun like before he met everyone else at Haizawa Academy? Since he’s handsome he has always been popular, but how come he ended up with the older Narumi then? After falling in love for the first time he has to face a tough situation, has this turned him into the cold guy he is today? Download Read

Chitose-18 Chitose etc. volume 3 chapter 18. Chitose is completely overwhelmed by Yuki’s sudden actions! Even when he tells her about his feelings, she’s still not sure whether he really means it. It’s like all her dreams were coming true but at the worst possible time. Will Yuki really break up with Saaya like promised? What about Shun, can Chitose break up with him, at this time? Download Read

Mitsuiro-Devil-4 Mitsuiro Devil volume 1 chapter 4. Rin and Char’s romance continues! While Char can’t keep his hands off Rin, she actually wants a more romantic relationship with him, but she just doesn’t know how to explain something like that to a demon. He wouldn’t understand her feelings, right? Just when she’s upset with his way of acting a new rival suddenly shows up, will Char lose Rin to him…?! (Warning: Smut) Download Read

Mitsuiro-Devil-5 Mitsuiro Devil volume 1 chapter 5: If I See You in My Dreams. A young Char, living in Avalon, starts dreaming about a lonely little girl. He wants to meet her again in his dreams, but she just doesn’t show up anymore. So, the little Char is determined to keep sleeping and naping till he meets her again. The adult Char keeps this sleeping habit, but eventually forgets the reason behind it. (Warning: Smut) Download Read


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